A Trip to Grandma's House

Last week the little boys and I took a trip to visit my mom and brothers near Boise.  It's only a two hour drive; we need to do it more often.  It's always fun to see family!  I enjoy just talking with my mom while Jed has a blast playing with all the "new" toys, watching old Disney movies, and being entertained by my brothers.  And of course my mom makes as much a fuss over Levi as I do!  It's so nice.  And I have to admit, leaving my housekeeping chores behind for a few days was a great perk too.  Thanks for feeding and taking care of us Mom!     

We headed straight to the splash pad and park upon our arrival Tuesday afternoon.  It was Jed's own personal little paradise.  We found a spot in the shade and played the afternoon away.

Grandma and Levi
Ryan and Jed getting soaked!
Warming up in the sun.  Jed was supposed to lay down on the cement too, but chose Ryan instead.
Catching high flying grapes and wrestling in the grass
Jed snuggling with Grandma
 All the rules go out the window at Grandma's house.  
Popsicle before dinner?  Sure!  Another Disney movie?  Why not!

Wednesday morning we awoke to pouring rain.  My mom took my brothers to the library and volunteered to take Jed along too.  I stayed home and napped while Levi slumbered a long three hours.  It was blissful.  I really needed that nap!  Best. day. ever.  Apparently mothering two little people is energy draining. 

Thanks Mom for a great two days!  The boys and I can't wait to see you again soon.

P.S.  Does anyone else feel that a long peaceful drive on the open road is just plain liberating?

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  1. YES!! It is SO liberating. AS you know we have been doing roadtrips twice a month, and despite the fact it's far it is such a beautiful drive!!


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