Snapshots of Summer and Current Happenings

^^Happy feet relaxing in the shade!  Seriously, Conrad's feet tell how he's feeling, and that's usually something like excited.^^
^^One of the boys' favorite sunny day activities is to turn the slide into a water slide.  The water makes them go whipping down the tube FAST!  And then on this particular day, Dad shot them with the hose.  Haha.^^
^^Evening bike laps around the driveway... in their pajamas.  Bed?  What's that?  The sun is still out!^^
^^"Look Mom!  One hand!"
^^"Look Mom!  No feet!"  Levi's a tricky one.^^


Father's Day

I find it ironic that on days when we parents expect a little special treatment, those are the days that turn out  to be the ones when we're needed most.  There's no such thing as a day off when you're a mom or dad--(unless we hire a babysitter)!

That's exactly what happened on Sunday.  Conrad was up with the sun at 6AM, three hours before his usual wake up call and he was cranky; he just didn't know it.  While I showered for church, Bron got the boys breakfast and wound up on the couch to console our littlest man.  Needless to say, Conrad needed to nap.  And it's only natural to give in to that sweet still heavy weight on your chest and fall asleep too.  So there they were, two of my crew passed out on the couch when we were supposed to leave for church in 30 minutes.  Oh well.  Fatherly duties called.  And his responsibilities didn't end there!  It was kind of a crazy day.

We are so lucky to call Bron our husband and father.  He is truly one of the rare genuine good ones.  His priority is his family; I know he would do anything for us.  He has patience when I lack it and lovingly creates opportunities for conversation and learning for our boys.  Jed and Levi look forward to reading scriptures with him every night; it's become an important part of their bedtime routine.  Bron works all day and comes home to help put out "fires" at night.  Sometimes he even cooks dinner.  This man doesn't get enough credit for all that he does, but I sure hope he knows how much we appreciate him and how much we love him!

Happy Father's Day! 


Baby's First Watermelon

It was one of those evenings.  The bigger boys were tired and cranky, Bron was out of town, and I was pushing through the witching hours with a slight headache and the last of the energy I could muster.  After eating some hot dogs and watermelon for dinner, I decided to strip the baby down and try feeding him some watermelon for the very first time.  It was a sticky messy hit!  Love at first bite.  What a classic summer experience.  Conrad's happiness seemed to affect Jed and Levi too.  The boys hopped on their bikes and rode laps around the driveway.  (Levi wore only his underwear and a shirt!)

Finally, it was time for showers/bath.  I poured a few inches of warm water into the tub and placed the sticky baby in it, grass clippings and all.  Conrad immediately lit up.  He splashed and kicked as hard as he could, washing water up and over his eyes.  He didn't mind though.  He just kept smiling and giggling away.

The magic of warm summer evenings came to the rescue again.  I wish every month could be June.    


A Summer Ross Falls Adventure

Dani and I are the same age and moved into our neighborhood the same year.  We met on a walk when Levi was just nine days old and her son Rhett was just four months old.  Our friendship was natural and just meant to be!  We've been taking the kids on outdoor adventures in the summer every week for years now.  We began this summer's weekly adventure with a short hike to Ross Falls to eat lunch and play in the water.       

I'll let the pictures tell the story.  Wow, I take too many pictures.  Did I really just say that?  Can that really be a thing?  Probably.  But here they are anyway, for memory's sake.

^^Dani + 3 year old Paisley^^
^^There is so much water EVERYWHERE this year.  It's incredible.^^