Fourth Baby Bumpdate: 24 Weeks


It's another month and time for a pregnancy update!

How far along:  24 weeks, but I'm measuring about 10 days ahead according to my doctor.

Size of Baby Boy:  According to the books and averages, he's over a foot long and weighs about 1.5 pounds.  Woot!  Grow, Baby, grow!

Stretch Marks:  Pretty sure I've gained a couple of new ones.  I popped so fast this time around it was quite disconcerting!

Weight Gain:  Let's not talk about it in too much detail because it's a source of guilt/worry for me.  I mean, what did I do wrong this time around to gain so much so fast?!?  I weigh nearly as much now as I did when I delivered Jed.  Given, I did start out 10 pounds heavier, so hopefully I'll manage to only gain 10-15 pounds more from here on out?  Ugh.  I have the biggest appetite!  But I'm trying to (operative word: "trying") cut down on sugar and move my body more -- which is actually really hard to do in the winter.

Bron Surprised Me with a Trip to Arizona for My Birthday!


^^Breakfast at Snooze^^

Bron went above and beyond to celebrate my 35th birthday with one of the most elaborate surprises he's pulled off yet.  The man keeps outdoing himself.  He claims that one day he will fall flat on his face with a particular gift and that I will just have to forgive him.  I'm not sure he's capable of that kind of failure.  Bron is one of the most thoughtful and giving people I know -- on his own terms, of course.  It's one of my favorite qualities about him.

Anyway, my 35th birthday landed on a Friday.  Bron took me out to breakfast at Guppy's Hot Rod in town (with our silly little third wheel, Conrad) for some seriously delicious high calorie food.  He kept hinting at some big surprise.  As Bron headed off to work for the day, he told me to be all showered with makeup on and hair done by 5pm.  Of course I assumed we were going on a date!

Bron walked into our bedroom at quarter til with two very excited giggly boys; Bron had told them the surprise.

"Want a big hint?" Levi asked.  "We're getting a boys' weekend until Monday!"  He fell onto the bed laughing.

I looked at Bron a bit confused.  "What? Where are we going?"

Bron chimed in.  "You're going to Arizona to visit your sister... tonight!  Your plane leaves from Boise at 9:23PM."

I was so surprised I burst into happy tears.  "What? For reals?!"  My sister means the world to me.  To spend the weekend with her in warm sunny weather would truly be a vacation dream come true.

Bron launched into all the details (like how we'd be staying in a hotel in Gilbert paid for with points) and before I knew it, I was kissing him goodbye and hopping into the car with a small suitcase.

It felt so surreal.  It was all such a big surprise that I could hardly wrap my head around it all!  Excited would be an understatement.

Lauren picked me up from the airport in Mesa, AZ.  She had known about this surprise trip for a couple of weeks and had an entire weekend planned of places to eat around the valley.

And so began what will undoubtedly go down as one of my life's most memorable weekends!!!

Artifact Motherhood | I'm Making This Parenting Stuff Up as I Go Along, But These are Our Current Parenting Goals


This is Artifact Motherhood; a collaboration of artists from around the world who have come together to share our stories of the joys and struggles of our journey. Through our writings and visual records, we want to create memories that are more than photographs with dates written on the back. These are the artifacts we are leaving behind for our children and for generations to come. Please visit the next artist in our blog circle, Lauren Webster, and continue through all the artists until you get back to me!

^^Two of my favorite faces.  The big boys let me take some headshots of them.  I need to do this more often... because, you know, Mom goggles.  Levi's wound is exactly a week old in these pictures. No more stitches and healing up well!^^

The other day, I sat and calculated what year each of my children will graduate from high school.  This unborn baby will graduate in 2038.  That feels like forever away!  But then I calculated for Jed.  He will graduate in 2028.


That's just 8 years away!  Those years are going to come and go in a blink.  Jed is already more than halfway grown!  What?  How??  His early childhood has gone so fast!

