3 Months


Jed soapy and happy in his galvenized tub

Jedediah is three months old today! He is growing right before my eyes. He seems to do something new—albeit it’s often so small it’s only significant to his parents—everyday. He grins and talks and uses his eyebrows to express many of his emotions. I especially love how his entire body gets into his excitement! He’s so much fun!  He's learning to do all the normal developmental things like rolling over and studying his hands.  And much to his mother’s relief, this baby sleeps like an angel. Jed has allowed me to get a solid 6-7 hour stretch of sleep every night for nearly a month now! We have been blessed with a really good little boy.

It’s a little sad to know that my newborn is gone forever even though he's still just a plop. However, I feel much more excited about the future and the new things that will happen as my baby grows. Jed’s personality is beginning to show; that’s the best part. I’m excited to get to know this new and innocent little person in my life. I am sincerely content right now. Although my everyday life as a mother is slow and often uneventful, I couldn’t be happier. It’s those moments when I get to stop what I’m doing and play with my son that I feel pure joy.

Western New York


My family (Mom, Stepdad, and two brothers) came all the way to New York from Idaho to visit us and to see the sights, of course! Last Wednesday Jed and I left Bron at home with a stash of man food and began our trek across New York State with our guests.

Our first pit-stop was in Rome. My dad was once stationed at Griffiss Air Force Base and that’s where both my brother and I were born; we’ve never been back. The base was closed years ago and my mom and I were curious to see what happened to our old home. As we drove through the neighborhood it became obvious that no one lives in those houses anymore. The lawns were infested with weeds and uncut. Broken glass lay everywhere and doors were left wide open. It was sad to see house after house like that! Finally, we arrived at our old yellow house to find it was no different from the rest. We went in and found that it had been stripped bare: no sinks, light fixtures, stove, anything. But despite the neglect, it was fun to hear my mom relive her memories and tell me how it used to be. She told me how I used to love to play in the swing that was attached to a certain tree branch outside. We looked up and saw two pieces of rope still knotted there, evidence that we really did live there once.

But Rome isn’t all dead. We ate at what my mom claimed to be the best restaurant in town, Savoy’s. It’s an old family owned Italian place that has been in business for over 100 years now. It was delicious!
Our old home in Rome, NY

Jed and I full and happy after eating at Savoy's

Thursday was the day we toured Palmyra, home of the young Prophet Joseph Smith. We hiked up the Hill Cumorah—quite a feat for my mom who is still wearing a boot on her right foot from her car accident last November—and toured the visitor’s center. Next we visited the Smith family farm and the sacred grove. We also toured the printing shop where the first 5000 copies of The Book of Mormon were made. There were sooo many people there from all over the United States, from everywhere but New York it seemed. They were all there to tour the historical sites and see the Pageant just as we were. It was fun though; there was a spirit of terrific comradery and friendliness. The Pageant itself was well done! I was thoroughly entertained, though I think my favorite part was meeting members of the cast all dressed up in their incredible costumes! Jed slept through almost everything.

The Hill Cumorah

The Smith Family Farm

The Sacred Grove

Ryan, Mom, Jed, and Michael

Friday we visited Niagara Falls. It was my favorite stop! We all went on a little tour boat called, The Maid of the Mist. We were all given plastic blue ponchos—including Jed!—to protect us from the torrent of water we were about to encounter. As the boat ventured closer to the falls, it felt like we were standing in a heavy shower! It would’ve been easy to get soaked without those awesome blue ponchos. Again, Jed slept through most everything that day. But he was there!

Niagara Falls

That night we visited my great Aunt Laurel and Uncle Bus in Buffalo. They are some of the very few family members we have living so far East. Laurel is struggling with a severe form of dementia. She wasn’t the person I remembered, but she perked up when she saw a baby! It was a good visit. I am so impressed with my Uncle Bus. He made us feel so welcome. He also visits Laurel everyday. He reads to her, talks to her, and looks out for her. If that isn’t pure love and devotion then I don’t know what is! Aunt Laurel is a very lucky woman.

On our way back home on Saturday we stopped in Fayette to see the small log cabin where the Church was restored on April 6, 1830. Now I can say both Jed and I have seen every church historical site on the East Coast!
Fayette, NY

It was a quick but fun trip with probably too much driving. Jed was a great sport though; he hardly protested at all! And as always, I love spending time with my mom. Thanks family for coming to visit! I think we did some pretty cool stuff.



"What do the cows say, Jed?  MOO!"
"And what does Jed say?  Hamburger!"

