The Baby Conrad Growth Series: 8 Months

It's been a dreamy eight months with Conrad in our family.  Words cannot describe how happy I am that he is here.  Sometimes when we're all together, I look at my three boys and everything in the world just feels right.  The older boys are on the move and talk non-stop and it looks as if Conrad is following suit.  He's just as crazy and fun!  Being a mother to three little boys has definitely stretched me, but I also feel content; like it's exactly where I belong.

Details About Conrad at 8 Months Old:

Conrad's first two teeth (on the bottom) came in on June 21st.  They're sharp little things!

He is army crawling his way across the house!  From tile to carpet and back, he picks up dog hair and dirt on his stomach as he finds every single tidbit I missed and stuffs it into his mouth.  The year+ of constant vigilance has arrived!  

Conrad has been getting up on his knees as well.  I've seen him move forward just a "step" or two.  My days are numbered.  He'll be crawling like a maniac before I know it.  As stressful as it is for me to keep an eye on him, I love the crawling stage.  It's so cute and he can entertain himself so much better.

The boy is BUSY!  Unless he is sleeping, he is in motion.  In fact, changing his diaper or clothes is a nightmare unless he has a toy or book in hand.  He's earned the nickname, Wiggle Worm.

I love hearing Conrad jabber.  He's definitely trying to keep up with his big brothers and keep the noise level constant around here.

Conrad is as happy and good-natured as babies come.  He always seems to have a giant gummy smile with dimples for anyone willing to give him a little attention.  However, he is totally a mama's boy.  When I left him with Bron on Saturday afternoon for four hours to attend a women's mountain biking clinic, he was ornery for three of those hours.  Worse, he wouldn't eat for Bron!  However, when I arrived home, he wore a big smile and ate the exact same things Bron tried offering.  Little stink!  It feels good to be needed and loved so much though.

Because Conrad insists on being held a lot of the time, he has graduated from the Solly Wrap to the Wild Bird Sling.  Conrad is my little monkey attached at my hip.  I think he enjoys tagging along wherever and watching me make meals.  And heaven knows I can't smell that sweet little head and kiss those chubby cheeks enough!

Baby Boy still nurses like a champ but requires solid food 2-3 times a day now.  He loves breakfast food straight from the table: smoothies, scrambled eggs, pancakes, and french toast.  But because he's so young, he's not quite ready to share the rest of our daily meals with us.  Cue the big stack of Gerber baby food I have piled in the pantry!  He enjoys eating just about everything I offer; well-rounded taste buds that kid has.  Yay!  I hope it stays that way.

Apparently, I've conditioned Conrad to sleep in a sleep sack.  Because it's been so warm, I've tried putting him down for the night in just his pajamas only to be awoken by his cries every two hours.  Ugh.  But a onesie and a sleep sack do the trick.  I will do just about anything for a good night's sleep, so whatever floats his boat!      

I cherish those moments when he falls asleep in my arms nursing.  I could just stare at his soft cheeks and squishy thighs all day.  He's the sweetest. 

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