The Best Thing

Jed loves to play games.  This is one of them. 
He leans over in his chair and laughs when Bron or I do it too.

The best thing is that hour between dinner and bedtime when Bron takes Jed into the living room to play while I clean up the dirty dishes. A few minutes later, I also find myself in the living room because it sounds like too much fun to miss out on. In a surprise attack, Bron grabs me around the knees and brings me to the floor. He sits Jed next to my shoulder and begins to tickle me. I laugh and scream in mock pain. Jed realizes he has a role to play and begins clawing at my shoulder and face. He starts screaming as well. But this isn’t any ordinary scream; it’s a scream of pure delight! This is a game! “Get mommy!” Bron encourages. And before I know it, a little mouth lands a looong and slobbery kiss to my chin.

{Sigh.} I love my little family of three. It’s heaven on earth sometimes.

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  1. My baby does that too! I love how they gradually turn into huge hams. KJ loves attention of any sort but especially laughter. It makes motherhood rewarding!


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