For so many reasons, seeing this tiny toothbrush mingling with our big ones makes me smile EVERY time. 

P.S.  We are leaving on a jet plane and won't be back for three weeks!  We are going home!  Just thinking about the desert, the mountains, the wide open spaces, the sunshine, and especially family, makes me giddy.  Ohhh, I am so excited!

This Little Piggy


This is a Teacup Pig.  These little piggies are tiny and stay that way.  They are soooo cute! Which means... I WANT ONE!

Bron shook his head and said, "Over my dead body.  You're not getting one."

"Well, then I'm just going to have to outlive you, and on the day I bury you, I'm going out and buying myself a teacup pig!"

"And then my dog will eat it!"

That's when I gasped and insisted that the pig will just live inside the house with me and the farm dog will stay outside where he belongs.  (Sounds a little backwards, doesn't it?)  And I'll feed my pig overpriced feed, take lots of cute pictures, and carry it around in my purse when I go to the store.  Instead of a crazy old cat lady, I'll be the crazy old pig lady.  And my grandchildren will love it!  Muahaha! 

Sad thing for Bron is, he knows I almost always get what I want.  So maybe when he buys some land and beef to go on it, I can steal a little corner of it for a garden, flowers, and some teacup pigs.  Oh, and maybe some of these too!

You are My Sunshine


The Goober Grin
When you're 9 months old, happiness can come in the form of sugary glaze on a stick!
I love you soooo much, Jed!  Thanks for making me smile every day.

Snow Days


Jed eating the snow!

Our little corner of New York finally has all that snow I’ve heard about. This past week we got dumped on! Last Wednesday a storm blew in that dropped 18 inches of the white stuff and shut down nearly everything—except the institute, of course. The cows must be milked! Then Saturday night another storm dumped about a foot more of snow! I love it. If it’s going to be cold, it might as well be pretty too.

Just look at those trees! 
Jed and I love to watch this tractor from our window; it has a giant snow blower attached!

Here’s our snow adventure story: (If you care to read it.)

Saturday night Bron and I went on a hot date to celebrate both our birthdays! We left Jed with Anna, one of a small number of ladies we call his “girlfriend” because Jed is such a flirt. Well, apparently, Jed couldn’t wait to get her alone because as she was attaching the tray to his booster seat, Jed grabbed her head with both hands and started kissing her! (Sorry, Bud, but she's too cute to wait for you.) Anyhow, when we left for Burlington late in the afternoon, the sky was clear and calm. About halfway there, the sky opened up and it started snowing big heavy flakes. We weren’t going to let a little weather didn’t deter us though. By the time we reached our first stop at the camera store, it had already snowed a few inches. Then we got back on the road to go eat at our favorite restaurant of all time: Texas Roadhouse. It was just as delicious as the last time we were there! Texas Roadhouse has so many good memories attached to it; the food and atmosphere make us both feel a little giddy. Well, with our bellies full and the backseat occupied of a few new purchases, we were ready to head home.

The freeway was buried in snow! We crawled along like an inch worm following the flow of tail lights ahead of us. Eventually, the city traffic waned and we were left practically all alone on the snow covered road. Suddenly, the entire sky lit up! I’ve never seen lightning in a snow storm before. It was almost eerie. The snow just kept coming down fast, hitting the windshield. The view looked like we were in a star trek episode!

“Look! We’re going light speed!” I said to Bron.

Bron flipped on the brights for a second and exclaimed, “Hyper drive!”

“Yeah, more like death drive!”

But I trust my husband completely. While Bron concentrated on the road, I enjoyed my view out the window. We may have been risking death—or more likely a car accident, a long night, and a headache with the insurance company—but the trees were soooo pretty! I love the feeling of sitting in a warm car at night surrounded by snow.

My phone rang and someone on the other end announced that church was canceled for the next day. I hung up and Bron and I just laughed. Sissies. We were in the thick of the storm and having fun!

So without church the next day, we were left to relax at home as a family all day long. We almost didn’t know what to do! It’s been such a long time. So we went on a walk to enjoy the new snow. And instead of sticking to the road, we decided to break our own trail through the trees. I was panting; it was taking a lot of physical exertion to lift my knees to my chest with every step. But it was fun! It was another mini adventure. It was a day with the two people I love most in the world.

So that was our weekend. Enjoy some pictures of some New York snow!

Our Family: Ready for a Cold Hike

Pouty Face.  We are pretty sure Jed is teething, but he really did enjoy being outside.

Knee high and even thigh high! 

My Neighbor's Baby Girl


My friend Jessie had her baby!  She's a tiny sweet little girl who loves to be cuddled.  This "photo shoot" was so much fun for me!  (Although it reminded me that I am not yet ready for a second baby.)  Thanks for letting me come over, Jessie!

A Big Yawn

She is super strong!  It was amazing.

I love little toes.

A Precious Moment Between Mom and Baby

What Jed did the entire time: Play in the dog bowl, rip up newspapers, eat newspapers, spit-up all over the carpet, gnaw on a wire, play with toilet paper, bury himself in new baby clothes, etc. He wore me out just keeping up with him! Soon I won’t need to exercise because chasing him around will be plenty!

Notice one sock on and one sock off!

I Had a Birthday


Jed treated me to lunch at The Station Cafe for my birthday.  What a gentleman!
(Don't worry, the card is expired.)

I had a birthday! I turned 26 years old yesterday. I think I’m going to try to honestly forget how old I am from now on; I want to be stuck in my mid-twenties forever. Bron does it, why can’t I? Well, twenty-six isn’t any special year, so I expected my birthday to just be another day on the planet, but it actually turned out to be a really great day!

Bron bought me a book (that I'm really excited about!) and took me to the mall Saturday night to find a pair of jeans that actually fit. Amazingly, we found a pair AND they were on clearance. That felt so nice. And yesterday was filled with lots of phone calls, messages, and lunch out with the girls. That was a deliciously fun deviation from laundry and the norm. It just felt good to be remembered because of something so simple. So thanks to everyone who helped make it a wonderful day!

P.S. These pictures affirm that #1. I don’t have enough pictures of my little boy and me even though we spend most of our waking hours together and #2. I need to do something about my ridiculous eyebrows.

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