Lake Placid and Corn Chowder

The Youth of the Potsdam, New York District
Don't they look enthusiastic about a group picture?  ha!

January is meant for warm meals and playing in the snow. And that’s exactly what we did this past weekend.

The Youth in our District had a Super Saturday in Lake Placid, about an hour from our home. Lake Placid is where the winter Olympics were held twice and it is in beautiful country! Despite lots of fresh snow and a dead car battery, we made it to the itsy bitsy chapel there and met all the other LDS teenagers that came out for the activity. There was an awesome turnout of twenty kids or so. It was a fun day!

First, we played games in the snow. That was followed by a lesson and lunch and cookies. Last, but not least, were sleigh rides out at Paul Smith’s College. There were snowballs, and flirting, and all sorts of crazy fun teenage stuff happening. I really enjoy working with the youth. They remind me of how good my own middle and high school years were—and how challenging too. I am so glad to be through with that stage of my life because though my responsibilities have grown, life just keeps getting better.

Bobbie helped feed Jed some lunch.
She is so good with him!

I love this crazy, cute girl!

 The Sleigh and Horses

There was some cuddling to keep warm.  Don't they make a good looking couple?

 Jed was wrapped up tight and cuddled with me!

Some faces I see every week

Staying warm by the fire

We were gone all day. Upon arriving at home Saturday evening, Jed was elated to see his toys! In fact, Jed was so wound up, he played happily until 9:00PM. I texted one of my girls to make sure she hadn’t given Jed some of her Red Bull or something. (Just kidding.)

Sunday afternoon we had some friends over for a Corn Chowder Cook Off. Back in August, we girls picked, shucked, boiled, and bagged a bunch of corn. It was finally time to make something special and enjoy it! Bron made our chowder which included crab and a diced pepper. My man is an excellent cook. And he loves to do it too! There were four chowders to sample. All the chowders were delicious and all so different. We were stuffed!

It was a busy, but wonderfully fun weekend!

The Brilliant Cooks: Bron, Jessie, Anna, and Natasha

The Ice Cream Dessert Anna made.  Yummy!


  1. How fun! You are so crafty and domestic, Jess! I need some recipes! :) I love working with the youth too. I can't imagine my life without them. Their vibrancy and spirit are sooo fun and so strong. :) Loveage

  2. Aww, how fun! It makes me wish I was back in Young Women's again!


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