One Month Old


He smiles!

My baby is one month old today!  Where has the time gone?  At the same time however, it seems like he's been here quite a while.  I can't imagine my life without him now.  I love having a tiny person in my home to love and care for, and best of all, just stare at.  We're pretty tight now, Jed and me.  He's my sidekick 24/7.  Or am I the sidekick?  We've been having a lot of fun together, including a daily (or two) walk around the farm.  I take him into the barn to see the cows, but unfortunately he hasn't taken much interest in them yet.  He just sleeps. 

Jed is getting so big.  He was big to begin with.  He absolutely hates being swaddled; it just makes him mad.  He loves to sprawl out and it is imperative that his arms are free.  Jed is also beginning to find his voice.  He's starting to coo and smile.  I love it.  It's so rewarding.  Sometimes I swear I can see what face my little man will grow into, but in an instant it's gone. 

Why is he holding cutips, you ask?  Because I thought it was time for some weight lifting.

My little man is so big and tough!  j/k

So this blog has pretty much gone the way of the mommy blog. I can't help it! I have baby on the brain. My family is my whole world now and Jed takes up the majority of my time. I don't think it will change any time soon either. I try to bring up some stimulating topics for conversation when my hubby is home, but for some reason I can't think of anything else but my baby to blog about. So to my few readers, I'm sorry. But not too sorry. I will try to post about other things... eventually. Until then, I hope you enjoy my gushings about this new person in my life. Or you can choose to visit later. Waaay later.

The Plop


I didn't know I was capable of this... 

My love for this baby boy is phenomenal.  I thought I loved him the moment I saw him, but my love just keeps on growing!  I want to put time on pause and savor the moment.  I love cuddling with Jed.  He feels divinely good.  Peaceful.  Right.  Even if he does keep me up all night.  That has been my hardest adjustment, those sleepless nights, and I have the cold sores and headaches to prove it! 

Jed's needs are very simple at the moment.  He needs to be cleaned, fed, burped, and loved; in that order a lot of times!  I find it interesting that right now I'm learning to put his very simple needs before mine.  It's funny how things like eating and going to the bathroom have dropped on my list of priorities.  It's not too difficult at the moment though.  Someday, however, his needs will become much more complicated.  I hope I will remember to stop what I'm doing--just like I'm learning to do now--and take the time to notice the problems that will seem so big to him.  I'm a new mother and I want to be just perfect, but I think I've already lost that battle. 

I love being needed so intensely by someone else.  Jed has added another dimension and purpose to my life.  There really is a lot of joy in being a mother!

Newborn Pictures


I have a camera and I'm going to use it!  I attempted to take some nice newborn photos of Jed and I learned quite a bit!  These are a few of my favorites.  I'm definitely open to suggestions.  Afterall, he's still a tiny baby and I can take more, right?

My absolute favorite picture

I love cuddling this precious baby!

Blurry, but too cute to pass up!

Have I mentioned how much I love, love, love, his little feet?  They are miniature Bron feet!

Helping Dad Study


This one is for you, Momma Nelson!

Today is the last day of finals!  Wahoo!  Bron's semester is finally over.  He's been stressed to the max.  I think the end is cause for a little celebration and even more rest and relaxation, minus the papers. 

P.S.  We took the kid to Burlingon, VT to support Bron at his presentation on Friday.  Then we ate at Texas Roadhouse, of course.  It was Jed's first trip out of state!  He's a good little traveler.

Golfing in the Backyard


The Friday before Jed arrived was a beautiful evening!  Bron was feeling some spring fever and decided to use the field behind our house as a driving range.  He set up his tee right outside the back door. 

Then Bron had to go and find his golf balls.  Apparantly he's not the only one to have the idea.  He came back with more balls than he hit!

Man, I love my husband!  He's a lot of fun and makes me laugh.

For instance...

Last night we gave Jed a bath.  Yes, the two of us gave the baby a bath because right now it's a two person job.  The little guy has his own hot tub in the kitchen sink.  And the little guy also has perfect aim.  Bron lifted Jed up to get a good look at him and Jed peed all over his daddy and the kitchen floor.

Later, we were all lounging in the living room.

Me: "I don't think I dried the rolls under his chin very well.  Do you think he'll grow some mold under there?"

Bron: "Do you know what mold is?"

Me:  "Yeah, it's a fungus!"  Pause.  "And it needs something to eat in order to grow."

Bron:  "It's its own organism. (Or something along those technical lines)  Where's your brain?" 

Me:  "It came out with the baby.  I've lost my mind."

Bron:  "All of it?"

Me: "Yes, all of it."

Bron turns to speak to Jed.  "I guess you'll only be having sisters, bud!"

I couldn't help it.  I had to laugh.

A Visit From Grandma


Jed and Grandma Kelley
I am a mother and she is my mother.  It's really kind of a neat feeling.

My mom is absolutely thrilled with her new title of "Grandma".  She came out to visit us and her first grand baby last week.  It was so much fun to have her here!  She spoiled us rotten with home-cooked meals, doing all the dishes and cleaning (because it hurts to be on my feet for any prolonged amount of time), and even taking me shopping for some "fat clothes" to accomodate these burgeoning twin beauties that have taken up residence on my chest. 

Grandma held, rocked, and sang to Jed.  She also loved giving him a bath--or three!  Jed absolutely loved the warm water and having his tiny head massaged.  His eyes were wide and he was silent.  What's best is that my mom encouraged me and gave me some more confidence that I really can mother this little human being on my own.  I really do have the skills to be a mommy.  And with a little practice, those skills will be as smooth as melted butter.  Thank you, Mom!  We love you and miss you.      

