Snapshots of Life Lately

I think it's high time for another installment of recent snapshots!  The only thing is, I don't have a very wide variety.  Lately I've been leaving my camera behind more and more for two reasons: 1. It takes away from the moment and 2. We've been doing a variation of the same things over and over again.  So if I forget to comment about what we've been up to lately, please assume that everything is a-okay.  We're just going about our daily lives around here.  We conquer chores, nap in the afternoon, make meals, run errands, and spend as much time outside as possible.  We've become big park fans.  And bike fans.  We like bike rides.  It's a quiet simple life, but I wouldn't have it any other way.

 Levi emptying my kitchen drawers.  For some reason, I love this stage.
Jed riding his new strider bike!
 ^^Drawing with chalk^^
 ^^Eating chalk^^
Jed and I drew a picture of two sailboats and labeled their Captains: Captain Jed and Captain Dad
 Then Jed begged me to trace his entire body six times before moving on to tracing just our feet

These next pictures are from Saturday evening.  Our friends bought a triple slip 'n slide and invited us over to try it out!
 Whoosh!  Jed getting an extra shove from Dad down the runway
 I even took a turn!  Woohoo!!!
 The kids were feeling a little chilled until the men hooked the hose up to the warm water!  Levi suddenly turned into a crazy fish.
 Looove this view of Jed's rear end.  It makes me smile every time.
He's getting really good at voluntarily watering trees.

 In other news...

::  Bron and I started Insanity. You know, that crazy dvd exercise routine.  Bron has resolved to lose some weight and prepare for his Spud Man race and a half marathon.  I'm determined to lose my post-baby tummy pooch.  Tell me, is that even possible after a second baby?  Wish us luck!

:: I have to brag: Jed if officially potty trained!  Hip, Hip, Hooray!  Only a mother would be excited about human waste in a toilet and I am officially one of them.  Jed has been accident free for two weeks.  I am talking dry after naps and DRY THROUGH THE NIGHT!  I honestly thought that staying dry through the night would take years to accomplish, but it just clicked for Jed.  Don't ask me what my secret is, there isn't any.  It's simply a miracle.  That, and twenty second cold showers.  After trying every incentive I could think of when Jed suddenly became stubborn and lazy about using the potty, we started rinsing him clean in a quick cold shower.  I'm a mean mean mom, but it worked.

::  Jed is my mini me.  When we spent the afternoon at the park last week, Jed and I prepped ourselves to race down two purple slides. “1..2..3..Go!” I exclaimed. And then to my left I heard an echo, “Wheee!”  I laughed to myself realizing that I say wheee every single time I slide with Jed. It’s only natural for him to say that too! Then I thought: Wait, doesn’t my mom say that? Oh my gosh, I am totally my mother! 

And I thought my children would only inherit my physical traits.  Ha!


  1. the crib photo and the peeing! I think I died from the cuteness!!!! My little brother used to LOVE peeing outside!

  2. Isn't a having a potty trained child fabulous!? Hailey did the same thing about naps and nighttime. It just happened, I didn't do anything to encourage it either.

  3. that's a huge slip n slide! the are certainly entertaining for the kids!

    gawd, i'm still battling the pooch five years after baby #2, haha! but it's definitely possible, which is what keeps me motivated :)
    Win a Summery Blue Satchel!

  4. Ive done a bad job too lately with taking my camera with me... I feel like I do the same thing so nothing is really worth mentioning!
    And yes, it is possible to lose the baby belly after baby #2. I was actually in better shape after having Tyler (who was a c-section at that!) then after having Travis the "normal" way. I actually think I look so small this go around because my abs were so much stronger when I got pregnant! Have fun with Insanity. Tell me how it goes... I'm interested in doing it after this one!

  5. I love your snapshots. I wish we were closer because I think we could be such good friends in real life. Your days remind me so much of my own!

  6. The slip-n-slide photos are absolutely incredible, Jessie! And good for you, taking on Insanity. My mom and sister do it, and I hear it's absolutely insane. :)

  7. Mason has been dry for months and was pooping in the toilet for the first 1 1/2 weeks but then regressed and is still pooping in his pants. I have been doing the cold shower too but it's not working :( but CONGRATULATIONS to you because that IS a big deal!!


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