Ten Fingers, Ten Toes, Ten Months

My Happy Baby Boy,

Where has the year gone?  You are no longer my tiny baby, but a big baby!  It leaves me with a lump in the back of my throat knowing that your babyhood is slipping away.  The first year is so precious.  But I must admit, even last summer I was looking forward to this summer: the summer when I'd have a three year old and a baby on the cusp of turning one because big babies are so much more fun than little babies!  I dreamed of the days I could lather you in sunscreen and take you swimming in the pool or careening down the slides at the park.  And I'm happy to announce that those days have arrived!

Not only are we spending hours outside in the sunshine, but these days your little personality is beginning to emerge.  You smile, you giggle, you cry when I walk out of sight.  You are as tough as nails, as indicated by how your brother sometimes treats you.  (In Jed's defense though, you have a bad habit of pulling hair.)  You still like nursing, but not when there is the mildest distraction in the room.  These days you're also crawling and pulling yourself to a stand like an old pro.  You've become my little ankle biter, following me around the kitchen as I put dinner together.  But I don't mind; I honestly love the crawling stage.  You seem so much more content now that you're able to move and explore the world at will.

I am soaking up these warm days with you on my hip and your brother at my side.  It's going to be a blissful summer.

I love you, Baby Boy.

Love, Mom

P.S.  I hope you're feeling better today!  I don't mind skipping church to cuddle you at home all day, but I'd rather have a healthy baby.


  1. I can't get enough of that smile! He is one happy boy! I love this stage.

  2. Jessie - you are getting so good at capturing the little things about babies that we love - the tiny hand holding onto the rope of the swing and little feet kicking with joy! Looks like it's a great start to the summer. By the way, I cannot believe how tall and thick the alfalfa is at the Nelson farm!!
    :-) Anna


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