The circle of life must be taught early. 
Am I an awful mother if I hope these are some of his first words?

Family Picture


Our lil' family

Jed gettin' some lovin' from Mom

Just had to post these.  My friend, Gina, took these after church last week.  Isn't she talented?

Sweet Summertime


relaxing at the lake and watching the sailboats as a family

North Country summers are typically mild, except for one or two weeks every year. This week was one of those. The combination of sun, high temperatures, and humidity made for a suffocating kind of heat. We had our fans going non-stop and even stole a leaky air conditioner from the guesthouse next door. Sometimes Jed and I sought relief at the library or the grocery store. But better yet, we found relief at the beach on Lake Champlain.

I lathered the boy up in sunscreen and put on his pirate outfit: swim trunks that go down to his ankles, a rash guard top, and broad-brimmed hat. Then we waded out into the lake. Jed took to the water like a fish to the sea; he loved it! He especially liked the feel of sand between his toes! Soon he became so relaxed he fell asleep right there in my arms out in the middle of the lake. That’s when I brought him back to shore. We laid out on our giant beach towel in the shade together and took a nap. Then Jed changed into dry clothes, nursed, and we went home. We hit this routine two days in a row.

Sometimes I can’t believe this is a part of my job description. I love being a mom!

What an outfit!

laying out in the shade and catching some zzz's after a big swim 

I can't get enough of his tiny, but studly, bare chest!  hehe  What a hunk.
(I kinda liked this picture with a little old-school sepia look)

Our 4th of July Weekend


We had a fabulous 4th of July weekend full of warm sunny weather, good food, and relaxing fun! 

Our weekend began Friday night with some four-wheeling and a humongous bonfire.  Wish I had pictures.  Jed is all boy; he was completely mesmerized by the fire. 

Saturday afternoon, Jed and I headed out to an Independence Day church barbecue complete with all the delicious trimmings.  It felt great to spend the afternoon outside with my hands free; Jed is a lady killer and every woman wants a chance to hold him.  The barbecue was also an excuse to celebrate a member of our congregation's 100th birthday.  No kidding.  The man is still kicking and alert.  He even had some cake and ice cream.  His wife, who is close behind at 98 years old, insisted I take a picture of my baby in Leo's arms: an age span of 100 years.  I couldn't help but think of how many generations separate the two and wondered how much that man has seen and done.  What a lifetime!  He's a walking history book.  But despite the age difference, I thought, we're all brothers and sisters; we all came from the same place and we're really not all that much different.  I know I don't feel any older than I did five years ago and I'm sure the only thing that makes Leo feel any older is his aged body.  Age is relative.  When I came over to take Jed back into my own arms Leo said, "He's fine here."  I think the two enjoyed each other. 
Leo's 100th Birthday

some snapshots during the barbecue

Later Saturday afternoon, Bron, Jed, and I spent a few peaceful hours with our feet in the lake watching the sailboats.  I wish we had more afternoons together like that.  Then that evening Jed and I went to the theatre to see Eclipse with a bunch of girls.  Loved it.  I can't wait for the next one!

And finally, Sunday afternoon our little family and some friends headed up to a cute little border town called Rouses Point for some 4th of July festivities.  We watched a small town parade and ate ice cream.  Next year I'm sticking Jed out in front of us; hopefully he'll catch the paraders' attention and get us some candy!  Apparently we all looked too mature for candy and got passed up.  Then we waited for the fireworks to begin out over the lake.  What's Independence Day without fireworks?  Amazingly, Jed slept through most of the show.  It was a fun and relaxing evening.  God bless America.  I feel so blessed to live here. 
Our evening in Rouses Point

Strawberry Picking


Jed's first experience strawberry picking

It’s strawberry season! Strawberries are far and beyond my favorite food. The only thing that can top a juicy red strawberry is a juicy red strawberry smothered in chocolate! Unfortunately, I’ve learned that both strawberries and chocolate (among other things) don’t sit well in my baby’s stomach, as such delectables are passed on through my milk. Jed spits up curds. He doesn’t complain though. Which leaves me torn: Do I avoid certain foods just for Jed’s sake or do I indulge in what makes my life a little more enjoyable? I’ve taken the moderate approach; a little is okay for both of us!

Yesterday was Jed’s first experience strawberry picking. Actually, he slept in the shade while I picked away to my heart’s delight. Strawberry picking is addicting. All I see is red and I can’t pick fast enough! I picked a very full flat. We still need more. LOTS more. You see, I need these tasty berries to last the entire winter in my freezer—either frozen, or as jam.

Yeah, they taste as delicilous as they look

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