Bron's Hair


I cut Bron's hair for the very first time! It's the first time I ever cut anyone's hair, actually. Bron has a full head of nice thick auburn hair that looks best when it's a little longer. His Aunt has always cut his hair and gave me just one lesson on how to properly cut it before we moved. Last night Bron coached me through on what areas needed to be shorter. It took an hour and half, but I did it! This is the result.


Mr. Handsome Handsome!

So it's not perfect. Don't look too closely! But I'm pretty darn proud of myself. Cutting Bron's hair took a lot of guts!

Le Tour De France


Doesn't the Tour de France just make you want to become an awesome cyclist?

Bron and I have been tuning in almost every evening to watch the tour. It's addicting. These guys are real athletes. Not many people have the stamina to ride 100 miles a day for three weeks straight at world-record speed. It's not only a test of physical strength, but mental as well. I can't imagine their pain. Or the thrill of their triumph.

A job well done. We'll see you again next year.
Success at Last

Success at Last


I have a job! It's been a boring few weeks. I finally received an official invitation to work for Eye Care for the Adirondacks. So I'll be working for an ophthalmologist office... again. But hey, I'm stoked! It's very similar to the office that I just came from, except that it's much much bigger. There's nothing better than working for doctors. I get great hours, good pay, and it looks like I'll be working with some fun girls. Plus, I get to wear scrubs again. I love not thinking about what to wear to work. Soon I'll know all the aspects of an ophthalmologist office!

I also auditioned for the Sinfonia; it's the local orchestra in Plattsburgh. I am now their new concert mistress (master). I have mixed feelings about this... But I am glad to have an excuse to play my violin again. I've missed it.



Bron and I love our weekends together. We always try to plan something new or fun if possible. Saturday afternoon we tackled another hike: Poke-O-Moonshine. I wanted to hike it just because of its crazy name! It was a moderate hike to one of the most open and spectacular views of the Champlain Valley. And no, there wasn't any moonshine served at the top. It was more of a BYOB kind of thing. (Just kidding.)

A Beautiful Afternoon

View at the Top

I've decided that these trails through the Adirondacks are a reflection of the New Englanders who made them: straight to the point. There are no such thing as switchbacks.

Nelsons at the Top of the Fire Tower

We'll definitely be back in the Fall to see the foliage.

Later, we found an old dock on Lake Champlain to eat our picnic lunch of sandwiches, chips, and cookies. We stuck our bare feet in the water and let the sun warm our backs.

Bron Relaxing

We talked about our dreams for the future. Quite romantic, yeah? I thought so. It was a simple, but really good afternoon. I love you, honey!

A Few of Our Dreams:

~ Touch a glacier and see a bear in Alaska
~ Hike down into the Grand Canyon
~ Visit Russia and buy a fur coat
~ Have our first home paid for by the time we're 40
~ Retire to a sail boat and literally sail around the world
~ Raise a few kids
~ Tour Europe for a month
~ Visit the Redwood Forest and Yosemite
~ Snorkel/scuba the Great Barrier Reef

So tell me, do you think it's possible to do it all and have it all? As long as we work hard, plan ahead, and roll with the punches, I'd like to think it is.

Missing My Hubby


I can't sleep. I'm bored. I'm lonely. I've already cleaned the house. There's no reason to cook. I exercise, job search, scrapbook, and watch movies. I never realized how much my life revolves around Bron's life. There's no way I could ever live alone.

Bron is in Montreal at the American Dairy Science Association conference until Thursday. (It obviously has international appeal if it's in Canada this year.) He left Sunday. I couldn't help crying when I climbed in the car to go to church; I wouldn't see him again for five days. It's the longest we've ever been apart. (I'm such a sap!)

I'm sure he misses me too, but he's filling his time listening to various presentations, eating out, and seeing the sights with other students and staff. I should have sent him with the camera.

There is, however, one simple redeeming feature to this separation. I have an excuse to watch CHICK FLICKS and eat JUNK FOOD with the girls! I invited some girls who work here at Miner to come over Sunday evening for just that. We ate big soft pretzels, cake, and popcorn. It was a lot of fun! I've been wanting an excuse to get to know them better.
Maybe we'll do it again. :)

Many of the people living here at Miner are working for the institute, are undergraduate interns, or are students getting their masters, Ph.D., or post doctorate degrees. Everyone is about our age, give or take a few years. In the evenings we often get together for BBQ's, pizza and bowling, volleyball, and tennis. It's a lot of fun sometimes. We're lucky to have a group of friends so instantly. So I'm not alone.

But I still miss my husband. Nobody can replace his friendship. I NEED him.

Life's A Beach


Toes in the Water, Butt in the Sand
Point Au Roche

I live in a rain forest. It has rained almost every day this summer. There are no such things as sprinklers or pipe in New England; the crops are simply planted and they grow. It's beautiful and green, but not always warm and sunny.

