9 Months


A Toothy Smile!

Aren’t you just dying for a Jed update? (Just kidding.) Well, I’m going to present you with the fascinating details of his little life and lots of pictures anyways. This blog is my journal and I want to remember all of this.

Jed had a very busy month. He now jabbers and growls and is much more aware of his surroundings than ever before. He eats 3 or 4 solid meals a day and eats anything we give him—except green beans (which I totally understand because I don’t care for green beans either). After a few rough nights, Jed’s first tooth finally made its appearance. A day later, he had two. Finally, last but not least, Jed learned to crawl! That’s right. My baby is on the move now. It’s so much fun! He can entertain himself for longer stretches because he can reach whatever interests him, which means I can actually get something done! It’s a win-win that we’re both ecstatic about. However, I have a feeling that the vacuum cleaner and I are going to become best friends very quickly.

It’s crazy being a first time mom! My baby is growing as fast as a rocket. It makes me a little sad because I am enjoying this stage of his development very much. I love smothering him in hugs and kisses and I know he won’t let me do it forever. Jed is the sunshine in my day, every day. I cannot get enough of his games, grins, grunts, and laughs. He’s a laid-back little boy, content and happy with whatever. He also loooves to wrestle. Whenever I get on the floor to do some push-ups or sit-ups, Jed thinks it’s time to play. And so we usually do. I’m getting my hair pulled and a lot of slobber kisses these days. Life is good.

Our little crawler

Practicing Yoga: Downward Dog

Taking a 5 Second Rest
When Daddy comes home!

What a goober!

Sooo strong!

Proving he has some Idaho blood in his veins.



As I was untying my boots after a night of feeding calves, Bron asked, “How are you? Was it cold?”

Me: “It was warmer than last night. About ten degrees warmer!”

Bron: “But it was still below zero.”

Me: “Oh yeah, it was like negative eight.”

It has been record breaking cold here. Thankfully, the car still starts (it's a Chevy, baby!) and our house is very warm. And thankfully, we don’t have to pay extra for the heat. Because Jed kicks off his blanket at night, I have his room set to 72 degrees or so; that’s a 90 degree (or more!) difference from outside. Wow. Once more, I am thankful for my warm home.

On the flip side, the sun has come out for once. It’s lifted my spirits just seeing it and a bright blue sky again. A little sunshine has made me much happier.



I took Jed sledding for the first time today!  He went in the laundry basket down a wussy hill in our backyard.  Okay, so I had to push him all the way down, but it was still a lot of fun for the both of us!



One of my favorite temporary highs is going shopping and getting a killer deal; even better, getting multiple deals!

Yesterday, Bron had a dairy nutrition meeting in Saratoga Springs, a city about 150 miles south of here. While Bron was busy thinking and learning, Jed and I went shopping at the Lake George Outlet Mall. I had four hours, spent all my Christmas money, and had myself a very good time! I skipped right past this season’s apparel that was “on sale” and went straight for last season’s items that were really on sale. I rummaged through the racks and bought Jed a closet full of clothes for next winter. It was so much fun! It amazes me that he will be that tall so soon! What’s even more amazing is that I bought five long-sleeved shirts, three pairs of pants, and two pairs of overalls—I LOVE babies in OVERALLS—for less than $60! Sweet! That’s a steal of a deal. And they’re name brand new! I also bought myself a few items from Tommy Hilfiger that make me feel like a stylish momma.

Here are a few examples of our spoils: (I need to brag.)

Baby Overalls                          Original Price: $28       I paid: $4.19
Plaid Button-Up Shirt               Original Price: $20       I paid: $3.49
Football Tee                            Original Price: $ ?         I paid: $1.39
Hilfiger Fleece Jacket               Original Price: $80       I paid: $24.00
Hilfiger Cable Knit Sweater      Original Price: $50       I paid: $15.00

Price of the overall shopping experience? Priceless.

It was absolutely worth getting up at 5AM! Anyone want to go shopping with me sometime? Because I’m totally game.



Winter on the Farm

Lake Placid and Corn Chowder


The Youth of the Potsdam, New York District
Don't they look enthusiastic about a group picture?  ha!

January is meant for warm meals and playing in the snow. And that’s exactly what we did this past weekend.

The Youth in our District had a Super Saturday in Lake Placid, about an hour from our home. Lake Placid is where the winter Olympics were held twice and it is in beautiful country! Despite lots of fresh snow and a dead car battery, we made it to the itsy bitsy chapel there and met all the other LDS teenagers that came out for the activity. There was an awesome turnout of twenty kids or so. It was a fun day!

First, we played games in the snow. That was followed by a lesson and lunch and cookies. Last, but not least, were sleigh rides out at Paul Smith’s College. There were snowballs, and flirting, and all sorts of crazy fun teenage stuff happening. I really enjoy working with the youth. They remind me of how good my own middle and high school years were—and how challenging too. I am so glad to be through with that stage of my life because though my responsibilities have grown, life just keeps getting better.

Bobbie helped feed Jed some lunch.
She is so good with him!

I love this crazy, cute girl!

 The Sleigh and Horses

There was some cuddling to keep warm.  Don't they make a good looking couple?

 Jed was wrapped up tight and cuddled with me!

Some faces I see every week

Staying warm by the fire

We were gone all day. Upon arriving at home Saturday evening, Jed was elated to see his toys! In fact, Jed was so wound up, he played happily until 9:00PM. I texted one of my girls to make sure she hadn’t given Jed some of her Red Bull or something. (Just kidding.)

