Naps in the Wrap

^^Smiling in his sleep.^^

Just a couple of quick phone snaps because I know I'm going to miss this one day.  Conrad is sleeping like a champ through the night but struggles during the day to stay asleep for more than 30 minutes at a time... unless I'm holding him.  Sometimes I can tell that he is just so tired!  It's makes a good excuse for me to curl up with him in bed and take a nap too.  But other times, there is just too much going on for that to happen, so I slide my little man into our Solly Baby Wrap.  I say this every time, but it feels like a  hug!  He pals around with me for a while, eyes alert and looking around, as I prepare lunch or empty the dishwasher.  Inevitably, he dozes off.  He stays fast asleep snoring against my chest for an hour or two.  It's a wonderful feeling.  I'd buy another wrap but I know that that's just silly.  It's got to be my favorite baby accessory to date though.  Here's to many more naps and snuggles in the wrap, Little Man.  Don't grow up too quickly; I want this feeling to last.  I love you so, so very much, Conrad.


The Baby Conrad Growth Series: Two Months

^^Lying in the cradle he rarely sleeps in one day shy of 8 weeks old^^
^^The cutest little belly I ever did squish!^^

Dear Conrad,

You're two months old!  The last weeks have been a beautiful and messy blur of sweet cuddles and cozy sleepless nights--with a sprinkle of magic from Christmas time!  You've grown so much in the last few weeks, morphing from a floppy, sleepy newborn into a sleepy but much more alert tiny baby.  Your head quickly turns from side to side as your eyes find something new to stare at.  And your skin is so kissably soft!  I've enjoyed watching the little fat rolls on your thighs subtly appear and your cheeks and chin become more round.  I can't help laughing every time you stretch your short legs out on the changing table as if you are so tall and big.  "Hi, Tiny!" I often say.  You've also begun to smile and coo!  You have dimples, Conrad!  It's the cutest thing and is so exciting.  It makes leaving those precious newborn days behind less bitter as we move into this sweet new phase.


January Snow

^^There's something about a quiet snow covered street that I love.^^

Last week winter was showing her wild and snowy side!  Drifts as tall as me, no school for two days, streets so snowy the garbage man never made it through, sub zero temperatures, and church was even cancelled.  It meant we had to reschedule Conrad's blessing day!  If it weren't for kind neighbors with tractors, we would never have made it out of our driveway.  I love winter storms though (as long as the power stays on). If it's going to be cold it might as well be cozy and pretty!

This week, however, winter is proving herself to be a bit more mellow with drizzly overcast days.  I already miss the snow but am happy to have a bit of routine back in my life.  After nearly three full weeks together, the boys need a break from each other.  (Read: Mom is tired of playing referee!)

Still, I want the boys to remember their awesome snow days.  Their second day off from school, the house was a disaster.  I told Jed and Levi that there would be no tv until they cleaned up the living room.  We wound up playing in and out of the house together all day long!  When dinner time came around, I bribed the boys with their favorite Dad's-out-of-town meal.  In exchange for picking up the living room, I would make Macaroni and Cheese!  So it was an all around win for everyone.  We had a fun day playing outside AND I got a clean(er) house.

Check out the fun!  


First Smile

Oh, my heart! Scrape me off the floor. Bron helped me catch Conrad's smile on camera for the first time.