First Football Season


I'm patting myself on the back for remembering to bring my camera to document these two boys' very first football season!  They've been working hard at practice and enjoying it.  Levi is so competitive.  He keeps track of every touchdown, interception, etc. at every Saturday game.

It has begun!  Bring on the boy mom life.

P.S.  I really like going to football practice.  The boys have it twice a week on the same field.  Conrad and I hang out on the grass for 90 minutes.  He wanders and plays while I chat with other moms.  It's a pretty sweet gigue... until the weather turns cold, I'm sure!  

The Sweetest Profile


I just want to memorize every curve of his soft little profile. Don't grow up kid.

Mess Maker, Mess Maker, Make Me a Mess


Moral of the story: Don't ever leave things out on the kitchen table, especially if it's a pitcher of water.  Conrad will think they are toys and soak himself.  But he'll be super cute about it, so you won't be mad.

Sunflowers and Cornfields and Instagram Captions About Life from the Last Month


With family pictures taking over my life right now, I've been on the lookout for new places to shoot.  Well, when I saw these flowers popping up along the side of the road next to the corn field just a mile from our home, I knew I needed to venture out there at golden hour.  So one evening, I gathered up my favorite little model and my camera, and we strolled on down there.  The rest was all Conrad.  He stuffed corn leaves into his overalls.  Then he felt itchy, so he undressed himself.  After that, he sat near a puddle and threw rocks into it.  Lifestyle photography doesn't get more authentic than this.  Between the light, the background, and the moments, these are hands-down some of my favorite photos ever. 

Time to Just Be a Kid


Yesterday we escaped to the hills to find some Fall colors.  "Mom, I love being out in nature."  Me too, Bud.

Levi is struggling with the adjustment to all day school.  He misses the freedom to just play and be!  So I am glad we made time to do just that.   Football practice and piano lessons are fun, but an afternoon among the dirt and trees is the best way for a boy to unwind.  It's just one of those reasons I think it's very important not to overschedule our families' lives.  I'm trying, at least.

New Kicks for the Kids


My big boys.  They are so sweet to me, even when I don't deserve it.  "Mom, I love you," Jed said yesterday as he leaned across the couch to give me a hug and a kiss.  "Mom, you're the best, Mom!" Levi said sincerely after dinner one night.

It's just what I need to hear some days. My failures are ignored and my efforts are noticed. They are my examples of unconditional love. I love you, boys!!!

I was contacted by See Kai Run to take pictures of these cool looking new school shoes in exchange for them.  Of course I jumped on the deal!  Free shoes in exchange for pictures?  Heck yes!  Plus, I managed to capture a couple of keepers.  Jury is still out on how well these shoes will wear, but so far, the boys are big fans.  Not only are they in style, but they seem to be of great quality and are comfortable.  The way advertising works these days is pretty surreal.    

In other news, our Labor Day hike has been rescheduled.  We're taking a rain check due to a stomach bug that has swept the house.  Maybe we'll get a little yard work done instead?  I'm crossing my fingers we'll be able to take the kids to do something fun tomorrow evening after all.

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