The Plop

I didn't know I was capable of this... 

My love for this baby boy is phenomenal.  I thought I loved him the moment I saw him, but my love just keeps on growing!  I want to put time on pause and savor the moment.  I love cuddling with Jed.  He feels divinely good.  Peaceful.  Right.  Even if he does keep me up all night.  That has been my hardest adjustment, those sleepless nights, and I have the cold sores and headaches to prove it! 

Jed's needs are very simple at the moment.  He needs to be cleaned, fed, burped, and loved; in that order a lot of times!  I find it interesting that right now I'm learning to put his very simple needs before mine.  It's funny how things like eating and going to the bathroom have dropped on my list of priorities.  It's not too difficult at the moment though.  Someday, however, his needs will become much more complicated.  I hope I will remember to stop what I'm doing--just like I'm learning to do now--and take the time to notice the problems that will seem so big to him.  I'm a new mother and I want to be just perfect, but I think I've already lost that battle. 

I love being needed so intensely by someone else.  Jed has added another dimension and purpose to my life.  There really is a lot of joy in being a mother!


  1. What a cute little expression! I think we might have the same couch! I was meaning to tell you that my canned chicken is just like the canned chicken you would buy at the grocery store. Everyone in Thatcher cans everything under the sun from hamburger meat to chocolate chips. I still have a lot to learn about food storage!

  2. I love that picture. It's funny how your priorities change when you become a mother. Eating or going to the bathroom suddenly goes way lower on the list of things to do.

  3. It'd be fun for me to try and edit a few pictures of Jed for you. I still have a lot, a lot to learn about editing, but I'd be honored to give them a try! That baby is just too cute! Thank you for always being so positive and encouraging me! I luv ya cuz!

  4. congrats!!! i'm VERY behind on blog reading, and i didn't even realize jed was here till the other day! i'm way happy for you! he's beautiful!


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