Of course, these thoughts trigger other ones like, "Am I doing enough?"  "Am I enjoying him enough?"  And cue the mom guilt, am I right?!?

That's when I try to back it up and answer myself honestly.  Yes, I am doing the very best that I can.  Some days I feel like an utter failure, but I am learning and growing right alongside my children.  My love for them is the driving force behind my getting up every morning to try and try again.

As for enjoying him enough?  The honest answer is yes and no.

When a Craving for a Cupcake Hits and Other Recent Happenings


^^22 Weeks Pregnant^^

It was Monday night.  I was sitting at home winding down after a long afternoon with the kids when a craving for a cupcake suddenly hit.

I texted Bron.  "Pregnancy craving.  I NEED a CUPCAKE."

I really didn't expect much of a response.  Bron was pulling one of his busy 15 hour work/travel days and was on his way home from Utah.  Well, the man stopped at Stoke's in Burley and walked through the door an hour later with not one, but two delicious sweet treats from the deli!

Best.  Husband.  Ever.

We sat at the kitchen counter sharing one of the desserts and talking until midnight.  There's just something special about sharing some sweets with my sweetie in the late hours of the evening after a tiring day; it's what marriage is all about sometimes and I don't want to forget it.  He so totally loves me.

And because he brought two over-the-top treats home, I saved one for some pregnancy pictures to commemorate the occasion.  I can't take myself too seriously, can I?!?  

The First Pictures in the First Half of January with my New Camera!


A giant THANK YOU to all of you out there who trusted me to take your photos this last year.  I was able to invest that money into a brand new mirrorless camera and I am over the moon excited in its capabilities!  This is one of my first "test shots" straight out of the box.  

My trusty Canon 6D is now five years old and the focus seems to be soft with all of my lenses.  I have loved that camera and taken it everywhere with me.  In fact, I'm kind of sentimentally attached.  It hasn't been abused, but it has definitely been a work horse.  I've been eyeing some new cameras for months though -- researching and drooling over their specs online -- but I just couldn't bring myself to make a decision or pull the trigger... until the Canon EOS R went on sale the last week of December.  I made the plunge and am so happy I did!  This camera was definitely the right choice for me.  I cannot wait to see the pictures I can create with it this year.

I'll be honest though.  The new autofocus capabilities are overwhelming.  I feel like I'm learning how to use a camera all over again!  But it's exciting because my pictures are tack sharp and I know that eventually handling this camera will feel like second nature... just as my old trusty 6D did.  So here's a few pictures from my learning curve.          

Fourth Baby Bumpdate: 20 weeks + A Gender Reveal!


20 weeks along.  I am officially halfway (or most likely more than halfway) through what is my very last pregnancy.  It's exciting and bittersweet at the same time.  I'm doing my best to cherish this growing belly and the fact that I don't necessarily need to watch how much I'm eating too closely. ;)  I love feeling this baby wiggle inside of me.

For the last time.

There is a last time for everything.  I'm trying not to be too sentimental, just appreciative of the moment and this phase of life... because let's be absolutely honest, pregnancy is miserable too.

I've been in a funk the entire last week and in tears on multiple occasions for no real reason at all.  Maybe it's the cold weather.  Maybe it's the monotony of everyday life.  Maybe it's those thoughts of failure that keep creeping in.  Maybe it's because my clothes are getting tighter but my pants won't stay up!  Maybe it's hormones and I'm just plain exhausted?

Overall, however, I feel grateful for this pregnancy.  I am actually thankful that it took time to get my last two babies here, that pregnancy didn't come easily.  I get to spread the joy of a having a newborn and new motherhood over an entire decade!  I've come to appreciate the true miracle it is to see two positive lines on a pregnancy test.  Yes, babies are stressful and demanding but so are fourth graders -- except in completely different ways!  Babyhood goes so fast.  My perspective has changed over the last ten years.  Motherhood has shaped me into someone my 22 year old self would not recognize.  For ALL OF THIS, I am grateful.    

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