There's an elderly gentleman in our neighborhood who enjoys inviting the children along for buggy rides.  The kids excitedly eat it up!  It's a fun treat everyone loves.

I don't know what I was thinking last week; I wasn't.  The boys and I were in the car headed for a wonderful day at the lake when I pulled out onto Kimberly Road--a busy highway--when I shouldn't have.  I didn't look both ways as I should have.  If the milk truck is turning that means it's safe, right?  Wrong.  As we barreled across the highway I looked to my right and saw a semi truck careening towards us.  All three of our lives flashed before my eyes.

Had we been twenty seconds later, that semi would have hit us in full force and heaven only knows where we would all be now.

My heart raced, my eyes welled up with tears, and I said a silent prayer of thanks.  I don't know if I could live with the guilt of hurting my children, even unintentionally.  We are meant to be here today.  At this moment we are meant to be happy and well.  And I am so very grateful.  Life is fragile.  And fleeting.   

The experience, however brief it was, got me wondering.  Just how often are our lives spared?  Weekly?  Daily?  Minute by minute?

Bron just logged over 100 thousand miles on his 2013 truck last week; he practically lives behind the windshield.  How often are my prayers for his safety answered?

And the answer is: I don't know.  I'll never know.

But I think I believe in guardian angels.

I am grateful for now.  I am grateful for all the good in my life.  I am grateful for one more day to smooch my sons' cheeks, to feel the sunshine on my face, and to hold my husband's hand.  I am grateful for this one crazy life of mine and especially grateful for those lives I love most.

Life is good...
...and so are buggy rides.

Trying to feed trusty Gallant some leaves.  Gallant wasn't a fan.  Good try!


  1. Oh my gosh!! I'm SOOO glad you're ok!

  2. so glad you guys are okay! those buggie rides look like so much fun. i bet the boys absolutely love them!

  3. I love reading your blog Jessie. Glad the split second of life flashing was only a second. Every single day I see situations that could lead to life or death for my kids and just think how amazing it is that they can survive childhood! Keep writing you are inspiring and your pictures are gorgeous!

  4. I love reading your blog Jessie! So glad that you survived to share your experience. I often think of how many times a day we put ourselves in "life or death" situation and how often prayers are answered unknowingly. Keep writing and taking beautiful pictures-you inspire me!

  5. So happy that you are all ok! How scary for you, but what a great reminder that we are always being watched over, protected and that our prayers are being answered.

  6. Scary! I think of this often. Our lives are so fragile and can be taken away in any moment. But what is even greater is that God has a way of protecting us. Like those times we are in a hurry, but the baby poops or what have you. Those few minutes of delay may happen for a reason!

  7. I did something similar a few weeks ago. My brain was kind of hazy to begin with. As I came up on an intersection the light was green, I think. I looked down at the road and realized I needed to get into a different lane because the one I was in was a left turn only lane, and I wanted to go straight. I checked my blind spot and quickly switched lanes. When I looked at the traffic light again it was red and I had no time to stop, so I ended up flying through it with my two children. Luckily the first vehicle in line to turn across from us was a semi truck and slow to start, or maybe he saw me coming and realized I wasn't going to stop. Either way, my heart was beating, and I felt ridiculously stupid that I just came close to jeopardizing my children's lives! And they had no clue, thank goodness. It is so true, how often are we spared? And like my girls we don't realize what could have been?

  8. I'm glad you guys are safe!!! Moments like that can be a wake up call sometimes and remind you how important life is. It's just nice to know that God is watching us and is there for us.

  9. How scary! I often had those questions too and am just grateful that we are safe and healthy!

  10. My little guy would love a "buggy rid." How fun!! I know my life has been spared on more than one occasion. A few years ago, I was too busy singing songs in the car with my little guy, and I kept on looking back at him. Since I kept looking at him and tickling him, I didn't notice the highway signs that said the right lane was supposed to merge with the left. Before I knew it, I was heading straight towards a bunch of barrels as the lane was supposed to merge. A few of the cars behind me, following me lead, almost crashed into me as I put on my breaks full force. I don't know what prevented me from crashing that day, but I know it was nothing short of a miracle. I'm thankful for my guardian angels!


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