A Hot Night in the Neighborhood

 Fire!  Fire!  Fire!

Last night Bron nearly set the neighborhood on fire.

Okay, so I just had a good scare there for minute.  The neighborhood really didn't burn down.

Bron is part pyro.  He was burning old branches and debris along the abandoned green belt that runs along our backyard when the wind suddenly shifted and his fire took off!

There's nothing like a fire to bring out the neighbors.

The men came out with shovels to help control the burn.  Then they thanked Bron for starting the fire!

You see, the entire green belt (aka weed patch) should go up in smoke before it's done by accident.  I have a feeling we'll be having a neighborhood burn party some Saturday this spring.

I think they're all a bunch of pyros.

Now, hopefully that little evergreen made it through...


  1. I think I would have been sitting in my house and freaking out! Good thing it didn't get too crazy

  2. Wow! I have been a really bad blog checker lately. So sorry. Bron and Ty would have a lot of fun starting fires together I think. There is nothing quite like the thrill of a fire that is about to escape controll.:) I love the apron you made! You need to teach me how to sew one of these days!

  3. That's hilarious but glad you guys are all ok :) This happened to my husband recently while he was working too, they were out burning weeds and things got a little crazy!


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