My Neighbor's Baby Girl

My friend Jessie had her baby!  She's a tiny sweet little girl who loves to be cuddled.  This "photo shoot" was so much fun for me!  (Although it reminded me that I am not yet ready for a second baby.)  Thanks for letting me come over, Jessie!

A Big Yawn

She is super strong!  It was amazing.

I love little toes.

A Precious Moment Between Mom and Baby

What Jed did the entire time: Play in the dog bowl, rip up newspapers, eat newspapers, spit-up all over the carpet, gnaw on a wire, play with toilet paper, bury himself in new baby clothes, etc. He wore me out just keeping up with him! Soon I won’t need to exercise because chasing him around will be plenty!

Notice one sock on and one sock off!

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  1. How fun! They turned out great! My favorites are #3 and the last one of mom holding her. That's pretty cool that you have a friend named Jessie. I know how you feel. I had to take Luke and Grady with me when I did Necia's baby's newborn photo shoot on Thursday. I was utterly exhausted at the end! When I wasn't watching him, we think that Grady took Necia and Tysons 2 computer mice and threw them in the trash can. They are gone forever now.


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