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We couldn't be more thrilled!  I just knew it was a boy!  Many people told me they thought I was expecting a boy too, but voted for a girl anyway.  I guess the Nelson genes run strong; we are destined to have a house full of boys.  But I'm not disappointed.  Jed has been so much fun these past 23 months, I can't wait to experience more!  I'm excited for Jed to have a little brother and {hopefully} a friend.  I look forward to a yard full of trucks and tractors and dirt, sports and skinned knees, and everything BOY.   

I wonder what this baby boy will look like?  What will his personality be like?  I can't wait to find out!

I am so ready for this baby.  I know that with a second child I am going to be more than twice as busy as I am now.  I know I am going to have some awful days: tired, frustrating, pull my hair out kind of days when there are more messes and snotty noses than I can possibly keep up with.  Those thoughts make me a little nervous, but still, I feel ready.  I want this.  I know those precious little moments when I laugh and smile and watch with joy as my little boys grow will outnumber and outweigh any amount of bad days.  I love being a mommy.  It's the most fulfilling thing I've ever done.  And the best part is, I'm just beginning this big lifelong adventure!  Deep down, I feel that I'm at one of the most exciting stages of life: bringing in new life and creating a family.  There's just something extra special about little children.  I want to remember all of this.... because even though my days can sometimes feel long, I've heard the years pass too quickly.

Levi, Mom loves you already.


  1. I'm so excited for you Jessie! Your boys with be great friends, I'm sure they'll fight but like most boys they'll get over it quickly.

    You are such a great Mommy, Jess!

  2. Congratulations! That will be fun for Jed to have a playmate.

  3. I knew it!! Congrats! Boys are so much fun = )

  4. Yay! I'm so excited to see what this one will look like. It will be fun to see if he looks just like Jed or if he's a total opposite!

  5. congratulations Jessie! Enjoy those boys!


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