Dierkes Lake

Summer is in full swing!  We have officially begun our weekly trips to Dierkes Lake.  What could be better than water, friends, food, and sunshine on a warm summer day?

 My boys and me!  I need more photos like these.
My suicidal child.  Just kidding.  This photo makes me bust up laughing.
It also grosses me out thinking of all the stuff Levi puts his mouth on.  Thank goodness for good little immune systems.
 Levi and Rhett.  These two are already buds.
 Dani and her sweet little brood. 
 Levi had sooo much fun on this swing.
I sure do love these goofy smiley boys of mine!

I'm looking forward to many more days just like this one all summer long.

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  1. HAHA I love the gun photo!!! You crack me up dude. And please, please help me shoot in manual ( camera I mean). I love your photos so much!! Trying to get out of auto but it's a challenge.

    I had no idea how beautiful Idaho is!!


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