Two Days at Grandma's House


^^It's really no surprise that Jed had lots more berries in his bucket than Levi.^^

Our summer to-do list always includes berry picking and making freezer jam.  So when I accidentally missed my opportunity to pick here in our home town, I called Mama Nelson up to see if her berries were still on and if she had enough to share.  Thank goodness, she did!  So Bron dropped us off on his way to Montana and berry picking suddenly became a spontaneous and fun two day trip to Grandma's house.  I love summer.

Jed and Levi didn't miss a beat.  As soon as we arrived Tuesday evening, they were out in the garden picking raspberries.  I think Levi ate more berries than actually touched the bottom of his bucket.  And when he became bored, he started tossing the berries into the air!  Nooo!  Silly kid.  I am happy to say that we came home with three flats of frozen sweetness.  I can't wait to turn the berries into jam and cheesecake!  Yummm.

Our First Family Vacation to Bear Lake


I admit, we took this vacation nearly a year and a half ago and I am just now getting to editing the pictures and posting about it.  I'm also back-posting it because this is my blog and I can do what I want with it.  Really, when I print another volume of this blog, I want these memories to show up in chronological order.  And what sweet memories this family vacation encases!  Going through these photos so many months later just might make the memories even sweeter.  The kids have grown so much since then!

Our trip to Bear Lake was our very first vacation taken as just our little immediate family.  Levi talked about it for months afterwards.  In fact, he still mentions memories about it from time to time.  It was so much fun.  Everything we did was centered around the boys and what we thought they might enjoy.  We need to go back and do it all over again.      

We loaded into the truck the morning of Thursday July 13th to drive just a few hours east and south to the Idaho/Utah border.  Our first stop was at the historical pioneer tabernacle in Paris, Idaho.  Sorry, no pictures.  We got to tour the building and admire the hundred plus year old workmanship.  So incredibly cool.

Next, we spent the rest of the afternoon swimming at North Beach on Bear Lake.  The water level was at a record high.  So much for a mile of sandy beach to play on!  It was under water.  But the water level still remained shallow for meters and meters; perfect for our two little almost swimmers to practice in.  The boys played in the rocks and whatever sand they could find.  We had ourselves a really relaxing afternoon splashing in the water and burning energy!  It was a beautiful day.

The Baby Conrad Growth Series: 8 Months


It's been a dreamy eight months with Conrad in our family.  Words cannot describe how happy I am that he is here.  Sometimes when we're all together, I look at my three boys and everything in the world just feels right.  The older boys are on the move and talk non-stop and it looks as if Conrad is following suit.  He's just as crazy and fun!  Being a mother to three little boys has definitely stretched me, but I also feel content; like it's exactly where I belong.

One Wet One Hundred Degree Evening


The temperatures have been hanging out around 100 degrees here.  And after an extremely long and cold winter, I'm stating it as a fact, not a complaint.  The heat has forced us into the air conditioned house a little more, but we sneak outside to enjoy frozen smoothies in the shade or just hang out on the front porch for a while.  The best part, however, is all the water play we get to enjoy!  Water feels so good when it's so hot!  We've immersed ourselves in the lake, had water balloon vs. the hose wars, and played in the sprinklers.

After dinner on Friday, I walked out of the house with Conrad on my hip to check on the boys.  I immediately turned back around to quickly grab my camera!  The light was so pretty and Jed and Levi were having so much fun together playing in the hose.  Summer evenings are so magical!

Our Independence Day Weekend: Camping in the City of Rocks and Fireworks


^^What camp looked like the second evening.^^
^^I'm so lucky Conrad isn't crawling just yet.  He was happy just to stay put and play in the weeds and grass our first night!^^

Since we enjoyed our day rock climbing on the Fourth of July last year so much, we've been planning on doing it again--but better.  A few weeks ago, we booked a couple of campsites nestled in the trees among the giant granite majesties of the desert and loaded the truck with practically everything but the kitchen sink.  Between three families, I think we had enough food (but not enough ice) to last a week!  Our Independence Day camping trip may not have gone completely perfectly, but it will no doubt forever live in my boys' minds as one of their favorite childhood memories.  

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