So Friday I took full advantage of the beautiful and clear-sky afternoon and got me to a beach on Lake Champlain. It was the first time I put on a swimming suit all summer; my white legs attested that it was the truth. I lathered on the tanning oil and enjoyed my few hours in the warm sun! It was rejuvenating! I'm such a sun-worshipper!

The beach on the lake is surprisingly a lot like the real beaches that I grew up with in San Diego except the water isn't salty, the waves aren't as big, and I heard French instead of Spanish mingled with English.

After being sufficiently tanned, I waded in the water and then explored some of the trails along the water's edge.

Life is good. Significantly better when it's warm and sunny.

Independence Day Weekend in Maine


We celebrated our 4th of July weekend in Maine! It feels like we've been gone a week. We had a ton of fun! It took us 25 minutes to pack up the car and hit the open road on Friday afternoon when Bron got home from work. Just the two of us on another adventure!

We're cheap, so we camped out near Searsport, Maine at a place that was literally right on the beach! How cool is that? The coast was socked in with thick fog Friday night and Saturday morning. It burned off Saturday afternoon, but rained heavily all Saturday evening and through the night. Thankfully, everything inside our little tent stayed nice and dry. But we didn't let a little weather stop us from having the time of our lives.

Saturday morning our first stop was to Acadia National Park. It's definitely worth seeing; amazing rocky beaches, animals, and scenery!

The Foggy Coast

Enjoying the Sand at the Beach
(Please excuse the greasy camping hair and no makeup)

Jordon Pond

View from the Top of Cadillac Mountain, Highest Elevation

Later that afternoon we stopped for ice cream and hit up the Penobscot Observatory. The observatory is a glass enclosed room at the top of a bridge tower. It's over 50 stories above the water! Wow! We could see for miles.

View from Top

Next to visit was the original Fort Knox. Construction began pre-civil war in 1844 to protect the Penobscot Bay. It never saw any battles though. Bron was like a kid in a candy store. He was thrilled to see all the ancient cannons and be inside the old rooms and dark hallways. He was constantly analyzing possible war time tactics. It really is something you have to see and experience for yourself.

Fort Knox

"The Ditch"

How to Snipe the Enemy

Seafood is part of the experience when visiting coastal Maine. We asked the locals for restaurant suggestions and ended up eating in these hole-in-the-wall-places with absolutely the best seafood for the best prices! Can't beat that! We feasted on lobster, crab, shrimp, clams, scallops, and haddock. Oh, yum!

You're not supposed to play with your food!

Lobster, 10 Minutes Dead
As Fresh as Seafood Gets

Haddock, Shrimp, and Sweet Potato Fries

Sunday the weather was gorgeous, warm, and sunny. We packed up our gear that morning and launched out to see lighthouses down the coast. But first we stopped in Camden, Maine so Bron could drool over the sailboats. His dream now is to own a two-mast ship someday. We'll retire and sail around the world. Sounds like a plan, doesn't it? I'm all for it! While in Camden we toured a ship called the Mary Day.

Lighthouses are so quaint and serene. There's something peaceful about them. I wish I could live near one. We visited Owls Head Light, Portland Head Light, and Pemaquid Point Light. The latter was my favorite. We spent the most time exploring the area and rocky coast there.

Pemaquid Point Light

Inside the Lighthouse

My Honey and Me at the Ocean's Edge

Sticking My Toes in the Water
It was Freezing!

Portland Head Light

Maine left a great impression. The people are friendly and down-to-earth. The coast is beautiful, relaxing, and peaceful! Citizens of Maine ought to be proud. They've got a well kept secret--at least in the summer time. Bron and I had an incredible weekend traveling and exploring! These adventures with my husband only make me love him more. The time we spend together is priceless.

P.S. On the drive home, Bron surprised me with an ice cream stop at Ben and Jerry's in New Hampshire! I think he takes pride in spoiling me.

Strawberry Bliss


It's strawberry season! And strawberries are absolutely my favorite food above all foods. The only thing that can top a strawberry is a strawberry smothered in chocolate!

My Strawberry Haul

Yesterday afternoon was perfect for picking strawberries; overcast and cool. I headed out to a local orchard that was recommended to me. Upon arriving, I saw row after row of strawberries. Naturally, I got really excited! There they were: red, plump balls of juiciness just ready to be salvaged and placed in my bucket! My fingers greedily picked every ripe berry available. I collected two entire flats full. Yum! Maybe someday Bron will have his herd of cows on a ranch and I will have a strawberry field of my very own.

Then came the real work. One of my only redeeming talents as a domesticated wife is the ability to make jam. We love freezer jam at our house because it tastes so fresh and sweet! We now have enough jam with which to smother our pancakes, crepes, waffles, and toast all winter. I cut and froze the rest of the strawberries for pies, cheesecake, smoothies, and snacking. It took most of the night, but it's totally worth it!

I love strawberries.

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