One of my favorite temporary highs is going shopping and getting a killer deal; even better, getting multiple deals!

Yesterday, Bron had a dairy nutrition meeting in Saratoga Springs, a city about 150 miles south of here. While Bron was busy thinking and learning, Jed and I went shopping at the Lake George Outlet Mall. I had four hours, spent all my Christmas money, and had myself a very good time! I skipped right past this season’s apparel that was “on sale” and went straight for last season’s items that were really on sale. I rummaged through the racks and bought Jed a closet full of clothes for next winter. It was so much fun! It amazes me that he will be that tall so soon! What’s even more amazing is that I bought five long-sleeved shirts, three pairs of pants, and two pairs of overalls—I LOVE babies in OVERALLS—for less than $60! Sweet! That’s a steal of a deal. And they’re name brand new! I also bought myself a few items from Tommy Hilfiger that make me feel like a stylish momma.

Here are a few examples of our spoils: (I need to brag.)

Baby Overalls                          Original Price: $28       I paid: $4.19
Plaid Button-Up Shirt               Original Price: $20       I paid: $3.49
Football Tee                            Original Price: $ ?         I paid: $1.39
Hilfiger Fleece Jacket               Original Price: $80       I paid: $24.00
Hilfiger Cable Knit Sweater      Original Price: $50       I paid: $15.00

Price of the overall shopping experience? Priceless.

It was absolutely worth getting up at 5AM! Anyone want to go shopping with me sometime? Because I’m totally game.

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  1. Yes! I understand! The biggest highs for me at this point in life that I'm in usually come from getting great deals. I've figured out that the 2nd and 3rd week in January are the best time to shop for my kids for winter the next year. I feel great walking around Wal-Mart looking at their not-so-cute stuff, and thinking that I spent less than what they are charging for that on some super cute brand name stuff! That's the best feeling in the world! Congrats on your awesome deals!


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