A few days before Christmas I took Jed outside to play in the snow!

 It’s always a let-down when Christmas is over. The anticipation for something exciting is gone. The cheery music and familiar carols fade away, the sparkling lights and decorations are taken down, and that special Christmas Spirit that seems to make the whole world just a little more hopeful dies with it. All we’re left with is ice and snow.

Okay, so that sounds a little melodramatic, but what is there to look forward to in the upcoming weeks? Winter is a pretty bleak time of year. I am so desperately connected to the sun. I WORSHIP the sun! And when I have to put on boots and five layers just to step outside and risk death on the ice as I make my way across a parking lot, I can’t think of anything but Spring. The snow is pretty, but it’s so incredibly cold. I hate having cold fingers and cold toes; it hurts.

The way I see it, the month of January is good for three things: skiing, snowmobiling, and my birthday. And the first two are only fun when one is wearing the appropriate amount of clothing. (Bron might say that clothing “amount” is significant for a happy birthday too. Haha) Anyway, skiing and snowmobiling are unbelievably fun! One of my favorite dates with Bron before we were married was when we went snowmobiling on one of the coldest nights of the year in Eastern Idaho. We chased a moose and the moose retaliated! Luckily, there weren’t any casualties. I wish we had more time and money to play in the snow this year!

So winter isn’t all bad. It just seems like it lasts a very long, long time. I’m counting down the weeks because the other night it was 5 degrees outside. Five. I can count that on one hand. And the wind was blowing gusts up to 35mph. So it was actually colder than just five measly degrees. And it will probably get colder this month.

Remember that job I have feeding calves? Yeah, the calves live in hutches, on a hill, OUTSIDE. It’s actually great for their respiratory health, but a daunting task for the feeder. Fortunately, Bron has taught this So Cal girl how to stay warm. I felt like a warrior dressing for battle. My first layer consisted of thermals and wool socks. Then I wore sweatpants and a hooded sweatshirt over that. I wore my insulated coveralls and winter boots. I pulled the hoodie up over an insulated hat and wrapped a scarf around my chin and cheeks several times. Last, but not least, I protected my hands under 2-3 layers of gloves. I think I looked ridiculous. But I was warm! And that’s all that matters. My job on the farm is something I can handle any night of the year! I actually like going outside and getting some fresh air.  It makes me happier.

The moral of winter: It’s all about the layers.

Our expedition lasted about 5 minutes. He fell over.
Good thing we were only a few steps from the front door.
"I can't put my arms down!"

Oh, and I suppose January is also a good time for a few resolutions or goals.

1. Keep a regular exercise routine
2. Make time to actually read my scriptures for 10 minutes each day
3. Develop a little more patience so that I can become the kind of mother/wife I really want to be
4. Become a budgeting guru

I’ve got a detailed battle plan. Wish me luck!


  1. I know what you mean about winter being depressing! Its beautiful but so cold!
    Love the moose story.. what an experience!
    And this might sound silly but this is how I would stay warm doing barn chores in chilly upstate NY.. you know those hand warmers that you open up and shake and they stay warm for a couple of hours? put those in your bra! Keeps you nice and toasty everytime

  2. A perfect reason to move to Thatcher! There are cows in Thatcher. We are at my parents house right now. Last night at midnight it was -6 degrees. It almost never gets that cold here. Crazy weather this last week! I would be miserable if I couldn't go outside. Hang in there!

  3. I can't stop laughing at that last picture! He looks so cute all sad and fluffy! Come visit if you'd like to get away from the snow ;)

  4. haha. I love you. That picture of Jed is priceless. Cache feels like that too. I can just picture you weighed down by your layers as you go off to feed. You're awesome. And since our birthdays are in January, we can't be too depressed. Let's just keep our heads in the game. :) Love you!


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