Back to School

Yesterday was that very bittersweet day that marked the end of summer and the beginning of a brand new school year! Jed started 2nd grade and Levi is now a kindergartner. Jed has taken an interest in doing his hair and Levi couldn't wait to board the golden chariot that came to pick him up. Haha. Such handsome boys full of personality. They both had a great day, but I think the change is just as hard for them as it is for me!  I harbor very mixed feelings about the house being so quiet.  (The house is quiet: I can hear myself think and get something done!  But the house is quiet: I don't get to spend time playing with my boys anymore.)  Good thing I still have a third little man to keep me company at home for a few more years.

^^I should take close-up portraits more often!^^
^^I had to grab a picture of just his curls and green eyes.^^
^^My crawling man!  So happy I have someone squishy and cute and who needs me to love on all day.^^

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