Rockin' a Cast


 Showing off his new blue cast
Jed knows that all cowboys fall off their horse and must get on again.  "Nee!"

You know that saying, "March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb"?  Well, it's been completely opposite around here for us.  The last two weeks of March have been quite busy and even a little dramatic.

The latest news?  Jed broke his leg.  What a boy.  He's not even two yet!

It happened a week ago on a Wednesday night, March 21st to be exact.  Jed and I were just beginning our week long trip to visit family with my mom and little brothers.  We were at Jump On It: a warehouse full of inflatable bouncy houses and wall to wall trampolines.  It's a kids' paradise.  It was getting late and the place was clearing out.  My pregnant belly and I sat on the sidelines and watched Jed and my brothers bounce on the trampolines with just two other kids.  They were all aware of Jed and knew to be careful with him, so I didn't worry.  Maybe I should have.

I saw it happen in slow motion.  I saw it coming, but was too far away to stop the string of events.

A ten year old boy was jumping.
Jed snuck up behind him; he was curious. 
Jed stepped onto the boy's trampoline. 
The boy bounced. 
Jed rolled and then began to scream. 

He screamed and screamed and nothing I did could calm him down.  It was unusual.  I knew then that something was wrong. 

The mama bear inside of me wanted to let loose and blame someone.  I wanted to scream!  My baby was in pain and it hurt me to see him like that.  But there was no one to blame.  It was purely accidental, and that's exactly why I felt so helpless.  With a little advil and love, I prayed that he would feel better in the morning.

Well, morning came and Jed would not stand on his feet; he simply crumpled to the ground.  He wouldn't even crawl!  It was obvious he was in pain.  So off we went to the local urgent care in Lehi, Utah.

The doctor did one quick x-ray and determined that Jed's leg was not broken and that he should be walking on it again in a couple of days.  I was a little disappointed that the doctor didn't even touch Jed's leg, but being the trusting person that I am, I felt more relieved to hear that Jed was going to be okay.

With hopeful news like that, we decided to continue on with our trip to Arizona.  We spent four wonderful days in the sunshine before heading back north again.  Jed did begin to walk, but with great effort.  He was slow and unsteady and whiny.  His right foot and knee stuck straight out to the side.  I carried him almost everywhere.  It wore me out.  (Jed is heavy, especially for a pregnant lady.)  

Jed walking with a walker for balance.  It's also a good place for collecting treasures, like rocks.
We are getting creative to try to keep Jed's cast as clean as possible for as long as possible.  (Ha!  That will last about a week?)  For outside, Dad's sock and a plastic bag seemed to keep the dirt out.

We arrived home Wednesday afternoon and it soon became apparent that Jed's stride wasn't getting any better.  He was only getting whinier and more dependent on me.  That's when I decided to take him into his pediatrician here in town yesterday.

Dr. Jones will forever have my admiration.  He has got to be the best doctor in the valley.  Even though he was running behind, he still took the time to be very thorough.  He touched and wriggled Jed's legs and ordered three different x-rays.  Both Dr. Jones and the radiologist came to the same conclusion separately: Jed's knee was broken.  The top of Jed's tibia (I think) isn't cracked.  Instead, it's indented and looks abnormal.  (Don't ask me the correct medical term, I'm not a doctor.)  So Dr. Jones decided to cast Jed's leg from his foot to his thigh.  Jed picked the blue color himself.

Jed has to spend four weeks in his cast.  That means he will be celebrating his 2nd birthday in it.  He is going to stink!  How do I bathe a sweaty 23 month old without getting his leg wet?  Oh, mercy.  The hope is, however, that when the cast comes off, Jed will take off running.  I'm praying he will do just that!

I think Jed is a little frustrated with the extra weight of this big blue thing attached to his leg, but he doesn't seem to be in pain anymore.  He's already trying to walk.  I climbed into the attic to retrieve Jed's baby toy walker.  It seems to be helping his balance.  He's such a trooper.  Nothing stops this busy kid. 

So here's to a miraculous little body and a prayer that it will heal correctly.  I can't wait to have my healthy happy little boy back!   

 Love these cute little toes, even when they're "sick".

It's a...



We couldn't be more thrilled!  I just knew it was a boy!  Many people told me they thought I was expecting a boy too, but voted for a girl anyway.  I guess the Nelson genes run strong; we are destined to have a house full of boys.  But I'm not disappointed.  Jed has been so much fun these past 23 months, I can't wait to experience more!  I'm excited for Jed to have a little brother and {hopefully} a friend.  I look forward to a yard full of trucks and tractors and dirt, sports and skinned knees, and everything BOY.   

I wonder what this baby boy will look like?  What will his personality be like?  I can't wait to find out!

