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My Mini Man in the Kitchen

Since Jed likes to help me in the kitchen so often, I thought it was about time he got his very own apron!  There is nothing wrong with a man in the kitchen.  A man in the kitchen is sexy, although this particular one is just miniature and downright cute.  The apron was super simple to make.  I made it from an over sized dishcloth and patterned it after my own apron, except it's much shorter.  It's still too big, but I figure Jed will have plenty of room to grow into it.

Jed loooves his new apron!  He ran around the house in it and insisted on eating lunch with it on too.  He knows just how to make his momma proud and happy.   

The only way I could get Jed to hold still for a picture was to put him on a chair!  Ha!


  1. wow! he is huge! boy he has grown so fast jessie!

  2. I'm impressed with your sewing skills! And what a cute boy!

  3. He's adorable!!! Glad to see he is feeling better.

  4. He's SO cute, I can't take it! Will loves to help me in the kitchen too and I was thinking about making him an apron. I like the oversized dish towel idea.

  5. Love it! That's a great idea, using a towel! And I think it's perfectly fine for a boy to have an apron. Every cook needs an apron.


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