A Week in Paradise: Maui Part II


We heard that Honolua Bay was one of the best places in Maui to snorkel, so on our third morning we went to check it out!  It didn't disappoint.  Just the walk from the road to the rocky shore was incredible; it was a jungle in paradise.  The water was warm and relatively clear.  And the coral reef held a wide variety of sea life.  We saw red sea anemones, a parrot fish munching on coral, eels, and a plethora of the iconic Hawaiian state trigger fish: the Humuhumunukunukuapua'a.  My favorite.  It was so cool!  

A Week in Paradise: Maui Part I


I'm not quite sure where to begin... except with maybe an honest but cliché phrase that we had one of the most memorable times of our lives in the land of palm trees, sun, and sea turtles: Hawaii.

Bron's work through Progessive Dairy Solutions holds an annual conference every spring.  This year, it was held in Maui.  So naturally, we flew out a few days early to get a head start on all the adventuring and fun!    

My Feral Toddler and Spring Cleaning


The weather is beautiful which means I can no longer hide my feral child under warm layers or within the walls of our home.  Conrad's new favorite activity: get naked and play in the dog water.

Remember, he poops he pants and loses his shoes too.  Wherever we go, even though I am prepared, I just can't seem to be prepared enough for whatever he throws out.  

Two is both the best and the worst age.  On one hand, Conrad is so stinking cute!  The way he talks and thinks and all the unconditional love he gives just melts me to a puddle on the floor.  (Those kisses!!)  On the other hand, he is sooo exhausting.  Conrad throws a fit over things I cannot control (Sorry, it's Thursday), makes all sorts of messes in the name of independence... poops his pants, and loses his shoes.  Heaven help me, I struggle to keep up.  But he makes me so incredibly happy.           

Spilling the Details About My First Concerts with MCO


Remember when I auditioned and joined the Millennial Choirs and Orchestra back in February?  Well, everything turned out better than I could have ever anticipated.

First, I have to say that the MCO repetoire has exceeded all of my expectations.  I love making music and being a part of something so much bigger than myself.  The music is legit; some of it is challenging to play -- which makes it all the more fun for me!  The repetoire's energy and emotion coupled with the solidifying testimony of the spirit is overwhelming.  It gives the production a purpose.  And since that purpose is so near and dear to my own heart, it feels worthwhile.  

The website says, "MCO was founded for the purpose of teaching and encouraging excellence in quality sacred and classical music. Its primary purpose is to fulfill the need for more refined music performance education in our communities, with a focus on God and country. Similar to the music of the masters—Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Brahms—we are bringing God back into the concert hall with the sacred/classical music that is such a rich part of the history of the world. We feel this is vital in today’s society, particularly for the youth of America."

Spring Stories


Spring is here!!!

::  Sometimes when I want to shoot just for me, I attach my old and not so reliable 50mm lens with the intent to capture what I can and practice free lensing.  It helps me let go of my perfectionism and just shoot from the heart.  My boys feel it too because these are the moments when I often capture some of my most favorite photos of them.

We had so much fun last night playing outside together on the "bike track" the big boys are obsessed with.  Some kids with a four wheeler and dirt bike put in the track on a small piece of "no man's land" a few weeks ago and now Jed and Levi (as well as their friends Caleb and Josh) have claimed it as theirs.  They've carried a shovel out there a time or two after school to make improvements.  These kids have the life!