Jed cuddling with Grandma

"Fluffy Head" after a bath

Our baby is 15 days old today.  He is a really content baby!  He is already changing right before our eyes.    He loves to stretch out and is increasingly more alert and awake.  Jed is wide-eyed most from about 9:00pm until midnight.  He also enjoys "tanking up" before bed, eating almost hourly.  But we love this kid.  Bron is a proud dad and loves showing him off.  I find my baby really sweet and endearing.  He's totally worth the sleepless nights.

3 Years


So this is love. 

We've had such a good time these past few years, we decided to add a third party member.  I think it's the best decision we've made yet. 

Bron, you are my best friend and I never knew I could be so happy! You are amazing in so many ways. You know I couldn't live or function correctly without you.   I love you!  Happy Anniversary! 

Forever and Always,

I'm a Mommy


Mom and Jed (4 days old)

I am a mother; a mother to a perfect, precious, baby boy with big fat cheeks, long dark hair, and curious eyes. It still feels so amazingly surreal. My wedding day was the happiest day of my life, but the birth of my first child was an incredible experience that defies words.

Jedediah Flint Nelson was born four days past his due date on Sunday April 25, 2010 at 8:25PM. He weighed in at 9lbs 4.4oz and 22 inches long. I couldn’t have asked for a more smooth delivery.

Jed’s story:

I awoke early Sunday morning at about 2:00AM to some cramping. I soon realized that these cramps were pretty regular. I was in labor! I laid in bed too excited to sleep, counting the minutes. Finally, after hours of anticipation and pacing the duplex, Bron and I arrived at the hospital around noon where I was declared to be 4cm and 100% effaced. After some tests, Bron filled the jetted bathtub up for me. That’s where I found my groove to ride out the contractions for a few more hours. The jets on my back helped me relax enough to count through the contractions collectively. Bron thought I made it look easy, sipping at some water through a straw like it was lemonade. And actually, I surprised myself. I was all psyched up about the pain of labor, but found it very bearable in the warm tub. At about 5:00PM I was dilated to 7cm and the anesthesiologist administered the epidural because he was already there on the floor. The midwife then broke my water. The epidural made me a little nauseous, but it felt great! I totally recommend it. I didn’t realize how exhausted I’d really become and was able to take a long nap. At about 7:45PM, the midwife said I was ready to push.

It was just an intimate little group in the room: myself, Bron, a nurse, and the midwife. I can’t imagine pushing without an epidural; just the pressure alone was unspeakably and incredibly intense! I gritted my teeth, closed my eyes, and pushed with all I was worth. I felt his soft head of hair and couldn’t believe the moment was almost there. Pushing a baby out is an extraordinary feeling! I saw him and heard his first cries. Bron quickly cut the cord and the baby was placed on my stomach. Wow. The moment was surreal. I was looking at my baby! My baby! My senses and emotions were in shock. It was all too overwhelming to take in at once. I looked at Bron; he had tears in his eyes. The moment was just as significant to him too.

And yes, I couldn’t deliver a big baby like that without tearing—in two places. I saw the look on the midwife’s face. She was calm, but I could tell the bleeding was worse than she was letting on. The doctor was called in right away and I was stitched up immediately—without the epidural. I squeezed Bron’s hands while he whispered what a great job I did. The entire ordeal is something Bron and I will never forget.

Now I am a mother. Bron has been so sweet and helpful, pulling a “night shift” here and there so I can get some sleep and running errands. Between caring for me and a new baby, he also has to finish his tough semester at school while working too. I have an amazing husband. People have been so kind to bring food and offer to help out where they can. I’m grateful because this whole role of “mother” is a bit overwhelming.

I am a tidal wave of emotions. I now eat and breathe for this tiny human being whom is utterly dependent upon me. We were connected as one when I was pregnant, now we’re practically connected as one on the couch. We’re on a learning curve, Jed and me. I’m not a very fast diaper changer and I’ve never nursed before, but Jed is being a good sport and we’re figuring everything out together.

The realization that my life will never be the same has hit me. I’ve thought more than once, “what have I done?” And I can’t take it back. The responsibility for this little life is tremendous! I feel like I’ve lost something, but in reality, I’ve gained everything. Now that the two of us—Bron and I—have become three, I feel like I’ve forever lost that one-on-one relationship with my husband. It will never be just the two of us again. But the good news is, it will always be just the two of us; my relationship with my husband can go on forever. We can still go on dates and cuddle on the couch and he is still my best friend. We just also have a new relationship to establish with our son. The dust will settle in a few weeks and we will all adjust to being a family. I was scared to death to get married because I thought I’d lose something. But I didn’t. I’m happier than I’ve ever been. I have a feeling that becoming a family is going to be much the same.

I love my newborn boy. I love holding him on my chest and hearing his tiny kitten purrs as he sleeps. I love it when he grips my finger as he eats. I love his snorting sounds as he tries to latch on. I love looking at his wide eyes and kissing his tiny toes. I love his nose, his big fat cheeks, and turkey neck. I’ve lost some sleep over this tiny baby, but I can’t resent him. He is just too cute and way too precious. Time will fly much too fast. I want to enjoy every moment with this new baby, my baby, because it will only happen once.

I think I can say I am truly happy to be a mother. Exhausted, but blissfully happy.

Jed's First Evening Home

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