Easter 2016

 ^^Friends and neighbors.  All ready for the giant Easter Egg hunt!^^

I wouldn't say we enjoyed our week long Spring break.  The weather was cold and blustery.  And we all wound up coming down with a nasty case of stuffy noses and coughs.  At least it knocked me out of commission for a full day!  Also, the afternoon I did take the boys out to see a movie at the planetarium, Levi pulled a number of terrible-three stunts.  I drove home thinking, "That was supposed to be fun.  It totally wasn't."  But Jed and Levi did appreciate the slower days, just being able to hang out at home together and play.  And fortunately, Easter weekend arrived as a pleasant bookend to our week.

The fun started Friday afternoon when we, along with a host of other friends and neighbors, were invited to the Taylor's home for a giant Easter egg hunt!  It was probably the highlight of my boys' week.  Not kidding, there were at least three hundred eggs dropped and hidden throughout the property.  I thought the eggs were all going to blow away on the wind, but the kids were fast and quickly grabbed them up!  Then Jed and Levi sat excitedly opening every plastic egg to discover their spoils and surprises.  Afterwards, we adults enjoyed a warm potluck meal and conversation while the kids played on a sugar high.  Good memories.

My Spring Break in Arizona


Last weekend I got to ditch the blustery gray early Idaho spring for a trip to sunny Arizona to visit my sista, Lauren, and her family!  The whole point was to meet and squeeze my newest niece, June.  Born on February 20th, she was just three weeks old.  Plus, it'd been four years since the last time I'd visited my sister's hometown.  A visit was waaaay overdue.

We actually didn't do too much.  And yet, it was fun and relaxing.  We just chilled and talked and laughed and made sure the kids were fed and entertained.  I think that's actually the best kind of catching up we could do!

Brains at Stricker Station and Other Weekend Happenings

^^Levi kept reaching into the creek and pulling out dripping wet leaves.  "It's brains!" he teased.  "Eeeew!" Jed retorted.  Then they both laughed hysterically.^^
^^Playing cowboys and Indians. Interesting thing is, these 19th century cellars really were used for for "food storage, a temporary jail, and protection from Indians." It's a lot of fun to pretend to step back in time!^^
^^Shhh! No one tell the boys that dandelions are really a weed. They so lovingly pick them for me and I can't get enough!^^

Top 5 Weekend Highlights:

1.  The little boys and I enjoyed our Friday afternoon at the "beaver dam" (aka the historical Stricker Station).  Playing in the old cellars and exploring the creek never seems to get old!  We all love it.  We played til Levi slipped--I knew it was coming but he didn't--and got himself all muddy and soaking wet.  Haha.

2.  A girls' night out at the Pizza Pie Cafe for me!  It was followed by a Target trip, of course.  

3.  We spent a beautiful warm Saturday afternoon at Dierkes rock climbing with friends!  Bron was the first in our group to conquer a particular route.  It just so happened to be rated a 5.10a.  Go Bron!  There are no words to describe how addicting and fun that sport is.  And need I mention how healthy it is for the kids to run around, climb, and play too?  It's a win for everyone.

4.  Sunday morning we woke up extra early to make it to my niece's baby blessing in Hamer, ID.  (They still had snow on the ground over there!  Eeew.)  We attended church, ate a delicious lunch--I tried every single soup on the table--and gabbed with family.

5.  The bad news is that our refrigerator stopped working over the weekend and we have to buy a new one. The good news is that we were able to move all the food to the fridge and freezer in the garage before it spoiled (...except that old fridge smells like there's a dead mouse stuck up inside somewhere. There probably is.) The bad news is that the boys were a pair of monkeys in the stores today. They opened every single refrigerator door on display and thought it was funny. The good news is that I wasn't planning on buying a new refrigerator today but I just happened to score exactly what I was looking for (minus the water dispenser) in the scratch and dent section at Lowe's for a steal. It arrives tomorrow. Yippee!

Snapshots of Life Lately: Wrapping Up Winter


A freezing cold walk in the fog one morning.  We don't get fog around here very often, so we took advantage of it while we could!