Water and Frogs at Levi's 5th Birthday Party

^^We brought the cake and candles inside for a minute because it was too breezy outside.  All three of their little faces crack me up!  Love all that enthusiasm for a birthday.^^

I wish all my children could celebrate their birthdays in the heat of summer.  It is so easy and so much fun to throw a party in the backyard!  In case you haven't noticed, I'm so over Pinterest styled birthday parties.  Let's just play some games, eat food, and open presents!  Friends are the best part of hosting a birthday party anyway.

Levi invited a handful of his best buddies over for a little water party in the backyard.  And we happened to have a few extra guests: three green frogs!  Our neighbors Alli and Kyle brought them over from their yard to party with Levi.  They were quite the entertainers!  Poor frogs got dumped into the slip 'n slide pool before Alli eventually rescued them.  The boys finished off the water balloons in just a few minutes, but the slip 'n slide and snow cone machine provided hours of fun.  I also attempted to feed the kids pizza, but they wouldn't touch it.  The afternoon was all about a sugar high!  Oh, to be a five year old kid again.  This is childhood at its best, right? 

Happy 5th Birthday Levi!  You are one smart, charismatic, independent, and talented kid.  You've had me wrapped around your tiny pinky finger since day one.  Words don't express how lucky I feel to be your mama.  I'm looking forward to all the things you'll accomplish in kindergarten this year!          

^^Alli has a frog on her head!^^
^^Watch out!  There's a frog in the pool.^^
^^Alli, Levi, and Kyle playing with the frogs.^^
^^Jed and a frog hanging out on his chest.^^
^^Sticky homemade syrup everywhere!  Haha.^^
^^Levi is five!^^
^^The boy crew: Easton, Kyle, Abram, Levi, and Jed.^^
^^I still swoon over those curls.^^

Happy 5th Birthday Levi!

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