Sunday afternoon we had some friends over for a Corn Chowder Cook Off. Back in August, we girls picked, shucked, boiled, and bagged a bunch of corn. It was finally time to make something special and enjoy it! Bron made our chowder which included crab and a diced pepper. My man is an excellent cook. And he loves to do it too! There were four chowders to sample. All the chowders were delicious and all so different. We were stuffed!

It was a busy, but wonderfully fun weekend!

The Brilliant Cooks: Bron, Jessie, Anna, and Natasha

The Ice Cream Dessert Anna made.  Yummy!

The Best Thing


Jed loves to play games.  This is one of them. 
He leans over in his chair and laughs when Bron or I do it too.

The best thing is that hour between dinner and bedtime when Bron takes Jed into the living room to play while I clean up the dirty dishes. A few minutes later, I also find myself in the living room because it sounds like too much fun to miss out on. In a surprise attack, Bron grabs me around the knees and brings me to the floor. He sits Jed next to my shoulder and begins to tickle me. I laugh and scream in mock pain. Jed realizes he has a role to play and begins clawing at my shoulder and face. He starts screaming as well. But this isn’t any ordinary scream; it’s a scream of pure delight! This is a game! “Get mommy!” Bron encourages. And before I know it, a little mouth lands a looong and slobbery kiss to my chin.

{Sigh.} I love my little family of three. It’s heaven on earth sometimes.

My Cowboy


My Cowboy on a Horse
If only he could've worn his cowboy hat!

A miracle occurred: It was a balmy forty degrees over the weekend! Bron was invited to go on an afternoon horse ride. I think it made his day. He loves riding horses—or better yet—working with them to round up cattle. If he owned a ranch, Bron would become a workaholic and be the happiest man alive. Perhaps he will someday. Bron teases that he was born in the wrong century. I just tell him that he was meant for me and that I couldn’t live without my modern-day conveniences. Maybe he can have the best of both worlds—one day. It’s just a dream for now.

Bron is so close to finishing his Master’s Degree! He passed his very last class and never has to step foot in a classroom as a student ever again. He’s been spending hours at the office/lab running assays. Now he has to punch numbers, publish a research paper, defend his thesis, pass his comprehensive exams, and land a job. Bron hopes to be finished with his degree and moving on by summer. I’m not sure if that’s too optimistic or not, but I’m behind him one hundred percent because we both can’t wait to see this place in our rear view mirror. It’s going to be a busy year, but hopefully one that is brimming with new adventures. Say a little prayer for Bron; we’re going to need all the goodness we can get this year!

(By the way, the world is soft and white with snow again.)

Riding away...



A few days before Christmas I took Jed outside to play in the snow!

 It’s always a let-down when Christmas is over. The anticipation for something exciting is gone. The cheery music and familiar carols fade away, the sparkling lights and decorations are taken down, and that special Christmas Spirit that seems to make the whole world just a little more hopeful dies with it. All we’re left with is ice and snow.

Okay, so that sounds a little melodramatic, but what is there to look forward to in the upcoming weeks? Winter is a pretty bleak time of year. I am so desperately connected to the sun. I WORSHIP the sun! And when I have to put on boots and five layers just to step outside and risk death on the ice as I make my way across a parking lot, I can’t think of anything but Spring. The snow is pretty, but it’s so incredibly cold. I hate having cold fingers and cold toes; it hurts.

The way I see it, the month of January is good for three things: skiing, snowmobiling, and my birthday. And the first two are only fun when one is wearing the appropriate amount of clothing. (Bron might say that clothing “amount” is significant for a happy birthday too. Haha) Anyway, skiing and snowmobiling are unbelievably fun! One of my favorite dates with Bron before we were married was when we went snowmobiling on one of the coldest nights of the year in Eastern Idaho. We chased a moose and the moose retaliated! Luckily, there weren’t any casualties. I wish we had more time and money to play in the snow this year!

So winter isn’t all bad. It just seems like it lasts a very long, long time. I’m counting down the weeks because the other night it was 5 degrees outside. Five. I can count that on one hand. And the wind was blowing gusts up to 35mph. So it was actually colder than just five measly degrees. And it will probably get colder this month.

Remember that job I have feeding calves? Yeah, the calves live in hutches, on a hill, OUTSIDE. It’s actually great for their respiratory health, but a daunting task for the feeder. Fortunately, Bron has taught this So Cal girl how to stay warm. I felt like a warrior dressing for battle. My first layer consisted of thermals and wool socks. Then I wore sweatpants and a hooded sweatshirt over that. I wore my insulated coveralls and winter boots. I pulled the hoodie up over an insulated hat and wrapped a scarf around my chin and cheeks several times. Last, but not least, I protected my hands under 2-3 layers of gloves. I think I looked ridiculous. But I was warm! And that’s all that matters. My job on the farm is something I can handle any night of the year! I actually like going outside and getting some fresh air.  It makes me happier.

The moral of winter: It’s all about the layers.

Our expedition lasted about 5 minutes. He fell over.
Good thing we were only a few steps from the front door.
"I can't put my arms down!"

Oh, and I suppose January is also a good time for a few resolutions or goals.

1. Keep a regular exercise routine
2. Make time to actually read my scriptures for 10 minutes each day
3. Develop a little more patience so that I can become the kind of mother/wife I really want to be
4. Become a budgeting guru

I’ve got a detailed battle plan. Wish me luck!

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