The Guys and their Wives

The Guys: Travis, Tyson, Adam, Brett, Bron, Sam, Neil
The Babies: Dakoda, Brooklyn, Calvin, Beth, Jed, Cabbage Patch, Maddeline

Remember The Guys?  Bron has been running with the same group of friends since middle school.  They still enjoy each others' company, but now that they're adults with jobs and families, it's more difficult to see each other as often as they'd like.  The remedy? Pizza Night at Tyson's House: Everyone Invited!  And everyone showed up!  It was a loud and crazy, talk and laugh, show and tell while trying to keep toddlers from wiping their sticky fingers all over the walls kind of night.  But it was so much fun!  We look forward to doing it again!

 I came around the corner and saw that face!  Haha
The guys talking it up.  We women chatted in the other room most of the night.
We ate homemade pizza (Thanks Brett and Camille) and tons of ice cream.  Yummm!
Sam with his baby, Cabbage Patch.  Just kidding.

Brooklyn, Calvin, and Jed gathered 10 inches from the television
A little mommy love from Jamie and Stef
The lil' sweet livewire, Brooklyn

 Note:  I would've taken more pictures, especially of the babies, but it's kind of hard to take photos inside at night.  Plus, I was having more fun talking and didn't want to make folks feel uncomfortable with a lens in their face!

What a night!  Actually, what a wonderful weekend we got to spend filled with family and friends!  Jed loved playing with his cousin, Leah, and wouldn't eat all weekend because he was too busy playing with Grandma Nelson's cool toys.  Jed loves his Grandma.  He got up on Sunday morning and starting looking for her.  "Ma?  Ma?"  

Also of note was the shopping trip I got to take on Saturday afternoon with my friend, Stef, and sister-in-law, Amber, to check out the maternity clothes at Ross.  All three of us are pregnant.  What a sight we must've been!

We love living so close to family and friends again.  Thanks to all who made it a memorable weekend!

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  1. That's so fun! We miss our high school friends. We all used to live in Provo and would get together every weekend. It was great. Sigh... we miss those days. I'm glad you were able to get together with Bron's long time friends!

    And, I voted for girl in your poll. I know there's a major history of boys in Bron's family (it is Bron's... right, not yours?), but I'm rooting for a girl. :)


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