Life's A Beach

Toes in the Water, Butt in the Sand
Point Au Roche

I live in a rain forest. It has rained almost every day this summer. There are no such things as sprinklers or pipe in New England; the crops are simply planted and they grow. It's beautiful and green, but not always warm and sunny.

So Friday I took full advantage of the beautiful and clear-sky afternoon and got me to a beach on Lake Champlain. It was the first time I put on a swimming suit all summer; my white legs attested that it was the truth. I lathered on the tanning oil and enjoyed my few hours in the warm sun! It was rejuvenating! I'm such a sun-worshipper!

The beach on the lake is surprisingly a lot like the real beaches that I grew up with in San Diego except the water isn't salty, the waves aren't as big, and I heard French instead of Spanish mingled with English.

After being sufficiently tanned, I waded in the water and then explored some of the trails along the water's edge.

Life is good. Significantly better when it's warm and sunny.


  1. Oooh sounds like fun! I'll bet my legs are still whiter than yours :)

  2. whenever you get sick of the greenery and rain and need to get away...come visit me!

  3. Thanks for your comments. Our reunion really was incredibly tame this year. You and Lauren were definitely missed! I think Ty probally missed Bron too!
    I definitely reccomend investing in a good camera, especially for when you have children. I have the Cannon Rebel Xsi. I really love it. I just wish I could afford a nicer lens for it. I think you'd really enjoy a digital SLR camera. You've got some great pictures of the landscape out there.


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