Everyone in One Shot

These pictures were all taken over Memorial Day weekend.  It's the last time the entire Nelson family we be together for two years as Kaleb is on his mission in Ohio.  I wonder how many more family members we'll add by then?  The bet is three grandkids, maybe another sister?  We'll see!  But until then, these are the pictures that we will hang on our walls and point to.

 The whole Nelson family
 One dozen grandchildren and counting
The Six Nelson Brothers
I love this.  They are one tight bunch.

 Also, let me just say this: it's hard to get so many people in focus and to look great at once!  Definitely a photography learning experience for me. 


  1. I am such a lucky mom. Thank you for sharing your talents with us.

  2. hello there! the problem through yay i can comment. beautiful big family!

  3. Im just amazed you got a picture of all those grand kids and none of them are screaming! Good work!

  4. look at all those babies! love it!


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