The Baby Conrad Growth Series: 9 Months

Little Boy, nine months is 39 weeks.  You have officially been living on the outside in this big crazy world longer than you comfortably gestated in my tummy.  It's a weird thing to contemplate.  You've grown from a barely audible heartbeat to a baby boy who jabbers and crawls and lights up my life.

You've turned into quite the handful!  Curious and naive, everything your chubby little hands can grab goes straight into your mouth.  You pull yourself up to a stand against everything.  You're even walking alongside the couch!  I now lower the toilet lids and let you play with the toilet paper--the toy that just keeps on giving--but I keep a watchful eye, you know, just to make sure you don't accidentally start choking on a salivated wad of toilet paper.  For me, as your mother, this is an exhausting stage of babyhood: keeping you alive.

But there's no stopping you or slowing you down.  You're full of life and enthusiasm and you're just so cute while you're at it!  So I'm laughing, holding you on my hip often, and shortening my to-do list just to simply enjoy you as you are right now.

Don't grow up too fast, Baby Boy.  You're as fun as they come.

Details about Conrad at 9 months old:

I can't get enough of Conrad's jabbers.  "Ba, ba, ba, ba..."  That little voice melts me.  But make no mistake, he's already as loud and crazy as his big brothers.  He needs to be heard, too!

Conrad can wave 'goodbye'!  It is the sweetest gesture.

Conrad graduated from the army crawl to moving around the house on all fours!  He is now faster and more curious than ever before.  He often heads straight for the gears on the road bikes we keep in the bonus room for exercise.  It's a good thing Dawn dish soap is great at removing grease from little fingers!

In addition to crawling, Conrad is pulling himself up to everything: walls, chairs, couches, stairs, furniture, whatever he can reach!  And then I watch as he carefully walks alongside the object.  He's only taken a few wobbly steps for now, but I'm betting he'll be my earliest walker.

Everything goes into his mouth.  EVERYTHING.  With two messy big brothers, this mama is always on patrol.  Third babies have got to have double the amount of guardian angels because I can't possibly keep up!

Poor baby has four teeth making their debut at once!  Needless to say, he's had a few cranky days.  But Conrad still has the sweetest smile.

Conrad has developed his pincer grip well enough to self feed himself now!  Hip, hip, hooray!  With how often he's hungry, it's been a game changer.  I also found that he can sip smoothies through a straw.  So once a day, you'll find us out on the porch couch with a cup in hand, sipping something sweet.

Conrad snorts before he latches to nurse.  It's hilarious.

Conrad has finally settled into a sleep routine.  I nurse him to sleep around 9PM and usually don't hear from him again until he wakes around 7:30AM.  About two hours after he arises for the day, he takes a two hour nap.  Then he usually catches a cat nap around 4PM.  It's been wonderful!  Ideally, I get some things done in the morning and then we play all afternoon.

Baby boy is hopelessly attached to his mama.  Conrad prefers to be close to me at all times and if possible, held.  But boy, is he getting heavy!  And squirmy!

Conrad can have quite the little temper when he doesn't get what he wants!  However, when he's upset, Conrad immediately calms when I start to sing.  It's kind of magical.

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