Sunflowers and Cornfields and Instagram Captions About Life from the Last Month

With family pictures taking over my life right now, I've been on the lookout for new places to shoot.  Well, when I saw these flowers popping up along the side of the road next to the corn field just a mile from our home, I knew I needed to venture out there at golden hour.  So one evening, I gathered up my favorite little model and my camera, and we strolled on down there.  The rest was all Conrad.  He stuffed corn leaves into his overalls.  Then he felt itchy, so he undressed himself.  After that, he sat near a puddle and threw rocks into it.  Lifestyle photography doesn't get more authentic than this.  Between the light, the background, and the moments, these are hands-down some of my favorite photos ever. 

Sept 7th: Today I read an article about phone use that really struck a chord with me. It actually echoed a lot of my own recent thoughts and feelings. “Not fulfilling our life’s purpose because we’re wasting our precious time and attention snapchatting, texting, posting, tracking likes and shares, and mindlessly scrolling our lives away…This could very well be the greatest cost of technology to human life."

Sept 12th: Yesterday the boys came home from school and asked me to tell them about what happened on September 11th, 2001. So we sat down outside on the front porch as I recounted my memories. I was a junior in high school. I first heard the news over the car radio. The boys then rattled off statistics they had learned in school: how many people were on the planes, how many firemen and policemen gave their lives that tragic day... It's been a long time since I've felt all those emotions resurface. Never forget.

Sept 14th: Doing a little happy dance because my car got detail cleaned! Please don't tell me I'm the only mom with crumbs and straws and little toys stuck inside the seat tracks?! A clean car is a wonderful feeling. Just wishing it would last longer. Anyway, I should get an award for procrastination. I put off getting new brakes and tires for months. Months! Finally, last Friday, as I went to start up my car, I noticed my rear tire was looking quite flat. So I hooked up the bike pump and pumped til my arms were about to fall off (about 18 PSI) before making the eight mile trek to town to fill up the rest of the tire. I was at that gas station every day for four days. The pump was my best friend. But now I'm happy to say we have parted ways. My ten year old vehicle is all fixed up, feeling safe and like new again. Another reason to cue the happy dance once more.

Sept 16th: The longer I do this photography thing, the more I notice myself taking note of the beauty in mundane everyday things... like how the light comes through my kitchen window in the morning or what the clouds are doing as I drive up over our hill or simply the blue sky and trees reflected in water with the first hints of Fall floating around in it. It's fascinating to me! And I feel like the biggest geek. But I think I'm determined to capture more of these bits and pieces of what I find beautiful.

Sept 23rd: We just enjoyed one of those really good weekends that makes me feel refreshed and ready to take on the week ahead. It began with a family date mini golfing Friday night. Conrad was a hoot with his own tiny putter and ball, squawking excitedly at the water fountains. Life through his eyes is never dull. Plus, he's cute. Saturday morning I had a family photoshoot followed by watching the big boys' football games in the afternoon. It's always so fun to see them enjoying a sport and improving at it! Then that night Bron and I dressed up for a hot dinner date accompanied by a shopping trip for some new light fixtures -- which he is installing now! Woot! Words can't tell you how excited I am or how good that date was for us. Some time alone together remembering our love for one another is just good for the soul. Finally, the boys and I made a homemade pie using the apples we picked from our tree in the backyard today. Delicious. I think we kicked off Fall on the right foot.

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