Fourth Baby Bumpdate: 20 weeks + A Gender Reveal!


20 weeks along.  I am officially halfway (or most likely more than halfway) through what is my very last pregnancy.  It's exciting and bittersweet at the same time.  I'm doing my best to cherish this growing belly and the fact that I don't necessarily need to watch how much I'm eating too closely. ;)  I love feeling this baby wiggle inside of me.

For the last time.

There is a last time for everything.  I'm trying not to be too sentimental, just appreciative of the moment and this phase of life... because let's be absolutely honest, pregnancy is miserable too.

I've been in a funk the entire last week and in tears on multiple occasions for no real reason at all.  Maybe it's the cold weather.  Maybe it's the monotony of everyday life.  Maybe it's those thoughts of failure that keep creeping in.  Maybe it's because my clothes are getting tighter but my pants won't stay up!  Maybe it's hormones and I'm just plain exhausted?

Overall, however, I feel grateful for this pregnancy.  I am actually thankful that it took time to get my last two babies here, that pregnancy didn't come easily.  I get to spread the joy of a having a newborn and new motherhood over an entire decade!  I've come to appreciate the true miracle it is to see two positive lines on a pregnancy test.  Yes, babies are stressful and demanding but so are fourth graders -- except in completely different ways!  Babyhood goes so fast.  My perspective has changed over the last ten years.  Motherhood has shaped me into someone my 22 year old self would not recognize.  For ALL OF THIS, I am grateful.    

A Freelensed Winter Day Out


It's felt like a long and lonely winter so far... and it's only beginning!  Really, I blame pregnancy for these feelings.  I just don't have the energy (or the body, let's face it) to do all the things I want to do!  Plus, there are a handful of things I really should not be doing.  (See ya later, skis!)  I miss the old me.  I know I'll see her again in a year or so, but still, pregnancy is a sacrifice.

I guess it also feels lonely because all of my closest friends have been done having babies for years!  Many of their oldest children are entering the youth program at church and their babies have started school.  They are so busy and involved with their families.  My children are just all around younger; we're not quite as busy yet.  Remember those days when we used to get together with our little ones during the day just because we were bored and needed one another?  Yeah, I'm still in that phase.

It means I need to reach out and add some more friends into my circle.  But remember what I said in a previous post?  Pregnancy makes me feel more introverted.  So while I crave friendship and adventure outside (Oh, how I want to be outside in the sunshine!), I also crave just staying at home looking like a granny in my house dress, wool socks, and cardigan.  True story.  I need to post a picture of that outfit.  It is soo comfortable!  Lol.  I'm a conundrum right now and I know it.

Sooo... anyone want to come over in their pajamas with a carton of ice cream and act boring and pregnant with me?  Wait.  I might actually know a couple of pregnant people.  ;)

Anyway, I finally got the little man and myself out of the house today.  He's been sick and I've been in a funk.  A little sunshine, exploration, and some perfectly imperfect freelensed photos were just what we needed!  Plus, we stopped for some donuts on the way home.    

^^Potty break!^^
^^That LIGHT!^^

Happy New Year! Quick 2019 Recap


I selfishly love putting these year at a glance collages together just to see how cohesive and colorful my photography is!  It's surprisingly gratifying.  Plus, it's of course fun to review all that has happened and all that we have done.  I can't help but feel grateful for this one crazy BEAUTIFUL life and the people I get to share it with!

2019 was a really great year overall.  My boys are getting older and more independent.  There always seems to be some mess to clean up, some fight to referee, or some unwanted behavior to redirect, but there's also always something to laugh about, something to look forward to, and most importantly, someONE to hug.  These boys of mine (yes, especially the big one!) bring so much sunshine into my life daily.  I can't wait to add one more someone in 2020!

Here are the highlights from 2019:

January:  Bron and I enjoyed an overnight ski trip to Grand Targhee and I began potty training Conrad.

February:  We enjoyed sledding and snowshoeing to Ross Falls in the snow.  Jed and Levi wrestled.  Everyone in the family caught the actual flu except Conrad.

March:  Jed and Levi participated in their first Pinewood derby and we spent a week playing in St. George, Utah over Spring break!

April:  Jed turned 9 years old.  Bron and I spent a blissful and adventurous week in Maui!  

May:  Bron and I celebrated 12 years of marriage.  I spent a special girls' weekend at Women's Conference in Utah with family.  I got to play my violin for MCO in both Boise and Orange County; it also meant I got to spend a fun weekend visiting my dad.  We got rained out during our annual Nelson Camp and Climb event at the City of Rocks.  

June:  The boys began spending all their free time in the water and at baseball.  We started our Sunday evening tradition of roasting marshmallows in the South Hills.  Bron took the young men on a four day High Adventure Campout and got snowed on!
July:  We celebrated Independence Day!  I visited New York City with my mom and sister and played my violin in Carnegie Hall.  Bron and I rode our bikes in a relay race called El Doce.  We went on our first mountain bike ride all together as a family of five!

August:  Levi turned 7 years old.  We took a fantastic family vacation to Coeur d'Alene, Idaho and Glacier National Park.  We found a camping spot with the most incredible view of the stars.  The boys started 4th and 2nd grades.  

