Snapshots and Our Top 5 July Highlights


^^This handsome stud.  He insisted I take his picture here because my original plan was ruined by the sprinklers.  Haha.  What a sweet kid!^^

Best Frien-emies. Some hours of the day I want to throw my hands up in the air out of frustration. These two hit, scratch, bite, and can be downright cruel to one another. But then there are sweet moments such as these. I watch as brother tenderly takes care of brother and I suddenly know that I'm still doing something right as a mom. Whew. They really do love each other!

A S'mores Adventure in the South Hills


We spent our Sunday evening as a family roasting marshmallows over a fire and going on a short hike in the South Hills.

But let me back up a little bit.  I may or may not have gone a little hog wild on my trip to Hobby Lobby with Momma Nelson last week.  Nesting is is full swing around here and it is REAL.  I'm in the process of decorating and re-decorating parts of the house.  And I must say, it is coming together beautifully!  (Now if only I can motivate myself to clean out those closets and organize!  Haha.  I'm coming for you next, junk.)  Anyway, I re-decorated the boys' room with an adventure theme.  There are arrows, a bicycle, and art that says things like, "Climb every mountain," "Brave," and "Adventure awaits."  Needless to say the boys are happy and excited!  It's a room all about them and the things they love most.  Plus, it is my hope that they'll continue to develop a passion for outdoor adventures and pushing themselves to do things they never thought they'd do. 

So of course, now that their room is mostly done, all we've heard on repeat from Levi is, "What's our next adventure?"  Well, since camping wasn't going to work out this weekend, we settled on cooking s'mores over a campfire and a small hike instead.  Win!

I love my little boys.  Sometimes they drive me crazy with their impatience and the way they fight and their endless messes, but in reality they're really good and caring kids with a contagious enthusiasm for life.  They make me so proud and happy to be their mom.      

Gone Fishing


The boys have been begging to go fishing for a while now.  So Thursday evening, we made it happen!  We took the boys down to {the heavily stocked} Bass Lake.  We baited our hooks with HOT DOGS and began catching fish every 2-3 minutes.  Not joking.  It was a riot!  So many fish to help unhook and release back into the water kept Bron and I hopping.  I think the experience will forever spoil the little boys' expectations of fishing!  But nonetheless, now that I know how to tie a hook to the line, we'll be back at least weekly all summer long.

Pictures from the boys' first real fishing adventure:

Happy Birthday America!


I think we convinced our boys that Independence Day is indeed one of the best holidays of the year.  There's something about seeing flags everywhere that makes one feel patriotic and proud.

We began our three day weekend with a barbecue and friends on Saturday night (after a full day of chores and errands, of course).  By unanimous vote, the kids' favorite part of the evening was lighting the few fireworks we bought.  I mistakenly bought a "pooping dog" that the kids haven't quit talking and giggling about since.  Boys!  Haha.  There were also some screamers and battling tanks, and best of all, sparklers!      

We began July 4th early Monday morning at a church breakfast and flag ceremony--where I played my violin, the kids sang, and Levi fell on his face and scraped up his nose.  Poor kid.  However, it just felt right to pause for a minute, to reflect and show respect for the flag: the emblem of the land and country I love.

Following breakfast, we spent the afternoon rock climbing at Castle Rocks State Park with some friends.   The clouds rolled in and it wound up being a perfect afternoon.  And we had the whole park to ourselves!  We couldn't believe it.  We all took turns climbing a 5.9- route.  I'm always surprised at how easy something looks from down below, but when I actually get on the rock, it's much more difficult!  But you know I live for the challenge, even 20 weeks pregnant.  And apparently so does Levi!  He's pretty much addicted to rock climbing.  I think he climbed four times. 

Then we polished the day off with pizza, glow sticks for the kids, and a fireworks show in Burley. We sat out on a golf course directly underneath the show. The fireworks were so close I could eat them!  I held Levi in my lap next to Bron and Jed.  We couldn't help screaming and laughing. It was exhilarating.  "This is the best day ever!" Levi squealed.   Yes, it's definitely one to remember.

Words don't adequately express how thankful I am for this beautiful country and the freedoms that we enjoy. I only hope I can pass some of that love and respect along to my boys.

(Scroll down for lots of pictures!)

Levi's Third Set of Wheels


^^My boys out on an evening bike ride.  They had fun careening down the freshly paved hill behind our house.  It was literally a dirt and gravel road just yesterday morning!^^

Yesterday we took a quick trip to Sun Valley for an appointment.  To help ease my stress about where exactly I was headed, Bron came along with us.  It wound up being a family day trip complete with lunch, ice cream, and a little shopping at our favorite thrift store.  

A few days ago, after watching Levi's little legs rotate faster than the RPM's on my car, Bron and I began discussing the possibility of graduating Levi to a bigger bike.  As we entered into the thrift shop, lo and behold, there it was: a Giant 16" black, white, and orange bike for a steal at just $35.  We couldn't possibly pass it up!  And to our pleasant surprise, Levi took to it like a fish to water.  He rode off like a bullet down the street with Bron running just to keep up!  Levi was ecstatic.  The bigger wheels give him the speed he's been looking for to keep up with his big brother!  Needless to say, Levi's been attached to his bike since.  We rode around the neighborhood last night.  And first thing this morning after breakfast, we went for another ride.  We were gone an hour!  Whoa.

Baby Number Three is a...




We are thrilled to be welcoming a healthy human baby BOY to our family this November! I'll admit, I was a tad bit disappointed during the ultrasound Friday morning, but as I watched every perfect limb of our baby move and kick, I couldn't help but get excited. The thought of a crew of three little boys just seems right for us and like a lot of fun. I've always wanted three or four children and I feel so lucky that my dream is coming true! I can't believe I'll be holding another squishy newborn this Fall. Pinch me!

Sweet Summer Time: Snapshots of Life in June


Summer is humming along in all its glory right now!  Sunshine, ninety degree weather, countless trips to Bass Lake, the South Hills, and playing outside all day every day--sprinkled with a few responsibilities and chores, of course.  June was busy, but in some of the best ways.

We've gotten ourselves onto a really late schedule.  The boys usually don't go to bed until after 9:00PM.  (After all, the sun doesn't set til 9:30!)  And we all don't get up the next morning until 8:30AM or so.  This laid back, relaxed, play-until-dusk, schedule is the kind of thing I live for!

And yup, my boys spend more time shirtless than with a shirt on!  We hardly ever see Levi in actual clothes anymore.  Instead, he changes into a swimming suit first thing in the morning and then transfers into pajamas at night.  Works for me!   

Take a peek at what life has looked like for us these last few weeks:       

Bass Lake
Our summer paradise spot

^^This picture cracks me up.  I mean, Jed's serious face with goggles!  He's not a cowboy.  He is Turtle Boy!^^
^^Sand Angels with a friend!^^
^^These chunky baby thighs belonging to our little friend just begged to be documented.  I want to eat them up!^^

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