Halloween Sneak Peek!


^^Avenger knock-out.  Sorta.  This is what boys do for fun... all day!  I love Hulk's wind-up followed by Captain America's right hook.  This little series made me laugh so hard.^^
 ^^Channeling his inner Captain.  Is this really my five year old?^^
 ^^I asked Levi to show me his 'hulk smash' face and this is what I got.  I can't quit laughing!  This kid doesn't need a mask.  All he needs is some green paint.  Nailed it.^^

Wishing you a very safe and
Happy Halloween!!!

From Captain America and The Hulk

Family Fun at the Pumpkin Patch


 ^^Jed's rock star stance cracks me up!  He did this several times, riding to the bottom of the slide in style.^^

 ^^We let the boys lead us through the giant straw maze.  Amazingly, we did much better than the deer that apparently got stuck in there for two days.^^
 ^^The looks on our faces!  Classic.  Even though they're slightly out of focus, I love, love, love these photos.^^
^^Fall is totally showing off her pretty colors here.  Jed says this looks like candy!^^
 ^^Time to pick our pumpkins!  Jed was soooo excited.^^
^^My boys.  That light.  It's like a slice of heaven and I'm swooning.^^

Jed must've had the time of his life at the pumpkin patch last year because he has been talking about going again for months now.  I'm so glad he remembers!  Even better, I'm happy that we're able to make going to the pumpkin patch a seasonal tradition.  The four of us headed over to Tubb's Berry Farm for some quality family fun last week.  We got lost in the straw maze, careened down the giant slides, fed some goats, and chose just the right pair of pumpkins for carving into jack-o-lanterns.  An evening doesn't get any better than that!

I am so thankful we live in a world with orangey-glowy Octobers!  I am also grateful for outdoor adventures like this that allow me to soak in the sunshine, unwind, and reconnect with my boys.  It's like pushing the reset button.  And I need it often.  So here's to dropping the to-do list to make time for the people that matter most and to more thoroughly enjoying this one precious life with which I've been blessed.       

Oh, How Much Fun Can A Girl Fit Into One Weekend?


^^Crazy morning excited/'what the crap are we doing' eyes!  Just before we started our race.  Haha.^^

 What I did on Saturday and Sunday:

::  A HALF MARATHON: Saturday morning, my good friend Amy and I were up before the sun to travel to Pocatello to run the Just Cuz Half Marathon.  It was a really fun low-key half marathon.  The weather couldn't have been more perfect.  And I was just a tad bit giddy running past trees in full yellow blaze.  It was so pretty!  On top of serving Jack Daniels at mile 11 (No, I didn't partake.  Yuck!), the race included five mini challenges to earn colored bracelets.  I stopped at various mileages to do ten burpees, squats, and push-ups, climb over a truck, drag a 45lb sled, and eat five giant marshmallows.  Miraculously, I didn't puke from that.  Instead, I finished 13.1 miles at a personal record time of 2:02.  My goal was to finish in under two hours, but the challenges set me behind a few minutes, so I'm feeling pretty good about it.

:: ROCK CLIMBING:  A couple of hours after Amy and I arrived home, our babysitter showed up and Bron and I met his brother Kaleb and his cute fiance, Chantee, down at Dierkes for some rock climbing!  I wasn't about to miss out on that adventure.  No way!  I happened to choose a route rated as a 5.10.  But I did it!  Wow.  No wonder I woke up Sunday morning completely sore from my neck down to my calves.  Nearly every muscle in my body ached!  But it was worth it.  Oh, so worth it.  Rock climbing is such a blast.

:: DATE NIGHT:  After climbing, the four of us went out on a double date to Johnny Carino's where I think I ate my weight in carbs.  ;)  It was so fun to talk and get to know Chantee better!  I think those two have a bright future ahead.  I'm so excited for them.

:: CHURCH: Self-explanatory.  I stayed after for a half hour to practice my violin with the choir.

:: ENGAGEMENT PHOTOS: I took the two lovebirds up into the South Hills for a photo shoot.  I absolutely love engagement sessions.  They're always full of smiles and fun and the love just shines through.  These two were no exception and good-looking to boot!  A couple of sneak peeks below.

Even though the weekend was busy, it was full of people and fun; I wouldn't have it any other way.  Thanks for challenging me to complete another half marathon, Amy!  And thanks for coming out to visit us, Kaleb and Chantee!               

^^I love this photo. He TOTALLY wants her!^^

Playing in the Leaves/Five Things


^^This kid keeps me on my toes: cute, animated, three year old energy.^^
^^Genuine giggles.  This sweet boy will never know just how much I adore him.^^

1.  Tis the season!  I have been swamped with photography sessions and editing this Fall.  The good news is that I enjoy it (for the most part) and the better news is that I'll be all done in just a few weeks.  Woot!  I'm really looking forward to working on some personal projects. 

2.  A quick stop at the library has become a part of the regular routine for us.  The boys pick out a handful of random picture books from off the shelves, but we always leave with a couple of books from the same series too.  We just can't get enough!  

Jed is really into the Magic Treehouse series by Mary Pope Osborne.  They're chapter books about two kids who can travel to any place or time and they always have some big adventure.  It's become Jed and my thing to snuggle up on the couch together to read.  We once read an entire book in a single sitting!  So yes, I love reading the series almost as much as my son.  But the best part is knowing that Jed comprehends the story-line.  He's listening and learning!  

