Golfing in the Backyard

The Friday before Jed arrived was a beautiful evening!  Bron was feeling some spring fever and decided to use the field behind our house as a driving range.  He set up his tee right outside the back door. 

Then Bron had to go and find his golf balls.  Apparantly he's not the only one to have the idea.  He came back with more balls than he hit!

Man, I love my husband!  He's a lot of fun and makes me laugh.

For instance...

Last night we gave Jed a bath.  Yes, the two of us gave the baby a bath because right now it's a two person job.  The little guy has his own hot tub in the kitchen sink.  And the little guy also has perfect aim.  Bron lifted Jed up to get a good look at him and Jed peed all over his daddy and the kitchen floor.

Later, we were all lounging in the living room.

Me: "I don't think I dried the rolls under his chin very well.  Do you think he'll grow some mold under there?"

Bron: "Do you know what mold is?"

Me:  "Yeah, it's a fungus!"  Pause.  "And it needs something to eat in order to grow."

Bron:  "It's its own organism. (Or something along those technical lines)  Where's your brain?" 

Me:  "It came out with the baby.  I've lost my mind."

Bron:  "All of it?"

Me: "Yes, all of it."

Bron turns to speak to Jed.  "I guess you'll only be having sisters, bud!"

I couldn't help it.  I had to laugh.


  1. I like yours and Brons conversation.. hilarious!

  2. Haha,
    I hope Talon is the one to experience being urinated on by our baby too instead of me. It sounds like you two are enjoying your time with little Jed and I'm excited to have a little one of my own.


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