September:  The kids and I performed in the Primary Program at church.  The big boys started swim team.  I found out I was pregnant!

October:  I took the boys to their first Haunted House, we carved pumpkins, and celebrated Halloween!  I tried not to fall apart with a calendar full of family photo shoots coupled with morning sickness.

November:  Conrad turned three years old!  We celebrated Thanksgiving and got to see our newest addition on the ultrasound screen for the first time.  

December:  We closed on five acres of land to build a new home, hosted a delicious donut party with friends, played in the snow, and celebrated Christmas!  Lastly, Levi got 13 stitches in his face.

13 Stitches for Levi's Face


 WARNING: These are some slightly real life graphic images.

Guess who got 13 stitches in his face over the weekend?!?

We had just arrived at Grandma Nelson's house and been there for maaaybe a half hour, when Levi came through the back door crying, his face and hands covered in blood.  I immediately set to work, asking for some paper towels to wipe away the blood.  (All moms know head wounds are extra bloody and always look worse than they really are, right?)  I wouldn't let Levi look in the mirror.  I didn't want him to see the gash in his face and become hysterical.

Levi had been helping his cousin Leah feed calves on the dairy farm when he slipped and fell onto a metal pipe.  (Actually, it sounds like they were playing -- not working.  Lol.)

"Bud, you are definitely going to need stitches for this one," I said matter of factly.  "Do you think he needs stitches?" I asked my sister in law, Amber.  "Yeah, he needs stitches," I answered my own question.  There were two big gashes across Levi's nose and cheek: one looked particularly deep and neither were clean and straight.

Nearly everyone had left the house to go night skiing, so Amber jumped right in to help me out.  She's such an angel!  She offered to watch the other two boys for me, warmed up her van for me to borrow, and suggested I head into the Rigby Community Care.

Merry Christmas 2019


You guys, the magic of Christmas is REAL!  The lights, the treats, the anticipation.  It's all so much fun!  I can't believe another Christmas has already come and gone.  It was another happy/crazy one at the Nelson home with three little believers.  Bron and I intended to keep this Christmas simple and low key, but the boys somehow wound up spoiled rotten anyway!  The living room was littered in boxes and wrapping and more toys and games than the kids knew what to do with.  I am so grateful we get to celebrate the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ and all that He did for us in this way.

This December, we followed the study guide in the 25 Days of Christ, a gift my sister gave us last year.  I think our whole family enjoyed studying and discussing Christ's life in bits and pieces throughout the entire month.  Jed was the one who actually instigated our family devotional each evening. I know these almost nightly studies turned my thoughts more towards Christ this season and made Christmas just that much more meaningful!

Anyway, here are pictures from our messy but joyful Christmas morning.  I love capturing the looks on my boys' faces as they open up something that makes them happy!      

December Shorts


^^Just happy to play in a big box.^^

Fourth Baby Bumpdate: 16 Weeks


^^This baby bump feels so much bigger than it actually is!^^

 Alternate Title: The Happiest Reason to Feel Miserable

My goodness.  How am I already less than a month away from being halfway through this pregnancy?  And less than a month away from the big 20 week ultrasound scan?

A part of me is exhaling.  Thank goodness this pregnancy is going so fast.  Pregnancy is nooo bueno.  I'm still feeling occasionally sick during the day, but I especially feel puny at night: nausea, bloat, gas, and headaches.  Yup.  I'm still experiencing all the classic morning sickness symptoms.  It has GOT TO END SOMEDAY, right?  Well, there's a definite end date if it doesn't go away soon; it's called May.  So I'm hanging in there.  I remind myself that the aches and pains of pregnancy are always worth it.  That precious baby is worth it all!  But with that said, I never want to do this again.

I explained to Bron, "Pregnancy is like going through puberty super fast.  My body and hormones are changing so quickly, I can hardly keep up."  Bron replied, "Imagine living with that person!"  Bahaha.  Touche!

It's Beginning to Look at Lot Like Christmas!


It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!!!  Look at that beautiful winter wonderland.  

We enjoyed our first big snowfall this weekend: inches where we live and a couple of feet up in the mountains!  The best part is that it's cold enough to stick around for a while.  I love going up into the South Hills after a fresh layer of snow has fallen.  The snow hanging on the evergreen branches just feels magical.  It makes me giddy with happiness... until about February.  Haha.  But for now, I'm soaking it in for all it's worth.

After a few chores around the house yesterday, Bron and I loaded the boys up into the truck to take them sledding for the first time this season.  The hill was surprisingly uncrowded.  Bron helped the boys cut some brand new tracks in the snow and they careened down the hill over and over again.  I'm pretty sure they all got a face full of powder at one time or another!

Conrad would not keep his gloves on.  He complained that his hands were cold, so he'd take his gloves off only to stick his hands in the snow.  That routine was obviously not working for him, but a couple of cups of hot chocolate seemed to reverse the damage.  Conrad is such a happy kid.  He really had a good time overall and chatted my ear off about it.

After our snowy sledding adventure, we returned home for some dry clothes and then took the boys into town for dinner and some Christmas shopping.  We really wore them out!  Sunday morning I felt so stupid walking into their room after 8am to wake them for church.  Who wakes three sleeping boys?!?

Good memories I hope we'll get to repeat a few more times this winter.

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