I am so ready for this baby.  I know that with a second child I am going to be more than twice as busy as I am now.  I know I am going to have some awful days: tired, frustrating, pull my hair out kind of days when there are more messes and snotty noses than I can possibly keep up with.  Those thoughts make me a little nervous, but still, I feel ready.  I want this.  I know those precious little moments when I laugh and smile and watch with joy as my little boys grow will outnumber and outweigh any amount of bad days.  I love being a mommy.  It's the most fulfilling thing I've ever done.  And the best part is, I'm just beginning this big lifelong adventure!  Deep down, I feel that I'm at one of the most exciting stages of life: bringing in new life and creating a family.  There's just something extra special about little children.  I want to remember all of this.... because even though my days can sometimes feel long, I've heard the years pass too quickly.

Levi, Mom loves you already.

Of Grandmas and Grandsons


Grandmas Trudy (my mom) and Becky (my aunt)
Grandsons Carter, Jed, Luke, Grady, Reddic, Traejan

Jed and I are in Arizona this week visiting my sister and soaking up the sun.  It feels like summer!  We're wearing shorts and sandals, eating loads of fruit and popsicles, playing at the park, feeding the ducks, and sitting outside chatting away well after the sun sets.  We are also suffering from itchy eyes and stuffy noses as a result of colds and allergies too!  But despite that, it's been a very fun Spring Break.  It's been a sort of mini reunion with my aunts and cousins and mom and little brothers.

This picture was specifically taken for my Grandma and Grandpa.  These little boys are all of their great-grandchildren.  And yes, they only have great-grandSONS!  Little boys are so much fun.  

More pictures and adventures to come later!

{Photo credit goes to my cousin, Rachel at Rachel Belle Photography}

The Guys and their Wives


The Guys: Travis, Tyson, Adam, Brett, Bron, Sam, Neil
The Babies: Dakoda, Brooklyn, Calvin, Beth, Jed, Cabbage Patch, Maddeline

Remember The Guys?  Bron has been running with the same group of friends since middle school.  They still enjoy each others' company, but now that they're adults with jobs and families, it's more difficult to see each other as often as they'd like.  The remedy? Pizza Night at Tyson's House: Everyone Invited!  And everyone showed up!  It was a loud and crazy, talk and laugh, show and tell while trying to keep toddlers from wiping their sticky fingers all over the walls kind of night.  But it was so much fun!  We look forward to doing it again!

 I came around the corner and saw that face!  Haha
The guys talking it up.  We women chatted in the other room most of the night.
We ate homemade pizza (Thanks Brett and Camille) and tons of ice cream.  Yummm!
Sam with his baby, Cabbage Patch.  Just kidding.

Brooklyn, Calvin, and Jed gathered 10 inches from the television
A little mommy love from Jamie and Stef
The lil' sweet livewire, Brooklyn

 Note:  I would've taken more pictures, especially of the babies, but it's kind of hard to take photos inside at night.  Plus, I was having more fun talking and didn't want to make folks feel uncomfortable with a lens in their face!

What a night!  Actually, what a wonderful weekend we got to spend filled with family and friends!  Jed loved playing with his cousin, Leah, and wouldn't eat all weekend because he was too busy playing with Grandma Nelson's cool toys.  Jed loves his Grandma.  He got up on Sunday morning and starting looking for her.  "Ma?  Ma?"  

Also of note was the shopping trip I got to take on Saturday afternoon with my friend, Stef, and sister-in-law, Amber, to check out the maternity clothes at Ross.  All three of us are pregnant.  What a sight we must've been!

We love living so close to family and friends again.  Thanks to all who made it a memorable weekend!

A Hot Night in the Neighborhood


 Fire!  Fire!  Fire!

Last night Bron nearly set the neighborhood on fire.

Okay, so I just had a good scare there for minute.  The neighborhood really didn't burn down.

Bron is part pyro.  He was burning old branches and debris along the abandoned green belt that runs along our backyard when the wind suddenly shifted and his fire took off!

There's nothing like a fire to bring out the neighbors.

The men came out with shovels to help control the burn.  Then they thanked Bron for starting the fire!

You see, the entire green belt (aka weed patch) should go up in smoke before it's done by accident.  I have a feeling we'll be having a neighborhood burn party some Saturday this spring.

I think they're all a bunch of pyros.

Now, hopefully that little evergreen made it through...

The Hair Fiasco


 Mr. Handsome is handsome again!

I've been cutting Bron's hair for nearly three years now.  We were poor college students and needed practical ways of saving money.  I had ONE lesson on how to cut Bron's hair from his aunt before we left for New York.  From then on, I've been on my own.  And I have to admit, I don't remember a single pointer from my lesson.  I just grab finger-fulls of Bron's thick auburn locks and start cutting away!  And hoping and praying along the way that it turns out decent.

Well, I've been lucky so far... until last night.  With each finger-full I took up, the ends stuck up in hilly waves instead of straight lines.  That should've been my first clue to the ensuing hair disaster.  Then I commenced upon Bron's forehead.

