I Heart Weekends

I love weekends for so many reasons.  For starters, I get the undivided attention of my handsome husband for two days and three nights straight.  Bliss!  We hold hands in the truck.  We watch movies after Jed goes to bed.  We talk late into the night.  We take turns sleeping in and changing diapers (and taking care of a sick and whiny child).  Weekends are wonderful!

On Saturday morning I showered before noon (gasp!) and headed out shopping with my friend, Kristin.  It was weird to leave the house with only my wallet, cell phone, and keys in hand.  No diapers.  No sippy.  No child on my hip.  Oh, the freedom!  Kristin was leaving her three and a half week old baby for the very first time.  She's still getting used to that hefty diaper bag and being attached to someone around the clock.  So the trip was worthwhile for both of us.  We only had approximately two hours together, but we got a lot of fun shopping done!  The purpose of our trip was to find and explore Real Deals here in town.  It's a mecca for all things trendy and cute in home decor.  And guess what I found?!?  A clock!  It is big!  It is perfect!  And it was ON SALE!  Sweet!  I've been looking for a clock to go on my kitchen wall.  I called Bron just to make sure the dimensions would fit and snatched it up without a second thought.  

Bron laughed and shook his head when I lugged it into the house.  But he was a good sport and put it up for me without complaint.  It was a bit of a feat too because there are no studs remotely near where I needed one, so he used a giant dry wall anchor instead.

 I found THEE clock!  If you think it's big here on screen, you should see it on my kitchen wall!  haha
It makes me happy.  (And it's much more colorful in reality too.)

 Instead of a picture frame, how about some flowers for the wall?
Can you tell yet?  I am sooo ready for spring!

That afternoon, Bron went to work digging up the ugly painted cement cylinders in the back courtyard.  Then he started his landscaping idea by outlining the flower garden area in river rock.  The courtyard is a mess now, but I am excited about its potential!

Bron working in the dirt and rocks.  He was proud of his handiwork!  As he should be.
There's just something about boys and dirt and creating something from nothing that never gets old for them.

Unfortunately, I had to stay inside.  Jed wasn't feeling well.  I have a hard time telling whether he is teething or he is really sick.  But it doesn't matter; his treatment is the same: a dose of medicine, plenty of fluids, and lots of love.  I held Jed through dinner and I held him all evening on the couch.  His toys didn't get picked up and the dishes stayed in the sink overnight, but I was exactly where I was supposed to be: comforting my baby.

Jed is definitely a daddy's boy.  He adores his dad and loves to play.  But when he is sick, only Mom will do.  It's nice to know.

Sorry Bud, but this was too funny not to post.

This is what happens on those few occasions when Jed soaks through his diaper and sheets: he goes straight from his crib to the shower.  Jed didn't want to come out!  He was enjoying his morning.  I don't think I would come out either if I was soaking in a warm shower AND had breakfast too!

On another note, I thought I was doing really well lately, staying on top of things.  Then my forgetful pregnant brain reared its ugly head.  This weekend we ran out of bar soap.  Bron wasn't too thrilled about having to use a loofah  and Sweet Pea shower gel.  I just smiled and told him he'd be okay as long as he didn't use the lotion as well.  Haha  Coincidentally, we ran out of toothpaste too!  I thought there was another box underneath the sink... it was empty.  Ooops.  Luckily, Bron had an extra tube in his travel bag.  In my defense, however, I must say that we have NEVER run out of toilet paper.  I am terrified of running out of toilet paper.  There is always a stash.  Always. 

Hope you had a wonderful weekend full of life's normal ups and downs too!


  1. I love when you can find just what you have been looking for!! Happy Clock Day to you :)
    And I LOVE the shower pic!! So cute, it makes me smile

  2. Hooray for weekends!!! I'm glad you are finding decor for your new house. I can't wait for spring also!

  3. Oh my gosh!! That shower picture is absolutely darling. Love it!


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