Levi's favorite series are some hilarious and far-fetched stories by James Stevenson about Grandpa and his little brother Wainwright.  Levi begs to read a 'Wainey book' every evening.  But my favorite part?  Whenever Jed or Levi start whining I say something like, "Hey Wainey, why are you whining?" and the boys just giggle.  It works!  So if you have little kids, I totally recommend checking out those books.

3.  Last Saturday we attended my nephew Tannon's baptism.  Jed was totally into it.  It was so cute.  On our ride up he asked a lot of questions.  Then he had his nose glued to the glass when Tannon actually got baptized.  Three more years Jed, then it will be your turn if you want.  

Also, Bron's little brother Kaleb got engaged to Chantee'!  I can't wait to do their engagement session.  She's a cutie and a good fit for the family, I think.

4.  I walked into our town's brand new Ulta store and nearly turned around and walked back out.  The choices in makeup was overwhelming!  Isn't it a cardinal rule that you don't give a girl too many choices?  Instead of getting excited she shuts down because making the right choice is just too stressful!  Haha.  I did buy some makeup setting spray to hopefully offset my greasy eyelids.  I'll be back for lipstick another day!

While we're on the subject of shopping, I went on a little mall spree with my friend Dani for new jeans.  We had so much fun trying on pair after pair in the dressing room, all the while high-fiving each other on the results of our exercising efforts.  We're looking like hot mamas!  Especially Dani.  I'm so proud of that woman.  I stand in awe of her dedication and self-discipline.  She has lost nearly 100 pounds total over the last few years.  She totally deserves the satisfaction of slipping into a pair of size small jeggings!    

5.  Last but not least, I need to confess that the last two months have been especially tough for me.  I think my hormones are totally out of whack because I have gone bat-shiz crazy on more than one occasion. (For an example, read my last post.)  I don't care to relive all the tears or the times I know I've completely over-reacted but just couldn't stop myself.

Unfortunately, so much of my problem stems back to my desire for a third baby and the miscarriage I had several months ago.  I had no idea just how HARD a miscarriage can be.  I thought I had moved through the emotions, but as baby's due date approaches and I still can't manage to get pregnant, I feel especially sad.  And maybe even a little bitter.  A part of me is ready to purge the house of all the baby stuff--crib, bouncer, car seat, changing table, etc.--somebody just take it.  I don't want it anymore.  But the other part of me doesn't want to give up hope!  Someday, someday maybe the Lord will say 'yes' and help us grow our family.

I don't know why so many of us women have to go through this.  It's hard and it sucks and it's not fair.  But I do know that I'm learning a lot and I'm trying to be thankful for the experience.  I am thankful that I can empathize with other women who are going through a similar hardship.  I am thankful to be learning how to put my faith in God and His plan for me; that He does indeed love me even if my prayers aren't being answered like I think they should.  And finally, I am thankful for that little baby bean that once grew inside my tummy.  I hope and pray there's a special little spirit waiting for me in heaven to hug and love on.                            

Fall Trip to the Boise Zoo


^^The Zoo crew: my mom and brothers, Michael and Ryan, with Jed and Levi.  Oh, and me too!^^
^^When Levi saw this tortoise on the move, he took off running to find Grandma.  He animatedly stretched out his arms and informed her that, "It was thissss BIG!"^^
 ^^Happy faces on the carousel ride!  Jed cracked me up riding the giraffe rodeo style.^^
 ^^"Prairie doggin' it."  Haha!  I had to.^^
 ^^These baby birds are too cool for the nest!^^
 ^^Seriously cool.^^
 ^^Selfie with a llama... cuz it's funny!^^
 ^^Feeding the goats.  Jed + animals = cuteness.  He has a tender animal-loving side to his little person.^^
^^Levi saw this old truck on display and was immediately obsessed.  "It's the Hatari truck, Mom!" Hatari is an old John Wayne movie and it's one of the boys' favorites.
^^Stare-down with the lion.  Hands-down awesome.^^

A couple of weeks ago--on Thursday October 1st to be exact--Jed didn't have school, so we loaded into the car for a fun-filled day with family at the Boise Zoo.  That is, if I could find the zoo!  There were no signs for the zoo anywhere.  And after driving two loops around downtown Boise on one-way streets and missing the entrance TWICE, I was ticked.  The parking lot was right there but I couldn't access it without spending another ten minutes going around the block again.  So I did what any irrational and hormonally out-of-whack Wade would've done: I drove the car between a fence and a tree.  Naturally.  I won!  Or so I thought.  I quickly realized that I'd torn a hole in one of my rear tires; like there was a four inch gash in it.  I swore.  I cried.  Then my mom helped me wipe my tears and we made the afternoon a good one after all.  

I think we are going to make going to the zoo in the Fall an annual tradition.  It's the second year we visited after school started and our experience was perfect.  The temperature wasn't scorching hot and most of the animals were out and active!  So, so fun!  This year Jed and and Levi were too intimidated to feed the giant giraffe, but they rode the carousel instead.  They ate all of Grandma's snacks, played on the zoo toys, fed some goats, and were fascinated by the animals.  Couldn't be more of a success!

As for the tire, well, my mom took the boys home with her while I got it all fixed up.  Stupid mistake.  Not one of my proudest moments, but hey, it happened and the boys can recall every embarrassing detail if you ask them, so I might as well write it down.

Thanks Mom, for entertaining us and feeding us and for simply being a listening ear.  We love you!!!

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