Jed met Brogan.  They're cousins.  And they're gonna be close buddies, we hope.

5 Months


Good Morning!
4.5 Months

Jed is sick.  A nasty cold kept both of us up half the night.  Poor kid.  I suppose this is just the first of many sick evenings of my motherhood. 

Anyhow, this sickness of Jed's just solidifies that this month has been a month of everyday ups and downs.  Bron started school on top of his tedious research project, the bank account briefly dipped below zero, Young Women’s is in full swing again, and I, of course, get to play and care for Jed all day long. Life is busy but boring, and still has its happy moments too. I know I live a pretty darn good life and I love being a wife and a mother (a totally cliché statement). It’s sometimes challenging though. I often need to step back to examine my short-comings and start an effort all over again anew in my efforts as a wife and a mother. There’s a lot to learn about becoming a family; so much has changed for Bron and me. Whoever said that having a baby is the best way to turn your world upside-down was right on. I feel like I’m continuously taking two steps forward and one step back. But at least there’s forward movement, right?  It's been a long few weeks.

I've come to think of Jed as my little companion.  Lucky for us, this new person living in our home is really likeable.  Jed is as cute as can be and growing. His hand-eye coordination is improving, his favorite thing to do is roll over, and he’s found his toes. If Jed isn't frustrated trying to scoot for a toy, he's chronically happy.  I love, love, love his laugh!  And who knew that such a little person could be so particular? For instance, when I put him to bed and leave the room I typically hear a “THUD, THUD, THUD”. When I peak in on him later, it’s apparent that Jed has scooted to situate himself directly under his mobile. And he’s frequently lying side-ways with his feet through the bars. What a character!

So here’s to my sleeping baby who sprawls out to take advantage of all the available space. Since the day we brought him home, Jed cannot stand to be swaddled. He wriggles and whines until his arms are free.

I can’t resist my sleeping baby.

Napping Thunder Thighs
4 Months

The Sprawl
3 Months

Sweet Sleeping Face
3 Months

I looove little hands and feet at rest

In the Crib
3 Weeks



Autumn begins...

Jed's Tree


Fall weather has arrived.  It was a little crisp Saturday afternoon, but oh, so beautiful!  I took Jed outside to sit under "the tree".  We both enjoy it.  Jed kicks and squeals and gets so excited when the wind blows the leaves and branches around.  I love watching him because he's just so darn cute.



Corn Harvest



Miner Morgan Horses
Jed and I go on a walk every day possible.  We visit the bovine beauties first and then these beauties.
First Babysitter

First Babysitter


Bron and I left Jed with a babysitter for the very first time last night! I was excited and a little nervous too.

Anna came over on Monday night to prepare for the big event. We walked through Jed’s standard bedtime routine. Anna fed Jed his rice cereal. She did a better job than I do! She is so patient and cute with Jed. And Jed is crazy about her attention. (We have to keep telling Jed she’s too old for him.) After some quiet playtime, it was time to put the baby to bed. Everything about his routine was kept the same, except this time it was Anna who sat with Jed in the comfy chair in the corner of the room. Jed absolutely refused to take the bottle of breast milk I’d pumped for him. Bron took a turn and was unsuccessful with the bottle too. But being the great dad he is, Bron quietly rocked Jed to sleep on his tummy full of rice cereal.

That’s when I realized I’m not the only person capable of caring for my baby. I thought my role as Jed’s mother was exclusive—it is—but if I were to die tomorrow, Jed would just grow up eating pizza and watching football alongside his daddy and turn out just fine. And that’s when I understood that I need my baby more than he needs me! It was a sad and bewildering moment.

Tuesday Bron tried giving Jed a bottle again. No luck. Jed just screamed. Wednesday afternoon, out of time and afraid my baby was going to be miserable for Anna, I pumped some breast milk and poured it into a sippy cup. Jed gnawed on it until I saw his second of surprise when he tasted something slightly sweet. Success!

While getting ready for our night out, I felt like I’d stepped back in time. Bron and I had a wonderful first three years of marriage together, just the two of us. I didn’t realize how much I miss that! Too bad last night’s date was more of a business dinner (on Miner’s tab) with another couple I’d never met before. Still, it felt relaxing and the food was delicious.

We arrived home over two hours later to a quiet house and a sleeping baby. Apparently Jed wasn’t too terrible. He sensed we’d left him and was a little ornery. He wouldn’t take the sippy cup either. But Jed was tired and went straight to sleep for Anna. Thank goodness.

I've come to the conclusion though that many people may be able to take care of my baby, but none can take my place as Jed’s mother because mothering is so much more than feeding a hungry mouth or changing a dirty diaper. I am a unique person—for better or worse—and so is my nurturing. I have a unique influence over my child and a love for him unlike any other on the planet. For now, I’m kind of glad that Jed didn’t take to a bottle very easily. Nursing is a habit that is comforting for the both of us. And I’d like to think of myself as a good habit.



Our Private Spot on Lake Champlain
Our little family likes to spend time here in the evenings.  It's probably our favorite spot in all of New York.  It's quiet, peaceful, and relaxing.

My Little Cowboy


Sittin' on a fence post

Hanging out in the barn

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