"How do I do this again?"  I asked.  If I wasn't careful, Bron could end up looking like I cut around a bowl on top of his head

"Uhhh... this is looking pretty bad," I said over and over again.

"Thanks for your confidence," Bron said sarcastically.  He was getting nervous.  "Where's a mirror?"

That's when Bron asked me to get the clippers and meet him in the bathroom.  Bron plugged it in and started to "fix" what I'd already messed up.

I just sat on the toilet seat and half cried half laughed, "Stop!  Don't don't it.  You are going to die!"

And I was semi-right.  Bron's hair looked pretty crappy.  I begged him to find a barber on Monday.

Bron showered.  We laughed.

And then we drowned our sorrows in chocolate-peanut butter ice cream.

Afternoon Play


Chef in Training


My Mini Man in the Kitchen

Since Jed likes to help me in the kitchen so often, I thought it was about time he got his very own apron!  There is nothing wrong with a man in the kitchen.  A man in the kitchen is sexy, although this particular one is just miniature and downright cute.  The apron was super simple to make.  I made it from an over sized dishcloth and patterned it after my own apron, except it's much shorter.  It's still too big, but I figure Jed will have plenty of room to grow into it.

Jed loooves his new apron!  He ran around the house in it and insisted on eating lunch with it on too.  He knows just how to make his momma proud and happy.   

The only way I could get Jed to hold still for a picture was to put him on a chair!  Ha!

I Heart Weekends


I love weekends for so many reasons.  For starters, I get the undivided attention of my handsome husband for two days and three nights straight.  Bliss!  We hold hands in the truck.  We watch movies after Jed goes to bed.  We talk late into the night.  We take turns sleeping in and changing diapers (and taking care of a sick and whiny child).  Weekends are wonderful!

On Saturday morning I showered before noon (gasp!) and headed out shopping with my friend, Kristin.  It was weird to leave the house with only my wallet, cell phone, and keys in hand.  No diapers.  No sippy.  No child on my hip.  Oh, the freedom!  Kristin was leaving her three and a half week old baby for the very first time.  She's still getting used to that hefty diaper bag and being attached to someone around the clock.  So the trip was worthwhile for both of us.  We only had approximately two hours together, but we got a lot of fun shopping done!  The purpose of our trip was to find and explore Real Deals here in town.  It's a mecca for all things trendy and cute in home decor.  And guess what I found?!?  A clock!  It is big!  It is perfect!  And it was ON SALE!  Sweet!  I've been looking for a clock to go on my kitchen wall.  I called Bron just to make sure the dimensions would fit and snatched it up without a second thought.  

Bron laughed and shook his head when I lugged it into the house.  But he was a good sport and put it up for me without complaint.  It was a bit of a feat too because there are no studs remotely near where I needed one, so he used a giant dry wall anchor instead.

 I found THEE clock!  If you think it's big here on screen, you should see it on my kitchen wall!  haha
It makes me happy.  (And it's much more colorful in reality too.)

 Instead of a picture frame, how about some flowers for the wall?
Can you tell yet?  I am sooo ready for spring!

That afternoon, Bron went to work digging up the ugly painted cement cylinders in the back courtyard.  Then he started his landscaping idea by outlining the flower garden area in river rock.  The courtyard is a mess now, but I am excited about its potential!

Bron working in the dirt and rocks.  He was proud of his handiwork!  As he should be.
There's just something about boys and dirt and creating something from nothing that never gets old for them.

Unfortunately, I had to stay inside.  Jed wasn't feeling well.  I have a hard time telling whether he is teething or he is really sick.  But it doesn't matter; his treatment is the same: a dose of medicine, plenty of fluids, and lots of love.  I held Jed through dinner and I held him all evening on the couch.  His toys didn't get picked up and the dishes stayed in the sink overnight, but I was exactly where I was supposed to be: comforting my baby.

Jed is definitely a daddy's boy.  He adores his dad and loves to play.  But when he is sick, only Mom will do.  It's nice to know.

Sorry Bud, but this was too funny not to post.

This is what happens on those few occasions when Jed soaks through his diaper and sheets: he goes straight from his crib to the shower.  Jed didn't want to come out!  He was enjoying his morning.  I don't think I would come out either if I was soaking in a warm shower AND had breakfast too!

On another note, I thought I was doing really well lately, staying on top of things.  Then my forgetful pregnant brain reared its ugly head.  This weekend we ran out of bar soap.  Bron wasn't too thrilled about having to use a loofah  and Sweet Pea shower gel.  I just smiled and told him he'd be okay as long as he didn't use the lotion as well.  Haha  Coincidentally, we ran out of toothpaste too!  I thought there was another box underneath the sink... it was empty.  Ooops.  Luckily, Bron had an extra tube in his travel bag.  In my defense, however, I must say that we have NEVER run out of toilet paper.  I am terrified of running out of toilet paper.  There is always a stash.  Always. 

Hope you had a wonderful weekend full of life's normal ups and downs too!

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