Two Days at Grandma's House

^^It's really no surprise that Jed had lots more berries in his bucket than Levi.^^

Our summer to-do list always includes berry picking and making freezer jam.  So when I accidentally missed my opportunity to pick here in our home town, I called Mama Nelson up to see if her berries were still on and if she had enough to share.  Thank goodness, she did!  So Bron dropped us off on his way to Montana and berry picking suddenly became a spontaneous and fun two day trip to Grandma's house.  I love summer.

Jed and Levi didn't miss a beat.  As soon as we arrived Tuesday evening, they were out in the garden picking raspberries.  I think Levi ate more berries than actually touched the bottom of his bucket.  And when he became bored, he started tossing the berries into the air!  Nooo!  Silly kid.  I am happy to say that we came home with three flats of frozen sweetness.  I can't wait to turn the berries into jam and cheesecake!  Yummm.

^^Levi's face here cracks me up.  He couldn't pick fast enough!^^
^^Crazy kid!  Jed has such a fun sense of humor.^^

Grandma and Grandpa Nelson just got back from a nearly two week trip to Alaska!  I enjoyed going through pictures and hearing all about it.  Meanwhile, Conrad enjoyed a short stint in this vintage walker.  So cool!  That baby is on the move now, army crawling and pulling himself up to whatever he possibly can... and then he gets stuck and cries.  Haha.  I'm usually not too far behind and come to his rescue.

It was a relaxing two days!  We stuck close to the farm and just hung out.  I even snuck in a nap.  So nice.  I really needed that.

^^Ready to get out!^^
^^The boys rode their bikes a half mile--past Uncle Talon's corn field--down the dirt lane to retrieve the mail.  Naturally, I took a few pictures.^^
^^Napping baby.^^

Our second evening there, I took all three boys on the short hike up Cress Creek.  It brought back so many memories of when Bron and I were dating and newlyweds.  We would hike up to the top with some sandwiches and just talk while enjoying the view.  Now years later, it was fun to share the hike with my little boys.

^^Reading is too hard!  Haha.  Summer break has made him lazy.^^
^^Stopping to tie his shoe.^^
^^This boy can't stay dry for 24 hours.  Honestly!  He and the water are just attracted to one another.^^
^^Putting on wet socks and shoes.  They were dry until he purposely dunked them.  And THEN he put them on.  Haha.  Levi knows how to make me laugh while simultaneously driving me crazy!  He is literally bursting with personality.^^

Above is our view of the Snake River and a summer thunderstorm rolling in.  Wow.  The scene took my breath away!  It was so pretty.  Right there is the largest cottonwood forest in the western United States and nestled somewhere at its edge is the Nelson dairy farm.  Here, Levi is looking through his "binoculars" at the moose we spotted.

We made it back to the car just as it began to sprinkle.  I opened the garage door at the house and pulled the car in.  As I went around to unbuckle Conrad, a huge clap of thunder made me jump and then the electricity went out.  So much for baths!  The boys ate some cold cereal and went straight to bed before the last light of the day slipped away.  They were exhausted.  As for the dairy, well, unfortunately it was an awful loooong night for those cows.  Adventures on the farm.  Some good memories made this trip though.

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  1. Holy cow it looks like a dream!! I want some of that raspberry goodness! Wish I lived closer hahaha


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