9 Months

A Toothy Smile!

Aren’t you just dying for a Jed update? (Just kidding.) Well, I’m going to present you with the fascinating details of his little life and lots of pictures anyways. This blog is my journal and I want to remember all of this.

Jed had a very busy month. He now jabbers and growls and is much more aware of his surroundings than ever before. He eats 3 or 4 solid meals a day and eats anything we give him—except green beans (which I totally understand because I don’t care for green beans either). After a few rough nights, Jed’s first tooth finally made its appearance. A day later, he had two. Finally, last but not least, Jed learned to crawl! That’s right. My baby is on the move now. It’s so much fun! He can entertain himself for longer stretches because he can reach whatever interests him, which means I can actually get something done! It’s a win-win that we’re both ecstatic about. However, I have a feeling that the vacuum cleaner and I are going to become best friends very quickly.

It’s crazy being a first time mom! My baby is growing as fast as a rocket. It makes me a little sad because I am enjoying this stage of his development very much. I love smothering him in hugs and kisses and I know he won’t let me do it forever. Jed is the sunshine in my day, every day. I cannot get enough of his games, grins, grunts, and laughs. He’s a laid-back little boy, content and happy with whatever. He also loooves to wrestle. Whenever I get on the floor to do some push-ups or sit-ups, Jed thinks it’s time to play. And so we usually do. I’m getting my hair pulled and a lot of slobber kisses these days. Life is good.

Our little crawler

Practicing Yoga: Downward Dog

Taking a 5 Second Rest
When Daddy comes home!

What a goober!

Sooo strong!

Proving he has some Idaho blood in his veins.


  1. What a handsome little guy! I use Picnik or Picasa for my collages. I really like the collages on Picnik. I need to learn how to use Photoshop stuff.

  2. My goodness he is all grown up now, and I still have yet to meet him!!! Hopefully in March. I just love that 3rd from last picture! He has a great smile. It seems like he has such a great personality. Sorry it's been so cold. I don't think I could survive that. That's so cute that you took him sledding in the laundry basket. Sorry I've been gone. We were in Disneyland this week!

  3. Time flies! Kim's "baby" just turned 1 and my "baby" will be 4 in March! aahh!

  4. too bad he is so camera shy, lol

  5. I LOVE the one where he is lying on his side looking up at the camera!:) SOO cute


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