One Month Old

He smiles!

My baby is one month old today!  Where has the time gone?  At the same time however, it seems like he's been here quite a while.  I can't imagine my life without him now.  I love having a tiny person in my home to love and care for, and best of all, just stare at.  We're pretty tight now, Jed and me.  He's my sidekick 24/7.  Or am I the sidekick?  We've been having a lot of fun together, including a daily (or two) walk around the farm.  I take him into the barn to see the cows, but unfortunately he hasn't taken much interest in them yet.  He just sleeps. 

Jed is getting so big.  He was big to begin with.  He absolutely hates being swaddled; it just makes him mad.  He loves to sprawl out and it is imperative that his arms are free.  Jed is also beginning to find his voice.  He's starting to coo and smile.  I love it.  It's so rewarding.  Sometimes I swear I can see what face my little man will grow into, but in an instant it's gone. 

Why is he holding cutips, you ask?  Because I thought it was time for some weight lifting.

My little man is so big and tough!  j/k

So this blog has pretty much gone the way of the mommy blog. I can't help it! I have baby on the brain. My family is my whole world now and Jed takes up the majority of my time. I don't think it will change any time soon either. I try to bring up some stimulating topics for conversation when my hubby is home, but for some reason I can't think of anything else but my baby to blog about. So to my few readers, I'm sorry. But not too sorry. I will try to post about other things... eventually. Until then, I hope you enjoy my gushings about this new person in my life. Or you can choose to visit later. Waaay later.


  1. I can't believe he is 1 month old already either! I'm sure I'd really enjoy going on walks with you and Jed to visit the cows. -Just so you know, I wouldn't ever get tired of you blogging about being a mom!

  2. i love your mommy blog!!
    Its getting me excited-and everything is seeming more real! Im not sick of it at all :)

  3. The Q-tips gave me a good laugh! Love the smile!

  4. hahaa. Jess! I love you. I laughed out loud at the q-tip weight lifting. :) i love you. I think that blogging about mommy stuff is the only important stuff to blog about. I love hearing about his mile-stones. I love you. You are such a good mommy. I want us all to be bffs! Can we?

  5. I just love your blog! What a handsome little man and you couldn't be a dearer mommy. Keep it comin!


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