When a Craving for a Cupcake Hits and Other Recent Happenings


^^22 Weeks Pregnant^^

It was Monday night.  I was sitting at home winding down after a long afternoon with the kids when a craving for a cupcake suddenly hit.

I texted Bron.  "Pregnancy craving.  I NEED a CUPCAKE."

I really didn't expect much of a response.  Bron was pulling one of his busy 15 hour work/travel days and was on his way home from Utah.  Well, the man stopped at Stoke's in Burley and walked through the door an hour later with not one, but two delicious sweet treats from the deli!

Best.  Husband.  Ever.

We sat at the kitchen counter sharing one of the desserts and talking until midnight.  There's just something special about sharing some sweets with my sweetie in the late hours of the evening after a tiring day; it's what marriage is all about sometimes and I don't want to forget it.  He so totally loves me.

And because he brought two over-the-top treats home, I saved one for some pregnancy pictures to commemorate the occasion.  I can't take myself too seriously, can I?!?  

The First Pictures in the First Half of January with my New Camera!


A giant THANK YOU to all of you out there who trusted me to take your photos this last year.  I was able to invest that money into a brand new mirrorless camera and I am over the moon excited in its capabilities!  This is one of my first "test shots" straight out of the box.  

My trusty Canon 6D is now five years old and the focus seems to be soft with all of my lenses.  I have loved that camera and taken it everywhere with me.  In fact, I'm kind of sentimentally attached.  It hasn't been abused, but it has definitely been a work horse.  I've been eyeing some new cameras for months though -- researching and drooling over their specs online -- but I just couldn't bring myself to make a decision or pull the trigger... until the Canon EOS R went on sale the last week of December.  I made the plunge and am so happy I did!  This camera was definitely the right choice for me.  I cannot wait to see the pictures I can create with it this year.

I'll be honest though.  The new autofocus capabilities are overwhelming.  I feel like I'm learning how to use a camera all over again!  But it's exciting because my pictures are tack sharp and I know that eventually handling this camera will feel like second nature... just as my old trusty 6D did.  So here's a few pictures from my learning curve.          

Fourth Baby Bumpdate: 20 weeks + A Gender Reveal!


20 weeks along.  I am officially halfway (or most likely more than halfway) through what is my very last pregnancy.  It's exciting and bittersweet at the same time.  I'm doing my best to cherish this growing belly and the fact that I don't necessarily need to watch how much I'm eating too closely. ;)  I love feeling this baby wiggle inside of me.

For the last time.

There is a last time for everything.  I'm trying not to be too sentimental, just appreciative of the moment and this phase of life... because let's be absolutely honest, pregnancy is miserable too.

I've been in a funk the entire last week and in tears on multiple occasions for no real reason at all.  Maybe it's the cold weather.  Maybe it's the monotony of everyday life.  Maybe it's those thoughts of failure that keep creeping in.  Maybe it's because my clothes are getting tighter but my pants won't stay up!  Maybe it's hormones and I'm just plain exhausted?

Overall, however, I feel grateful for this pregnancy.  I am actually thankful that it took time to get my last two babies here, that pregnancy didn't come easily.  I get to spread the joy of a having a newborn and new motherhood over an entire decade!  I've come to appreciate the true miracle it is to see two positive lines on a pregnancy test.  Yes, babies are stressful and demanding but so are fourth graders -- except in completely different ways!  Babyhood goes so fast.  My perspective has changed over the last ten years.  Motherhood has shaped me into someone my 22 year old self would not recognize.  For ALL OF THIS, I am grateful.    

A Freelensed Winter Day Out


It's felt like a long and lonely winter so far... and it's only beginning!  Really, I blame pregnancy for these feelings.  I just don't have the energy (or the body, let's face it) to do all the things I want to do!  Plus, there are a handful of things I really should not be doing.  (See ya later, skis!)  I miss the old me.  I know I'll see her again in a year or so, but still, pregnancy is a sacrifice.

I guess it also feels lonely because all of my closest friends have been done having babies for years!  Many of their oldest children are entering the youth program at church and their babies have started school.  They are so busy and involved with their families.  My children are just all around younger; we're not quite as busy yet.  Remember those days when we used to get together with our little ones during the day just because we were bored and needed one another?  Yeah, I'm still in that phase.

It means I need to reach out and add some more friends into my circle.  But remember what I said in a previous post?  Pregnancy makes me feel more introverted.  So while I crave friendship and adventure outside (Oh, how I want to be outside in the sunshine!), I also crave just staying at home looking like a granny in my house dress, wool socks, and cardigan.  True story.  I need to post a picture of that outfit.  It is soo comfortable!  Lol.  I'm a conundrum right now and I know it.

Sooo... anyone want to come over in their pajamas with a carton of ice cream and act boring and pregnant with me?  Wait.  I might actually know a couple of pregnant people.  ;)

Anyway, I finally got the little man and myself out of the house today.  He's been sick and I've been in a funk.  A little sunshine, exploration, and some perfectly imperfect freelensed photos were just what we needed!  Plus, we stopped for some donuts on the way home.    

^^Potty break!^^
^^That LIGHT!^^

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