Apple Pie {A Video}


I have always wanted to learn how to properly use my camera to make videos, but it always felt overwhelming... until an online friend directed me to the Filming Life Academy.  They held a free 9 day filming life keepsake challenge this past week in which they shared a little bit of basic beginner information every day with the purpose of encouraging new film makers (like me!) to make their own one to two minute film.

You guys, I am hooked!  I not only get to combine my musical background with my obsession of photography, but I get to capture the people I love most in full motion and sound.  Their laughter!  My boys' voices that will surely change.  The funny things my children do.  Video is exciting to me!  I have found a whole other world to dive into and learn about.

I have this insatiable desire to document and create.  Photography (and video) fill both those inner desires of mine and make me so very happy.  Naturally, my favorite subjects to photograph and practice on are my children.

Yesterday, we made a pair of apple pies together with apples from our backyard tree.  It's something we do every September, except this time, I filmed it.  I know practically nothing about the technical side of videography.  In fact, all my work is probably half wrong.  But every time I watch this little video, I laugh when my boys laugh.  It means a lot to me that I captured those giggles and this little tradition!

I hope you watch and enjoy!        

New York City Girls' Trip


Remember when I wrote a blog post about performing my violin in Carnegie Hall?  And remember all those silly pictures I shared of my siblings and me having a fun time and making awful faces?  Well, this is the post where I share the rest of the story and pictures.  Are you ready?!

This trip to New York City in July had been planned months ahead.  It all began when my mom joined the Millennial Choirs and Orchestra in Boise and encouraged me to join as well because they were going on tour to play in Carnegie Hall -- pretty much every musician's dream venue.  Of course, the plan snowballed to include my sister.  And so a girls' trip to New York City was born!  We spent a few days exploring the city, performed in Carnegie Hall, and then hopped on a plane to Indianapolis to visit my brother Joe and his wife Karmen for two days.  It was sooo much fun!  (Even more amazing, you'd never know my sister battled breast cancer just over a year ago would ya?)

Thanks Mom for putting this all together.  It will for sure be a special memory that I will cherish for a lifetime.

The Obligatory First Day of School Pictures


Bringing you photos of the first day of school... on the third day of school!  These two handsome studs started 4th and 2nd grades on Monday.  Levi was a little nervous Sunday evening, but didn't show any inhibitions come morning.  They were so excited!  Both boys were up, showered, dressed, and ready for breakfast by 7:10AM.  I am so glad they love their routine; it makes mornings go so smoothly.

This year, Levi has Mrs. Casperson.  She's a sweet and typical type A teacher who will hopefully teach Levi how to be organized and responsible this year.  I have no doubt Levi will have fun with all his friends and succeed in whatever he puts his mind to this year!

Jed has Mr. Butler and I am thrilled.  His teacher is going to be teaching the kids through reverse engineering this year... something I know Jed is really going to enjoy!  I think this teacher is going to be the perfect fit for Jed this school year.

Camping Under the Milky Way


A couple of weeks ago we were headed up into the South Hills together as a family on a Sunday afternoon when Jed asked if we could go camping.  I could see Bron mulling over the request in his mind.  He passed the idea by me later that evening.  I was all in; it sounded fun!  But then we debated on where.  Do we keep it simple and head up into the South Hills or travel a little further and discover some place new?  I am so glad we decided to put in the extra effort at the last minute to camp in an area of Idaho none of us had ever visited before because... It. Was. Epic.

We left the house on Friday afternoon, three days before school started; one last summer adventure.  We found a large camping spot in a grassy area near a creek under some beautiful mountain peaks.  The place was like a dream!  We hardly saw or heard other campers all weekend.  The place felt so remote.  It was wonderful.    

Last Half of Summer Round-Up

^^Two year old potty humor.  He thought he was hilarious! ­čśé^^

You guys, I take it back.  I'm not quite ready for summer to end and school to start after all.  It's no secret that summer is hands down my favorite season: the warm sunshine, water play, adventuring, sleeping in, and being together as a family.  It just can't be beat!  I am going to miss these carefree days and late backyard sunsets like crazy.

The other day I turned on Pandora to jam out while I cleaned my kitchen.  The song 'Summer of '69' came on.... "those were the best days of my life."  I wondered to myself what the best days of my life might be when I'm old and wrinkly and ready to pass on.  I thought of those days when Bron and I were dating and newly married.  Those were definitely good ones.  And then it occurred to me that these just might be some of the best days of my life.  Right now!  The last couple of years and perhaps a few more ahead.  The kids are at such fun and innocent ages.  They're independent enough that they sleep through the night and can grab their own breakfast.  The boys love my attention and don't mind hanging out with me.  In fact, they think their parents are pretty cool!  Bron's career is humming along.  We live in a nice home on a beautiful piece of property with some of the best friends God ever created.  Life is good and we're pretty darn lucky.  Yup.  These are the days!