As I was untying my boots after a night of feeding calves, Bron asked, “How are you? Was it cold?”

Me: “It was warmer than last night. About ten degrees warmer!”

Bron: “But it was still below zero.”

Me: “Oh yeah, it was like negative eight.”

It has been record breaking cold here. Thankfully, the car still starts (it's a Chevy, baby!) and our house is very warm. And thankfully, we don’t have to pay extra for the heat. Because Jed kicks off his blanket at night, I have his room set to 72 degrees or so; that’s a 90 degree (or more!) difference from outside. Wow. Once more, I am thankful for my warm home.

On the flip side, the sun has come out for once. It’s lifted my spirits just seeing it and a bright blue sky again. A little sunshine has made me much happier.

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