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It's been a wonderful year watching him grow and learn.  He's becoming his own little person.  There is so much joy in having a baby.  But when it's the last one, there's a distinct sting to it too - for every one of his firsts is my last as a mama.

Happy First Birthday, Ezra!

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This is Artifact Motherhood -- a project shared with other female artists who are documenting our journeys as mothers and creating memories for our children through our photographs and words.

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Reflection on an Upcoming First Birthday


At this time last year I was about 38 weeks pregnant. I felt huge and uncomfortable but was eagerly anticipating the arrival of our last little boy. I wish I could go back in time. There's nothing in the world quite like the exciting anticipation of birth. Few other times in my life have made me feel as if I was fulfilling my soul's divine destiny more than caring for a newborn. 

I have cherished Ezra's babyhood as much as humanly possible. I feel so grateful that he joined our family and I was able to enjoy a fourth baby. But babies change so fast! And though I can hug Ezra right in this very moment, each picture I see is a reminder of the child who no longer exists. 

Needless to say, I am feeling a whole range of emotions as his first birthday approaches. I'm grateful, yet sad. 

Ezra's babyhood is slipping right through my fingers! However, I know there are a million and two reasons to smile because there is so much more ahead to look forward to. Ezra's first birthday is simply a very bittersweet milestone for me as my last baby. 

So happy birthday Baby Boy! I love you more than words can say. You've brought so much joy into my life - our family's life - this year and I cannot wait to experience the happiness you'll undoubtedly bless us with in the future.


A Day in the Life 2021


These are my 9th annual (can you believe it?) day-in-the-life photos!  I've been taking photos of one ordinary day in May every year since 2013.  I still cherish those very first photos when Jed was just 3 years old and refer to those past blog posts often because so much changes in just one year!

So welcome to Wednesday May 5, 2021 -- our 14th anniversary!  I chose our anniversary because, why not?  I love my Honey Buns.  But I also chose it because I've been taking the big boys to swim team every Monday and Wednesday since the beginning of February.  It's become a part of our routine.


Jed and Levi's alarm goes off at 6:50AM.  They are the world's best kids at getting themselves up and ready for the school day.  It makes me feel like the world's laziest mom, but hey, I give myself some credit for teaching them this kind of discipline.  Lol.  Levi comes out to the kitchen wrapped in a blanket to grab some breakfast while Jed hops in the shower.  Then they switch.

I roll myself out of bed a few minutes after 7:00AM to come say good morning, make sure they've got their backpacks together, and most importantly, kiss them goodbye.  The bus picks them up promptly at 7:30AM.

I've been trying to get myself into a morning exercise routine.  Some days I don't fit it in til nap time, but on this particular morning, I'm able to fit in 20 minutes of kettlebells.  Kettlebells have been helping to strengthen my back and core.  I feel so much better after swinging some weight around, it's crazy!

It's also our anniversary, so I place a little card I've signed on the kitchen countertop next to some sushi I bought the day before; sushi is one of Bron's favorite food.

Then I help Conrad pour some cereal... from a box that he ripped open like an animal.

I can hear the baby has been fussing through the monitor for several minutes so I go to his room to greet him.   

Ten Months with Ezra


At 10 months old, Ezra weighs a whopping 25+ pounds. He's easily my baldest and fattest baby. And my first to consistently sleep through the night at this age. Baby Boy has graduated to crawling across the house on all fours and has proudly begun pulling himself to a stand as he tries to climb the furniture. He's as busy as his big brothers whom he adores! In fact, he's already part of the crew with his nonstop jabbering, growling, and wrestling. Ezra doesn't miss a meal, obviously. He can sign "more", still nurses four times a day and eats just as many meals in his high chair. Between food prep and clean up, I feel like I live in the kitchen.

But Ezra is such a joy! He is just happy to be alive. I keep squeezing his chubby legs and kissing those round cheeks, just to make sure he's real. I feel so lucky to be his mama.

Monkey Jumping on the Bed


One little monkey jumping on the bed.  He jumped so hard, his pants fell down... and we both laughed about it!

Some things Conrad has said recently:

"Mom. Dad.  I'm the coolest person in Kimberly."

"I'm not a baby anymore.  My feet are big and they're STINKY!"

Grandma Kelley: "Ezra is getting so big!"
Conrad: "He's not big enough."

The cheese man is here!  (The FedEx man brought us a monthly subscription for cheese last year.  Now the FedEx man is known as the cheese man.)

"Mom, the boys shoot me, so I call them big dummies and then you take away their {nerf} guns."

While getting his hair cut, "I look like a clown!"

He throws my parenting tactics right back at me.  "Mom!  Stop moving your feet... I'm so proud of you." 



^^Ezra got through his nasty stomach bug with a lot of warm baths!^^

The stomach bug hit our family.  It took down Ezra first.  He threw up four nights straight!  Poor baby.  I slept (well, more like napped through the night) on a mattress in his room just so I could help him out.  Then Jed came down with the bug on Monday.  I picked him up from school and he slept on the couch for the majority of the afternoon.  Finally, Levi threw up in the car on the way home from swim team.  He said he felt fine... up until the moment he suddenly didn't.  Fortunately, he threw up in a bag.  Good boy!  I was so relieved to find out that I didn't have to clean out the back of my car.  So far, the rest of us have been lucky enough to avoid it.  I'm crossing my fingers it stays that way.  The even better news is that Jed and Levi are bulletproof.  They bounced back quickly and are back in school.

Anyway, Monday was a day where I felt inspired to get out my camera a bunch.  I love how much variety I can get just in a day -- even if it was a very imperfect, slightly derailed and messy day.

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