Of Grandmas and Grandsons

Grandmas Trudy (my mom) and Becky (my aunt)
Grandsons Carter, Jed, Luke, Grady, Reddic, Traejan

Jed and I are in Arizona this week visiting my sister and soaking up the sun.  It feels like summer!  We're wearing shorts and sandals, eating loads of fruit and popsicles, playing at the park, feeding the ducks, and sitting outside chatting away well after the sun sets.  We are also suffering from itchy eyes and stuffy noses as a result of colds and allergies too!  But despite that, it's been a very fun Spring Break.  It's been a sort of mini reunion with my aunts and cousins and mom and little brothers.

This picture was specifically taken for my Grandma and Grandpa.  These little boys are all of their great-grandchildren.  And yes, they only have great-grandSONS!  Little boys are so much fun.  

More pictures and adventures to come later!

{Photo credit goes to my cousin, Rachel at Rachel Belle Photography}

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  1. I have eight older boy cousins... I was the first girl, but started the trend and was followed by three more!

    Personally, I loved growing up with my boy cousins. They were so fun and protective of us girls. (:


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