Rock Creek Station

We've found a quiet off-the-beaten path place that Jed gets pretty excited about: a genuine historic outpost along the Oregon Trail, about two and a half miles from our home. 

The Rock Creek Station and Stricker Homesite was the very first establishment in the valley around 1864.  The station was used as a refuge for travelers of all sorts on their way to California.  Apparently it was once a busy and happenin' place!  The mansion house still stands as does the old store and a couple of underground cellars used for storing goods and sometimes even prisoners.  I'm sure the folks who lived here at the time met all kinds of people from all walks of life.

The little boys and I have come here a few afternoons this summer to enjoy a picnic lunch and explore the grounds.  I've sometimes even made it a part of my exercise routine: running or biking to the site.  Jed's excitement for the crumbling log cabins and underground cellars is contagious.  It's neat for him to see and touch so many old things, especially old cowboy things.  It's just too bad he doesn't remember the even older historic things of his birthplace back east!

Rusty horse shoes and farm equipment all tossed together in an old wagon
The old general store
^^One of my favorite details^^
An old cabin turned barn.  Jed pretends to be a cow or horse.
The dry cellar.  
There's a smaller wet cellar too that was used exclusively for saloon supplies, of course.
Walking down into the cellar.  
It's cool and dark inside and the ceiling overhead is made of logs topped with dirt and grass.
Jed is always talking about the beaver dam!  It's one of his favorite spots.
And those tippy toes!  Aww, I can't get enough!

Till next time Rock Creek Station!

P.S.  This weekend is supposed to top 100 degrees.  I'm a little giddy about that.  If you need us, just look for water; we'll be playing there.  Happy Weekend!


  1. What a cool place--it's just perfect for little explorers! I know Lewie would love it!! Actually, who am I kidding? I would LOVE it too. What a neat find and a perfect place to play cowboys and Indians. Happy weekend to you too!!

  2. I love that you are able to get out and explore so many great places! So fun!

  3. These are some awesome pics!


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