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Hi!  I'm glad you're here.  My name is Jessie.  I'm a wife and stay-at-home mama to three little boys.  This blog has become the canvas I use to display my photos, record my thoughts, and document our family adventures (and un-adventures too!)... all smothered in sentimental and cliche statements of love.  But I try to keep it real with plenty of humor and some mention of the 'hard stuff' too.  Essentially, this is my voice telling our family's story.

My husband's name is Bron.  He's a dairy nutritionist.  We met in college, quickly became best friends, and were married in May 2007.  We enjoy talking til the wee hours of the morning, eating yummy food, and outdoor adventuring such as rock climbing and mountain biking.  He is my voice of reason, my patient listener, my fixer.

Together we have three wild boys: Jed (age 9) and Levi (age 7) and Conrad (age 3).  They keep us laughing and on our toes, but we couldn't love them more than we already do!

We live among family and friends and wide open spaces in the great state of Idaho.

Thanks for stopping by!  We hope you like it here and choose to stay a while.

P.S.  If you'd still like to know a little more, you can read The Condensed Version of My Life


  1. Love this. Derek and I 'date' as much as we can too and often do 'day dates' when he's off work and Drew's at daycare! It's crucial for a great marriage to have time alone. Anyway, I can't get over how cute little J and L are! You're a lucky momma!

  2. I love dates!! I used to think it was so weird that my parents went on a date each week. Now that I'm married, and especially now that we have a kid, I understand how important it is! People get too comfortable in their marriages. Of course you want to be comfortable, but dates are so fun to get all dressed up, feel like you're young again and spend time with each other! I love that you feel the same way!

  3. Idaho is GORGEOUS! I lived in Rexburg when I went to BYU-Idaho :) I'm from AZ so those winters were something I'd only read about in books. I love that you met your husband at BYU-I too!! love your cute blog and so glad I found it :)
    xo, Candace | Lovely Little Rants


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