June in a Dozen Short Paragraphs

^^My bare chested boys of summer!  Procrastination at its finest.  They didn't want to read or practice, so they raided my craft closet.  I helped them make the headbands.  Then they promptly went off to "war" in the backyard.  But first, a picture.^^

June in a Dozen Short Paragraphs (ish)

1.  I WON a $100 gift card to Maverick from a drawing!  Pretty cool.

2.  Levi hit Jed in the head with a two by four.  Kid has a temper.  No worries, Jed is okay and probably partially deserved it.

3.  My hormones are all out of whack again.  I know because I have felt abnormally stressed and have a very short temper the week before I start my period.  Then I feel relief when it finally starts.  (At least I recognize the severe mood swings, right?)  It means I am hopping back on birth control, bringing a year and a half stint of trying for a fourth baby to an end.  It's really bittersweet, but feels like the right thing?  I think.  Secondary infertility is the pits.  My friend Danielle empathized with me and told me that it's okay to mourn that loss, that dream.  Bless her.  I could have kissed her and cried; she understands.

Slowly, I think I am learning to trust God and His plan for me, to be content with what I've been given.  Three healthy boys are more than enough to fill my motherhood cup!

A Day at the Zoo on Summer Solstice


Summer solstice.  I kind of wish we actually celebrated the day like it's a holiday because I love summer that much!  I love how it's still light outside til nearly 10PM.  I often lose track of what time it is and realize we should have eaten dinner two hours ago.  The boys are going to bed late and sleeping in.  We're not keeping to an exact schedule anymore; meaning I need 20 extra minutes to get anywhere on time.  Haha.  Our pace has finally slowed a bit.  The boys are enjoying less expectations and stress with the absence of school and I am enjoying all this extra free time with them just soaking them in, even if it does include more chaos from time to time because summer also means cuddles in bed, trips to the pool, and time to talk and to listen.  Ultimately, summer is time together as a family and more outdoor adventures, two things that make my heart and soul happy.  I love summer!

On June 21st, the longest day of the year, the boys and I made a quick day trip to Boise to visit my mom and brother.  Conrad was so excited to visit, "Gramma Kelley house!"  We enjoyed a really fun afternoon exploring Zoo Boise where Conrad took his time oogling over every animal and exhibit.  Two year olds are the best to take to the zoo!  I was glad to see that Jed and Levi haven't outgrown the excitement of it either; they actually started reading the signs and educating themselves a bit!

Afterwards, a child must have left the car door open or something because I had to find help from someone to jump my car!  But it all worked out.  We ate pizza for dinner and the kids had a blast riding down my mom's sloped driveway.  Good times and good memories.  Thanks for letting us come visit, Mom!

Family Pictures 2019


We got our family pictures done!  I can't wait to print some of these images for our walls.  I will forever cherish family pictures.  All of us together in the frame; it doesn't happen often enough!  My family means the world to me, and therefore so do these pictures!  A big thank you to my talented friend Carli Hobson for taking these beautiful photos for us and for putting up with our crazy crew!

It's Baseball Season!


We are right smack dab in the middle of baseball season with two evenings a week preoccupied with games!  Jed and Levi are on the same machine pitch team this year.  Unlike many of their friends, neither of my boys have become fixated on any one particular sport.  They're just out there to have fun!  (And if we're really being honest, Levi is there for the treats afterwards.  Haha.)  It definitely feels like we're the odd ball family in our little town when it comes to baseball.  What?  They're not dressed to the nines baseball pants?  But I'm okay with that.  Jed and Levi will eventually hone in on their own interests and passions, and when they do, Bron and I will be all in to support them.

This season, both Jed and Levi love to play catcher.  I've watched them excitedly volunteer as their teammates shrink away.  Jed has also improved so much since last year; it's fun to watch him swing that bat.

Finally, Moms, please tell me your kids look like this in the dugout too?!  These boys just can't seem to sit still.

^^Levi playing catcher.^^
^^Kimberly has that All American small town feeling in the summer.^^

The First Week of Summer in Photos + A Few Paragraphs About Real Life Lately

We've kicked off the summer strong and hard!  I've found myself reaching for my camera often because I just love everything that screams summer and outdoors and childhood.  Our skin is sun kissed and we've been going to bed late.  I'll let the pictures tell most of the stories.  After all, a picture speaks a thousand words, right?

Three Points About Real Life Lately:

1.  First, I just want to acknowledge that the struggle is real!  There are challenges over here that come in all shapes and sizes.  (Our first week of summer together has been... intense, for lack of a better word.)  I know it's easy to assume that perhaps we live a life without problems because I seem to post only the highlight reel, but please know that our hard moments -- the ones that make us stretch and grow -- exist every day.  Some are pretty darn monotonous too.  Motherhood is as physically exhausting as it is mentally exhausting!  However, I don't like to dwell on the negative.  I'm here to celebrate motherhood and family!  I'm here to seek out beauty in the small moments of life that make me feel happy.  Please don't ever mistake my optimism for perfection.  This blog is a summary of our life, but I omit a significant amount of details/opinions to protect the image and feelings of my loved ones.

No thunderstorm was going to deter us from attending the Young's annual summer kickoff party!  It thundered and rained on and off the entire afternoon.  But the kids ate popsicles and jumped in the pool anyway.  Our friend Shonni brought six wee rescue rabbits to share.  I wish we could have brought one home with us.  Conrad's outfit killed me.  The red boots + Dad's socks + his tiny pants + a bunny = winner of best dressed for the party.  Clearly!

After the party, I took Levi to get a baby tooth pulled.  Am I the meanest mom ever?  Probably.  But no worries.  He bounced back quick.