One Wet One Hundred Degree Evening

The temperatures have been hanging out around 100 degrees here.  And after an extremely long and cold winter, I'm stating it as a fact, not a complaint.  The heat has forced us into the air conditioned house a little more, but we sneak outside to enjoy frozen smoothies in the shade or just hang out on the front porch for a while.  The best part, however, is all the water play we get to enjoy!  Water feels so good when it's so hot!  We've immersed ourselves in the lake, had water balloon vs. the hose wars, and played in the sprinklers.

After dinner on Friday, I walked out of the house with Conrad on my hip to check on the boys.  I immediately turned back around to quickly grab my camera!  The light was so pretty and Jed and Levi were having so much fun together playing in the hose.  Summer evenings are so magical!

^^I told my sister, "I took pictures of Levi's butt crack... but it was in BEAUTIFUL light!!!"  Haha.  I hope someone out there shares our same sense of humor.^^
^^Levi's new "paint job"!  Such an imagination.  Two shadows and one boy... or are there two boys?^^
^^Best ride ever!^^

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  1. So fun! We've been enjoying some evening sprinkler fun at home too. I have loved it.


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