The Hair Fiasco

 Mr. Handsome is handsome again!

I've been cutting Bron's hair for nearly three years now.  We were poor college students and needed practical ways of saving money.  I had ONE lesson on how to cut Bron's hair from his aunt before we left for New York.  From then on, I've been on my own.  And I have to admit, I don't remember a single pointer from my lesson.  I just grab finger-fulls of Bron's thick auburn locks and start cutting away!  And hoping and praying along the way that it turns out decent.

Well, I've been lucky so far... until last night.  With each finger-full I took up, the ends stuck up in hilly waves instead of straight lines.  That should've been my first clue to the ensuing hair disaster.  Then I commenced upon Bron's forehead.

"How do I do this again?"  I asked.  If I wasn't careful, Bron could end up looking like I cut around a bowl on top of his head

"Uhhh... this is looking pretty bad," I said over and over again.

"Thanks for your confidence," Bron said sarcastically.  He was getting nervous.  "Where's a mirror?"

That's when Bron asked me to get the clippers and meet him in the bathroom.  Bron plugged it in and started to "fix" what I'd already messed up.

I just sat on the toilet seat and half cried half laughed, "Stop!  Don't don't it.  You are going to die!"

And I was semi-right.  Bron's hair looked pretty crappy.  I begged him to find a barber on Monday.

Bron showered.  We laughed.

And then we drowned our sorrows in chocolate-peanut butter ice cream.


  1. I love that you blog about everyday events, even the simple ones, it helps to me remember and appreciate things more. : )

  2. I cut Ross' hair once and it looked awesome - right when I was almost done I buzzed a bald spot right in the back! It was hilarious. Good thing guys hair grows so fast! :)

  3. bahahaha! oh my gosh. you are so so brave! :)

    i cute adam's hair ONCE while we were still dating and in China for the summer. my problem was that i used those thinning scissors WAY TOO MUCH. oh dear. it was pretty sad. never again. :)

    i hope you are doing well, friend!


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