Jed's Tree

Fall weather has arrived.  It was a little crisp Saturday afternoon, but oh, so beautiful!  I took Jed outside to sit under "the tree".  We both enjoy it.  Jed kicks and squeals and gets so excited when the wind blows the leaves and branches around.  I love watching him because he's just so darn cute.


  1. I really like this photo. Very nice!

  2. great smile. I love him so much. :) Fall is the best uh? The wreath is so easy to make! You just get a hanger and some grey canvas material (or any color) and you cut it into two inch strips. Then you cut it into 9 inch strips and simply tie it around. The colored ribbon is what makes it! You can change it out for the seasons too. IT'S SO EASY! :) Love ya!


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